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  1. Excellent cabin! Crown, Emerald, and Ruby Princess have identical cabin deck plans. Also, for example, if there isn’t a picture of the cabin you want on the port side, look at the deck plan, choose the direct opposite cabin on the starboard side, and check to see if that cabin picture exists. And vice versa. Port and Starboard opposite cabin views are identical (99%). Renmar had pictures of most Princess oceanview obstructed cabins in google photos; however, transferred them to cruisedeckplans.com. Here’s the link for your ship in cruisedeckplans.com. Scroll to the
  2. Incorrect! Vaccinations started 14 Dec 2020 in Canada.
  3. Thank you for your kind words, ozbrian! I can empathize with you and fellow cruisers the length of time for refunds, having gone through the refund process for five cancelled Princess cruises since 12 March, receiving all refunds about a week ago or so…but possibly adding on an extra 66 days for your refunds…wow! I certainly hope you do not have to wait that long…and good luck to all still waiting for refunds
  4. Cunard Refund Data Point: Ship: Queen Elizabeth Sail date: 12 June 2020 (10 days British Columbia (BC)/Alaska; Vancouver return) Purchased through: TA (“Big Box” store in Canada; you know the one…sells Kirkland brand) Cancelled by Cunard: 23 April 2020 Refund request sent: 23 April 2020; I used online link on Cunard website Refund request acknowledged by Cunard: 23 April 2020, online Refund in online RBC Visa account in CAD $: 23 June 2020 Refund posted date in online RBC Visa account: 18 June 2020 How many Cunard refund line i
  5. It is called Loyalty Commends NOT Loyalty Command.
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