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    Breakaway - Cirque Premium Seating?

    I have reserved on the day with standard seating. I just showed up slightly early and got seats right at the very front of the stage. I think premium seating sits a little bit higher in the back, which I did not see anyone take.
  2. snoozcroozr

    Diving in Cap Cana (Punta Cana) DR

    I was also in the same situation with PR diverting to Cap Cana. Looked at a few dive excursions and they said anything decent would be by Catalina Island. Due to distance to dive ops, lack of pickup and late arrival, all for some lame diving, we decided to forgo diving there and focus on diving in the ABC islands.
  3. snoozcroozr

    Diving on ABC islands

    My requirement for Bonaire could be different from yours. Mine was to do 1 guided boat dive to somewhere not easily accesible by shore, and the rest doing shore dives on the house reef, and once I am familiarized with the reef, do a night dive. So we decided the most likely dive op to use is either Divi Flamigo or Toucan Diving, which both are at the end of the cruise pier area. The original plan was 3 dives, then on the boat and as excitement built up, thought we can do 4 or 5 dives (do both left and right side of the house reef, and the night dive based on which one looked better). But once there, realized the reef to the right is off limits when cruise ships are there. So plan was back to maybe 4 dives, but time lost walking the long way there, walking back and forth to the ship for lunch and then to drop things off, washing lots of gears, there wasn't enough time to do 4 dives without getting back to dinner in reasonable time. But because of the proximity of the dive op to the ship, we just played everything by how we felt. If you require 2 tank boat dives, they might accommodate you without having to go through the lengthy orientation. Anyway, the other ones we inquired with are: Capt Don - for hotel guests only Buddy Dive - cruise ship op Divi Ocean - fully booked Wanna Dive - checkout dive on house reef required. Dive Friends - no tanks avail after 5pm. Really close, but house reef seems to be right off the cruise pier's sea wall.
  4. You should have nothing to worry about. I inquired with Mermaid on my trip around Halloween. That's when DEMA was. I inquired abt the ABC islands last month on this thread https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?p=54499461#post54499461
  5. I did inquire with Mermaid and was interested in diving with them, but they were in DEMA that week and closed shop. I just assumed there is no diving in Ocho Rio, but during our walkoff off the pier, I noticed a diveboat docked right off the side waiting for passengers. I realized they do have scuba and thought maybe I should do a walk-in signup with them, but that boat was for passengers that wanted to go to Dunns River Fall by boat.
  6. snoozcroozr

    Diving on ABC islands

    The first few of cruises I did, I didn't know any better and dove only dove with the cruise line. Most were relatively short dives, and many, they get lazy and do the reef right in front of the shop as the second dive. In Bonaire, there are many choices and most are catered to divers, so missing out on Buddy is not the end of the world.
  7. snoozcroozr

    New to NCL, confused about how dining works???

    NCL does not have dress up days, nor do you have to show up like a fat cat in the MDRs. Although in Carnival, you don't really have to dress up either since a tuxedo wife beater will do, but then you don't have pockets to take the silverwares in.
  8. snoozcroozr

    NY embarkation area

    Its just like a typical NYC subway station.
  9. The chinese restaurant is also free. It is either a formal restaurant or a quick bite eatery.
  10. Just coming back from cruise that included the ABC islands, I can tell you a little about it. In Bonaire, I dove with Divi Flamingo, which is walking distance from the cruise pier. The daily dive orientation took a while, so it was impossible for me to take the morning boat dive, but I did put my name on for the afternoon boat dive, which went to Klien Bonaire, and did a noon and night shore dive on our own. The great thing with that was the shore dives are included when you purchase any boat dive trip. Shore dive on Bonaire is super easy. You can barely get lost, and if you do, just surface and you can see where you came from. Maybe you can walk a little farther to the next resort Plaza. I stayed there before and I don't remember any orientation that took up my time. They have similar 2 tank morning and 1 tank afternoon dives as Divi Flamingo. Dive Friends is even closer, but I don't even know if there is anything to see on their house reef, given that their shore entrance is literally right off the concrete sea wall. They also don't leave tanks out after 5PM, so no chance of night dives. As for Curacao, I didn't dive with Dive Bus specifically because I dove carpile and that area many times when I stayed multiple times in the resort that was formerly Breezes, and they offered free guided shore dives and unlimited independent dives. I didn't think that area was out of this world, like the way Dive Bus makes it sound like. I did book with http://www.thediveshop-curacao.com, which is truck based shore diving. They just took the 2 of us, one dive of their choice (I guess because it is on the beach, where we hang out by the restaurant area for a refreshment during our SI), and the other was what I requested. All the dives were in the 60-65min range, the Curacao dives were until when I decided to go up. Our Aruba dive was cancelled due to what the shop said was rain up the north. The cruise dive trip was still going, but I decided against going due to it being a one tank dive and likelyhood of it being a cattleboat. From the way you make Antilla sound like, maybe it was a good thing my dive was cancelled. The best fish I have seen in Jamaica have all been inside the fish traps.
  11. snoozcroozr

