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  1. My personal experience with the premium beverage package is that 50% of the time when ordering a soda I would be given the whole can whether it be a Coke or Sprite and 90% of the time if I ordered a root beer
  2. We found the same thing when we have been on both the Royal and Regal in past years--our most recent trip on the Royal there were two beds that were lukewarm in some parts and the rest were hot in all zones--I agreed complaints to desk do nothing--we have found that best approach is to complain directly to hotel manager who will get on Spa Manager but typically these issues do not fully resolve until a dry dock occurs
  3. I don't recall any gratuity and feel that the website reference may be generic to the other spa services where a person is performing services--just my thought
  4. On the Royal it was $150.00 pp for 7 day cruise--I understand that you can now book on line at the Website at a substantial discount which I will do for our next cruise in January
  5. I know that it will sound strange but on the Royal the corndogs in the Kids Corner area and also available during American BBQ night used to be the best corndog I have ever eaten--fresh hand dipped corny batter with a juicy and meaty dog. They just could not make enough for the demand. However the last time we were on the Royal in Alaska they were using a new batter that is just plain awful and taste more like a fish fry batter than a corn-based batter and many repeat Royal cruisers were complaining and asked what had happened. Was told that they locally supply the corndog mix so hoping that in our upcoming Mexico cruise on the Royal the batter will be different
  6. Post 9/11 it is a no for sure. I remember being on a cruise in Mexico in 2010 and my mother/Aunt/Uncle/two of their friends (all were vacationing in Cancun) were let on to have dinner with us in the dining room that evening at no charge--such a wonderful evening--so sad that those days are a thing of the past
  7. This may sound silly and odd but I think one of my favorite things that I recently experienced and enjoyed to the max was the corndogs in the kids section of the Royal Princess buffet during dinner--swear they are the best corndogs I have ever eaten--freshly battered and the dog itself moist and tasty--going back on the Royal in a couple of weeks and am looking forward to eating one or two each time they show up on the buffet line--even hubby had to admit it was excellent!
  8. Where are the Coke Freestyle machine locations on the Royal if anyone knows
  9. Last time I was on Royal items at Gelato were free as they were included as part of Premium Drink Package—is this still true? Also I recall that previously you could get canned soda but appears that fountain is now on only option though I am wondering if you request a root beer since it is not a fountain choice will they pour you a glass as part of the package?
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