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  1. The only things I noticed were the same issues in the auditorium as the Vista, the pool was crowded and it was tough to find a place to sit and eat on lido during normal eating times. Other than that we loved her! Just got off yesterday morning from an 8 day southern. It was glorious! 🙃
  2. My wife and I booked it the first day on the Horizon. We did this first thing when we got on at the excursion desk. We got the last 4 tickets for us and our kids. We loved it and didn't think it was overrated or overpriced, but to each their own. You get a lanyard, hat, picture with the Captain, bracelet, little backpack bag, etc. Ours took about 3 1/2 hrs and we thought it was worth it. Maybe the Horizon does it differently or better, but it's worth checking out IMO.
  3. Trust me it's rough, but I'm motivated by the money saved by driving compared to flying out of Des Moines. Pretty expensive to fly out of there. The last few hours to our destination I get pretty restless. Lol
  4. We're in the process of boarding the Horizon now for our 8 day cruise to the southern Caribbean. Thanks for your review and we drove from Iowa down to Miami. 25ish hrs total in travel time. 19hrs the first day 😂 Can't wait to see how she compares to the Dream from last year and the Vista the year before that.
  5. Anyone know what terminal the Horizon will be at tomorrow? My wife and I were curious so we selected the correct parking garage. Thanks in advance
  6. Lol, sorry, I had a feeling someone would ask! 😋 I bought an internet bridge that'll hopefully make the ship see one device in our room and allow our 4 devices to connect to that one internet stream. Basically it'll be a wifi router for our room. I read about it in the cruise hacks thread. We'll see! 🤞
  7. I just upgraded from the social media plan to the top plan. Mainly because I wanna test a cruise hack I read about, but also because I like to watch some videos on Youtube in the mornings. We are going to be on the Horizon though so from what I've heard it has fast internet so we'll see if it's worth it. It makes me happy, I'm paying for it, and it's my vacation sooo....🙃 Do what makes you happy!
  8. Okay thanks, we'll talk about it more and decide if we're going to take a chance. We've never used an outside vendor before and have always used Carnival so we're a tad apprehensive on that. If we do it we'll let you know how it goes so you know. 😊
  9. Has anyone used Curacao Dreams tours at touroncuracao.com? We're trying to find a reliable tour company to take us on a turtle snorkel tour on May 8th, but everyone is booked.
  10. They are, but you still can't get it delivered to your room as it's not available for purchase through the Fun Shops. At least from what I've found. That was a major bummer for me when I looked for it. 😕 Budweiser owns so many other companies that the "craft beer" we drink just might be owned by them and we don't even realize it. Lol
  11. It's the Dream for me, I would love for it to have a brewery like the Vista. We'll be experiencing the Horizon next so we'll see how that goes. The Dream's crew was really good too.
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