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  1. Thanks Bob. Stoopid question but what the the traditional dining times?
  2. Hi we are doing the Baltic cruise departing 23/6 from Southampton. I’m angsting over whether to buy the UDP for £260. Here’s what’s important to us. high quality ingredients reasonable variety and choice good service, I.e I don’t want to have to ask 5 times to get my wine refilled reasonable speed of service, I.e up to 2 hours is ok. More than that is a pain! We are both foodies so don’t mind paying extra IF it’s worth the premium. thanks
  3. Hi we are doing the Baltic cruise departing 23/6 from Southampton. Can anyone let me know what time the main shows (I.e ice shows and main theatre) typically start at and what a sensible time to book dinner for allowing for the inevitable slowish service? thanks
  4. No reason other than unfamiliarity with the ‘protocol’. I had assumed the other thread you refer to was based on another individuals personal experience and comments rather than designed as a vehicle for ‘group’ commentary. Don’t really mind either way. I’ll add my comments to that thread going forward if that helps.
  5. See my last posting for our initial impressions. We are First time cruisers on Silversea. Arrived in Cobh this morning. Overcast and cool. Titanic exhibition was quite good and thought provoking. Definitely worth doing. Had the obligatory pint of Guinness and Tayto Cheese & Onions crisps (chips to those Americans on board) at Kelly’s. It’s true what they say about the Guinness in Ireland being the best. Cathedral also worth a look. The steep streets leading to it were interesting with colourful houses, etc. Ate in La Terraza last night for the first time. Good beef carpaccio. Really excellent pasta dishes. Probably one of the best I’ve had in a long time. Would go back just for the pasta. Veal Milanese was very disappointing. Over cooked and dry. Polenta with truffles was unmemorable. One thing that I find very good about Silversea is the speed of service. Food comes quickly and acceptably warm. I know I driveled on a bit about Seabourn in my first post but their speed of service was awful and I was reminded that we almost gave up eating in their MDR because it took so long. No such problems with SS. I am a convert to the multi choice SS. Restaurant mix. Entertainment last night was excellent. A young violinist playing classical and contemporary music. Loved it. Swing performance tonight so fingers crossed. Hoping for some further variety later in the cruise. Perhaps a comedian, magician, etc. Do SS ever do that? Just left Cobh, so next stop Newfoundland.
  6. We’re on the cruise demo London Tilbury Docks to NYC. Our first time on Silverseas. General comments that I hope are useful to future travelers. Embarkation was a breeze. Arrived at 2pm, no crowds, no waiting, straight on board and the suite was ready. Suite is nice and spacious. Plenty of storage. Interior design is “simple and beige” so maybe not to everyone’s taste but no complaints. Big walk in shower, lots of water pressure. Stray hair in bathtub was not good though. Bed linen had small holes so somebody is not checking! Staff and service. Very efficient as you would expect from a premium cruise line. My only negative is that quite of a few of the staff do not appear friendly even when greeted. It’s more than just the odd person here and there, it seems more widespread. Not a patch on our experience with Seabourn where on a 3 week cruise there were probably only 2 or 3 crew who seemed a bit dour. We exceeded that number within a couple of hours of being on board Silversea. Food so far. Generally pretty good. We’re both foodies. La Dame was a disappointment. Lovely presentation and top flight ingredients but lacking in the wow factor that justifies a $60 charge. E.g mushroom veloute presentation was beautiful but taste was mild mushroom tasting cream, soufflé dessert was basically sweet baked eggs, not even close to a soufflé, wines were nice and good range. Turbot was outstanding. A dinner in Atlantide was just as good and with a nicer ambience. Indochine was pretty good with some proper spices, Indian inspired dishes, e.g aloo Gobi, lamb rogan josh are better than the Chinese inspired dishes. Buffets for breakfast and lunch again compare poorly with Seabourn who had much better choice even though on a smaller ship. Entertainment. Average so far. Yes, there are speakers but not appealing to us. Personal taste I know so don’t read too much into our opinion. Beyond bridge lessons there is little diversity. Again, compares poorly with Seabourn who offered art classes, etc even on a smaller ship. Hoping it improves over coming days. Live show on 2nd night was a tenor and soprano combo. Both ok individual singers but they didn’t sound great together (to our ears and perhaps limited knowledge of opera). Production and staging of their show was abysmal and was limited to projecting a few photographs onto side screens. Unbelievably, there is no drinks service in the theatre. Reason given is that there is “no room for the staff to move within the seats”. To make matters worse, there isn’t even a convenient bar at the back and the closest one is in Dolce Vita. Terrible design. First cruise I have ever been on where I could not order a drink from my seat and/or within the theatre. Just plain stoopid! Haven’t eaten in all the restaurants yet but I think a HUGE plus for Silversea might turn out to be the vast range of locations. Will post more when we have tried them.
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