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  1. Perfect. Just booked a family cruise and did not have a chance to research cabins. We needed 3 balconies together. Thanks Bob!
  2. I tried a search, but was unable to find the information. Is there a way to figure out if the bed is by the bath or the balcony on Allure cabin 9688? TIA
  3. No extra perks. Just extra space, a silver sea pass card, and the one of the best balconies on the ship! We loved ours (8590) on our recent cruise!
  4. Yes, you can cancel and re-purchase. As to the Chef's Table, I do not think that they will credit you back for the unused meal as it is not priced on a per meal basis (just my assumption). In the fine print on the dining package it does note a 20% discount for the Chef's Table. I will find out in about 3 weeks on my sailing if I will be able to negotiate a credit back on my already purchased Chef's Table with the Ultimate Dining Package.
  5. My personal opinion, it depends on your preferences in dining and amenities. You as a suite guest have access to Coastal Kitchen and your friend does not. Your friend's access, however, in a Junior Suite is based on availability, so there are no guarantees. A Junior Suite is basically a larger balcony room with few suite amenities. Proximity to me is not an issue. We have travelled with others next to us as well as in different locations. We see no difference regarding spending time together on board. The other consideration is, if your friend is truly next door, do you plan to open the balcony dividers and share the balcony space?
  6. Yes, you will be Elite with zero points. The reverse is also true. If you are Elite on Celebrity and cross over to your first RCI cruise then you will be Diamond with zero points.
  7. We did a land tour on our own when we cruised our of Venice I actually was easily able to find a laundromat near our hotel they I used prior to embarkation. It was very easy and much cheaper.
  8. I have not been in this cabin, but have sailed on Reflection as well as other Celebrity ships. I have never had a problem storing 2 suitcases under the bed. I believe I have heard the steward can store them if needed, but no personal experience with that. While the cabins are not huge, I find there is plenty of space and quite comfortable.
  9. Michael’s Club is the suite lounge. Whether this exists on Royal depends on the ship is my understanding. The 35 points is, I believe, Classic status and does not transfer to Royal.
  10. You can always call to make pre-cruise purchases if you are having trouble with the website.
  11. You may carry it on as long as it fits through the security screener (like carry on at airports).
  12. Has your group considered purchasing the “early bird” for Southwest. This eliminates the need to check in early as the airline checks you in and sets your boarding position. All you need is to obtain a boarding pass, either on your phone when you dock, or at the airport.
  13. Fortunately we are fixed dining time people, and not much into the entertainment. We cruise to relax and recharge, so low key is perfect for us. Thanks for the info!
  14. I realize that a river cruise will be very different and am trying to do my research now. I have only done ocean cruises. Could you tell me what were some of the vocal complaints from ocean cruisers.
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