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  1. We’ve done both and Sandals is very high quality - Beautiful rooms, great restaurants and top notch service. I think the biggest difference you will find is the lack of activities and evening entertainment. It’s a quieter, relaxing vacation but if you like the daily and nightly live entertainment of a cruise ship, you will miss it.
  2. We did a land vacation to a Club Med one time. Their buffet is a series of chef stations with plated food. The chefs were doing lovely platings and setting them under lamps for you to take as you wished. The plating was attractive and you could take as many as you wished and go back again. It worked well. I also like the indoor ‘Food Truck’ concept. They could do some fun things with that. We’re fairly new to cruising (only 5 under our belts), so I’m not as attached to the nostalgia of how things are or were. I’m kind of excited to see what they might come up with as long as they do some creative service design, and not just shoehorn pandemic service requirements into traditional service delivery.
  3. We in our port city, Halifax, will miss seeing all the ships and passengers this summer. Definitely a hit to our waterfront vitality and economy.
  4. Disney does chocolates, plus a lot of other little unexpected treats that make the cruise extra special, but they are so much more expensive than Royal.
  5. I agree with all of the above and would add that Freedom class has aft facing cabins with spacious balconies that you can afford to book without having to be a multimillionaire. 😊
  6. Just over a year ago with did 7 night return from Seattle on Explorer. We had an aft balcony. Every morning I sat on it with my coffee and marvelled at the unparalleled beauty. I had a light weight down travel blanket for the chilly mornings. We saw whales most mornings and the sunrises and sunsets on the mountains were spectacular. One thing I will never forget is the evening before our 20th anniversary, my husband and older son had been out exploring the ship and I had gone to bed early. They came flying into the cabin around midnight, whipped open the curtain and yelled ‘look at this!’....(see pics attached) I’ve never been so happy to have a balcony. We stood wrapped up in my blanket for over an hour as the sky danced in shades of pink, red and green. For me, the balcony was one of the best parts of the cruise. If you’re generally out and about and don’t like to spend much time in your room it might not be so valuable, but if there are reports of northern lights expected, make sure you have a view of the night sky from somewhere on the ship. Many people that were ‘inside’ the ship, either their rooms or entertainment venues, missed the display. The next night was cloudy.
  7. Not so much damage to the waterfront buildings. Some of the boardwalks needed repair and I’m not sure if they put the floating bridge back yet. A lot of tree damage within the city. We just got our power back yesterday and there’s still about 45k or 50k customers out. Lots of green leaves down and the trees are looking pretty bedraggled. Might not be as ‘showy’ later this fall unfortunately. They’re still trying to figure out how to safely remove the crane that collapsed. Everything else is pretty back to normal. 🙂
  8. Adventure and Grandeur are in port in Halifax today. Nice to see things returning to normal on our waterfront. Makes me want to hop on board and sail away though! This time last year we were on Explorer in Alaska. I need to book another cruise I think!
  9. Thanks! The wind is picking up and there are some power outages already. Still looking like a direct hit on Halifax this afternoon/evening. There are voluntary evacuations for coastal communities. Our hatches are battened and we’re hunkering today. Haligonians still have our sense of humour though!
  10. Dorian just roared back to a Cat 2 as it approaches Halifax. 😩 I might have to dip into my storm chips (and rum) early! I hear all cruise ships have diverted from planned stops here Saturday and Sunday. Probably very wise. This one just won’t quit.
  11. We’re preparing in NS now. Long lines for propane, liquor and most storm chips are sold out!
  12. We did the Blue Lagoon excursion and swam with stingrays. It was inexpensive and very fun. I don’t think I’d do the stingrays again but it seemed cheaper than just the beach day excursion for some reason.
  13. If you use the mobile app to check in, you can take a picture with your phone and use it. Just be careful and realize that this is the photo they will use as your ‘on board’ photo. I didn’t know this and thought they’d take a new one at the port. Nope. Every time they scanned my card, there was the picture of me in my pj’s, fuzzy robe and messy hair. 😂
  14. We had a deck 7 corner aft on Explorer last fall for an Alaskan cruise. We loved it! Every morning we sat out there (under a down blanket) and watched the sun rise on the mountains and the whales wake up as we sailed though the inside passage. You sort of a get a view of where you’ve been, as opposed to where you’re going but I love it. One thing to note is that the corner afts have great views of the wake and one of the sides, but if the ‘main attraction’ is on the opposite side, you either have to wait for the ship to turn or you might not get a great view. When we sailed into the fjord to see the glacier, the ship did a few 360 turns so we had excellent views.
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