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  1. I went ahead and purchased for 3 at $179.00. Would be great if the price drops but, if not at least we are locked in at that price. Thank you everyone for your help.
  2. We are going on our 1st RC cruise in about 15 years in 2020 on the Symphony of the Seas. The ultimate dining package is $179.00 right now. Is that a good price or does it go lower? thank you in advance.
  3. Pretty sure last I looked it was 99 and that included gratuity
  4. Did a memo go out to booked passengers like they did with the gratuity?
  5. Good afternoon. I just looked on and it looks like NCL raised the prices for their plans. I am pretty positive a 3 night was $99 now it is showing at $119. Am I delusional?
  6. Does anyone know if Teens can hang out with their parents and listen to music? Or is it adult only? Thank you in advance
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