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  1. Looking at next year and Jet Blue has some very good prices for my trip. A little far to JFK but if it save me 200 x 3 I would consider it, but only if using JB doesn’t mess up my entire vacation. Who else has flown with them and is it worth it.
  2. It really doesn't matter if Florida is doing great or not because the rest of the country isn't when it comes to the non-vaccinated. Some parts of the US may actually be seeing another wave. So you bring in people from all over the country who are not vaccinated put them on a ship and with the new Delta variant being more contagious it is going to spread. All it will take is one ship to have more cases than it can handle and it's over. The big problem I have is that Florida doesn't want the CDC to dictate the rule but they have no problem setting their rule about not asking about vaccines. If enough people want 100% vaccinated cruises then let it happen. The cruise line will change the rules when the demand goes low enough that they can't get enough people on the ship. Anybody who doesn't believe that a 100% vaccinated cruise is much safer has their head in the Florida sand.
  3. I agree that without infrastructure upgrades will handle the number of people and ships that normally sail in the Caribbean. I don't see RCL or NCL making any big investment there since they both just built new terminals in Miami. The other issue is that if one ship has an outbreak you will probably not be allowed to board a plane until cleared and if you are positive do you really want to chance being admitted to a hospital in Mexico? Also just one ship could easily overrun the hospitals there.
  4. If you can stack it, it might be worth while depending on what your deposit is.
  5. Loved the Aft and loved the Bliss. We actually hooked our friends on the aft Haven as well.
  6. When I added it up it came up to about 1500 difference including air, however I just looked again and it is now higher.
  7. The problem isn't infecting someone on the ship but it is what happens AFTER you get off. I don't think anyone thinks that Covid won't get on the ship, but if it isn't caught on the ship and isolated and everyone else on the ship told to quarantine, which we all know won't happen with some. So now the cruise becomes a "super spreader" and that is where the problem lies. The press will eat that up. With everything going on in Europe is it really smart to believe that they caught no more positive cases before embarking. Personally I think MSC is doing a really good job of media control. I also don't think using how well it is going in Europe will translate into the US cruises. They are basically staying within the European Union and removing someone from a cruise is not a major effort. However you tell one of the Caribbean islands or Mexico that you are kicking someone off because they didn't follow your rules and see if they are as happy to help. Worse, tell them they have to be disembarked because they tested positive. Now that country has an additional covid case(s) and they have to stay there because they can't fly home. Now you are in a hospital in a 3rd world country. I can see the lawyers standing in line now.
  8. Or the CDC will say let them hang themselves, they cried to get started, let them start. If cases appear on the ships and it becomes a mess, they can say I told you so, if it goes smoothly everyone is happy and people will forget that the CDC wanted to pause them until March. My fear is that with cases sky rocketing in Miami things will not go smoothly.
  9. Let's face a couple of facts. 1. Florida is in a major up tic in covid cases, with the Miami area being a hot spot. 2. With everything going on how many of the countries will take a cruise ship, even if the tours are in a bubble? 3. Does anyone really expect Americans to behave in the same manner concerning the rules while on ship? 4. You can't relate other openings to cruise ships. There is little to no reporting on how many or if any got covid at a football game, theme park or other venues like that. 5. The news media will be all over it if one case appears on a ship. All of these reasons and more the lines cannot be in to much of a hurry to get started. Think of the headlines that say the lines rushed to get back and now they are super spreaders. Not a good picture.
  10. We were in 9918 and out friends were in 9318 both great!
  11. The aft suite is fantastic, huge balcony separate living room. The only issue is the walk to the Haven itself, however it does help burn off the food and drinks.
  12. Booked for July 2022 for a med cruise. When compared to the price I already have the total increase was about 1500 for 2 people plus I loose 2 perks. Which normally wouldn't bother me but for Europe and the distance some of the cities are from the ports I might opt for the cruise line tours. If I do 4 tours that is another 200, plus my wife needs Wifi that will add another 100 since I can now upgrade it cheaply. Plus the add on of wanting to fly in early. This one doesn't pay to change. Between now and the final payment there will be dozens of various offers...I'll wait.
  13. Just booked a Mediterranean for July of 2022. However I did hedge my bets, only using CN certificates. If the prices go up I win if they drop I’ll rebook for the lower price. If everything goes to hades then I’ll cancel and still have my certificates. I really hope by 2022 things return to somewhat normal. Let’s all hope at least.
  14. The problem is that a negative test means not yet positive. From my understanding is that if you were exposed in the last 24 - 48 house the test may not pick it up, especially the quick tests. So will the port cities just allow someone who was expose to walk free? Will the airlines allow you to board? Most importantly if the cruise line get this wrong by allowing a spread by letting people go on their way they will be shut down again. As most people have said here we are all just guessing because the actual protocols haven't been release. My guess is because if people see what will happen if a positive test occurs on board and the steps the lines will take to mitigate may just scare more people off.
  15. We are all guessing when it come to what if someone tests positive while on a cruise. You can't rely on what is happening in Europe because the CDC and the state health depts has control of things here. No one should just let you walk off a ship after someone tests positive and hope you do the right thing. We all know that won't happen. I have no seen any of the protocols posted by any of the US based line on what is the plan if someone does test positive while on the ship. Also if you test positive while embarking do you just say you can't board and send you on your merry way? The other question I have is that assuming there will be excursions in a bubble like Europe, what happens if you break that bubble? My guess is that that country will not want that person or persons left there. A lot of questions, but not many answers yet.
  16. Let's take this a step further, the flu vaccine in the US is a guess on what strains will occur based on what is happening in Asia and Australia. This is a specific virus not a bunch of them where they have to pick 3 of them which is what they do with the flu.
  17. What I think is even more interesting would be what happened to those people who were denied boarding? Did they just get back on a plane and go home?
  18. The prices were already increasing before the shutdown, it is just now that people are looking and trying to compare what they paid for this year and thinking it should be the same next year or 2 years for that matter.
  19. I agree I think that all the line have their finger on the pulse so they know where they draw the line. They all know they need to stay competitive...especially now.
  20. But doesn't every company raise their price or modify their product to achieve a bigger profit? How many time have we seen the size of a jar or box decrease and the price stay the same or worse the amount in the container decreases but the container size is the same. All companies are finding ways to maximize their profits and they need to walk the line where too much drives people away which wasn't happening. When people move to other lines then they will need to change things up to attract them back.
  21. None of the extras you mentioned are added to your on board account, they are part of your cruise cost when you book, so none of them are hiding. As far as drinks go any higher end resort will charge about the same, I have seen higher charges in hotels. Don’t compare prices to your local establishment it isn’t apples to apples.
  22. A couple of things to keep in mind . The prices were going up even before this all began, so until they actually start up again my guess is that these prices are on autopilot. When they resume cruising and they can see what actual guest count is then they will adjust accordingly. If they fill the ships up to their number (what ever that may be) why would you adjust the price down. On the other hand if bookings are not up to what they think they should be then of course the price will decrease.
  23. NCL's website is still showing 1 additional point for Haven and Suites.
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