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  1. Thanks Bird. We have priority access. Is 9am too early you think?
  2. How early is early? Cruise docs say not to be there before 11.
  3. Looking for someplace local before our cruise to get things started off right. We're leaving on a Sunday if it matters. Thanks!
  4. Will there be taxis waiting at the port? Are they cheaper than the arranged transfers by ncl? Thanks so much for all the info.
  5. How big would you say that laundry bag is? I'm a chronic over-packer so maybe I can utilize if it holds half a week of laundry.
  6. It's one of the best documentaries I've ever seen. I need to watch it again.
  7. An employee is doing an AMA on r/cruise right now. They have promised pics!
  8. Redditor u/rez667 claims that $610 was stolen from their safe after changing rooms to start the second leg of their B2B. "Tl;Dr (from the post) put $1258 in safe, floor supervisor stole $610, I pressed charges, and have been giving statements for 3 hours." This is a good reminder that you can never be too careful. Stay safe everyone.
  9. 45 days to go. Getting our cruise binder ready. Can't wait!
  10. Malibu and anything. I'm a lightweight but I can drink Malibu all day no problem.
  11. Norwegian will not get them because, as everyone knows, "There is no law when you're drinking the Claw."
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