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  1. I've been on 4 on different ships. Every tour is somewhat different as each area is seen through the perspective of the host. Also different questions are asked by the participants. i find it to be well worth the price.
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    Ship tour

    I've done it 3 times on 3 different ships and think it's worth every penny even if they didn't give you any gifts.
  3. I've done tee UST on 3 different ships and highly recommend it.
  4. Nice, dark jeans and a polo are not ok but a 30 year old tux that is ratty and shiny, or a formal dress that may have fit 40 pounds ago are perfect. My philosophy is that unless I'm trying to sell you something, I'm going to be comfortable.
  5. When I had hotels, we donated them to shelters. Also gave them to employees and their friends. Sent from my SM-N960U using Forums mobile app
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