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  1. Just checked the forecast and they are saying rain won't hit until late morning or even noon. I've seen enough storms there and this should not be an issue for those coming or going.
  2. I question some of the logic further above, but this pretty much sums it up. Thanks.
  3. Can anyone explain or point me at Carnival's rules for leaving the ship at one port and rejoining in a different port? Considering staying in Honolulu (originating/terminating in San Diego) and skipping a couple of nights. (the second being a tender port that I can't debark at due to using a wheelchair) and then rejoining the ship in Hilo on the third day.
  4. The spirit of Polynesia will squeeze ya'. 😅
  5. I booked a 15 day to Hawaii at 23 months out and darn near missed everything but suites and interiors. OTH - I can often get a HA cabin to the Nassau and often to Cozumel (not on the same cruise.) a little more than two-three months out.
  6. They e-mail you the card number & pin and don't charge shipping, but you don't get the bonus 1000 point ticket back. I ordered $1000 worth at the beginning of the month after a long hiatus, and was told I'd receive tracking. I just barely caught the UPS driver tiptoeing away after putting the notice on my door this week. (6 days to completion)
  7. Does Your Time Dining take place on the lower or upper level of the dining room on Carnival Miracle?
  8. Booked for 15 day Hawaii RT San Diego Feb 20th... 😎
  9. 'Games' that are really popularity/drunk friends yelling loud contests. (Hairy back, skimpy bikini ect..)
  10. 2 cruises booked, 20 days total. 😊 5 day in September to Cozumel and Progreso, 15 day to Hawaii for Feb 2021.
  11. I've probably told this story too many times but it never gets old...I have more trouble with other handicapped people being judgemental than I do with the general public, such as the biddy who wanted to read me the riot act as I was LEAVING a parking space until she got a REAL good look at my prosthetic leg, then still sniffed that she had it worse.
  12. Pardon my hijacking this thread, but my wife insists on her own wi-fi connection on our future trip(s). How hard is it to buy multiple streams?
  13. Scratch that. I took a second look at the floor plan and realized my error in navigation. Now it makes some sense.
  14. I've seen similar (same?) as yours as well as the ones on CDP, but still can't get a feel for the room layout. If the two nightstands are moved into the center, Is there still room between the bathroom and the closest bed for a wheelchair? Where exactly is the window? In a hidden corridor?
  15. Anyone have any experience with these? Booked it while actually looking for fully accessible cabins and recently found out it is only single side accessible. Not a deal breaker, but really curious if my wheelchair can be parked bedside without interfering with my wife's path of travel from the second bed. (Set up as two twins.)
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