    Diving on ABC islands

    Buddy Dive is affiliated with our cruise line, so they won't take independent divers coming from the cruise ship.
  12. snoozcroozr

    Diving on ABC islands

    Came back from the trip. Bonaire, walked to the end of the pier and did 2 shore and 1 boat dive with Divi Flamingo. Wanted to dive more, but the morning briefing took so long that we didn't start our first dive until 11am. Briefing covered the whole island, how to do shore dives, and how to use their signup board for the boat dive. Also, the reef to the right is off limits when cruise ships are docked. The afternoon dive was a little hectic, with the whole boat going with 1 DM. But everybody were doing their own stuff once we were down. Curacao, booked with thediveshop-curacao.com, whom took the 2 of us via truck to shore dives, including my requested Snake Bay, Bottom time was generous, with it being 61 and 65 min. Aruba, was going to book with Dive Aruba, but waited too long and they got filled up, so booked with Happy Divers Aruba for the Antilla wreck. When I showed up at the gates outside the cruise pier, someone that was to pick me up from the shop instead told me due to the rain that's taking place in the north, the dive has been cancelled. I don't remember having dives cancelled due to weather or sea condition. The cruise ship's dive excursion to Antilla was still ongoing and has yet to leave, but being a 1 tank dive, I decided to not go. I could have picked up a cab and headed to some shop like Red Sail and got on their 9:15 boat, but I didn't have every shop's number and only had a short window to make all the decision. So just decided to take a tour and stopped by a beach to do some snorkeling, which I found to be devoid of any fish, and was not really able to go pass the swimming boundary and search the patches of sea grass due to those decapitating jet skis wizzing by.
  13. snoozcroozr

    Diving on ABC islands

    Buddy's a bit far away since I wanted to do multiple dives on the house reef (including night dive), and I would probably go back and forth to the ship. They are also the cruise ship's dive ops, so no guided dive by them. We did a day drift dive on Salt Pier via boat because the night before when we were scheduled to do it, we skipped it either due to current or condition. To not disappoint us, our DM snuck that dive in the next morning during our boat dive.
  14. snoozcroozr

    Diving on ABC islands

    I saw dive ops like VIP diving in Bonaire. Strange they are offering what looks like white glove service on an island where most people do a DIY diving w/o guides. Haven't found anyone that have one tank guided dive (mainly to go to some site where I can't get to (no car)). can't find out about Toucan Diving until much closer to the day of arrival. Worse case, we will just do house reef off Divi Flamingo (left, right and night). I am always a little conflicted on natural vs artificial wreck. I feel sometimes they take divers to wrecks because their reefs are in terrible shape (seems to be the go to dive spot on every cruise stop). But then, most of those are artificial wrecks. Many of the natural historical wrecks are broken up piles of metal. We've dove enough wrecks in Bermuda to realize that. That's why my wife is weary of such wrecks, but then not diving on a wreck in Aruba might mean diving in a dull reef.
  15. snoozcroozr

    Any advantages booking onboard?

    We booked onboard because they said they were offering 2 specials for OV instead of the usual 1. They said we can book anything as a placeholder and don't worry about the full retail price we are being charged since we can later on rebook on something we really want. Lost track of when '90' days to cruise was until I got an email for final payment. I called the TA, whom had a hard rebooking on a future cruise because pretty much pretty much all OV were drastically less than what we were initially charge, and they wanted us to book an room of equiv cost. I said no way, and they relented. Eventually I booked something way into the future on a cruise that I would not feel bad if I did have to go. Turns out, the promo that were offered, all OV had 2 specials, so that special promo was nothing special(although at that time, we could have picked our gratuities being paid, which we cannot do now).