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  1. That’s me fully vaccinated with Novavax vaccine. Just needs to be approved now 😊. I’ve had a headache, aching joints and COVID arm in last 24 hours, convinces me even more that I’ve had vaccine this time round.
  2. Update on Novavax trial in Scotland. I attended clinic today in Aberdeen Royal infirmary, and entered “crossover” phase of the trial. New study protocol to read and sign, followed by BP, temperature and O2 checks, then throat and nasal swabs (urgh!), then blood sample for antibody tests and finally an injection. I’m still blinded, but I now know for certain I’ve had at least one vaccine shot. Today or last October, but who cares? Back in three weeks for second injection. I did ask today about how these injections are being recorded and had it confirmed that all det
  3. I did ask about him to the new TA that took over our bookings. They were very tight lipped and would only say that the incident was not fatal, but that it was unlikely he would be back at work.
  4. Like Bo1953, we had a very similar issue. TA was a one man show, who up until time of his disappearance had offered a very good service. We eventually found out that he had a very serious medical emergency and was no longer able to service his clients. You need to talk to Celebrity customer services as soon as you can, chances are they are already aware there is an issue. They have procedures to deal with this type of problem. In our case, our existing bookings were transferred to another TA of Celebrity’s choice. It all worked out well in the end.
  5. Some early research indicating that vaccines are doing a pretty good job of preventing severe effects of the virus. https://poseidon01.ssrn.com/delivery.php?ID=094105095110064010010087083023109024033033030064027066098019053057055125032027082011112077004007127064006054060024066075116022005006024055005051111074107015104060051101071111002026025081108004023009116010035011036126028075119004008116085028107084127127066104027083105025099006091031097120118&EXT=pdf&INDEX=TRUE
  6. @TeeRick not the Novavax trial protocol per se, but see below an extract from an email I received from doctor managing trial at the hub I attend. ”Thank you for getting in touch with us about your NHS appointment. I will try and give you a call tomorrow - apologies as we have received a very high volume of calls. In the meantime I wanted to explain that there are two options going forward. Following the news of Novavax's vaccine efficacy of 89.3%, Novavax is on the way to change to format of this trial. This will involve all our participants getting the Novavax
  7. Novavax phase 3 trial here in Scotland is being modified. They are now changing to what they are calling “crossover” phase. Basically, they are offering Novavax vaccine to all those in the trial who were originally given the placebo. The vaccine will be given in 2 doses, 3 weeks apart assuming it is approved by the regulator (probably late March) I only found out about this when I talked to trial team earlier this morning to discuss being unblinded since I have been called to get my first NHS vaccine shot.
  8. Yeah, they have reported the 80+ number is being looked at. They have said they believe the 80+ cohort size may be overestimated, so expect that 90% reported may actually be a little low.
  9. Very high rates of uptake being reported here in Scotland so far! 98% for care home residents 89% for care home workers 90% for over 80’s living in community
  10. Any of our experts able to comment on this information? I’m thinking the reduced transmission claim is positive.
  11. I have attached link below to the current COVID vaccination plan for Scotland. Headline details are on pages 8 and 9, but also interesting to note that the plan is based on worst case for vaccine availability. Let’s hope that it they can deliver it. https://www.gov.scot/binaries/content/documents/govscot/publications/strategy-plan/2020/12/coronavirus-covid-19-vaccine-deployment-plan-2021/documents/coronavirus-covid-19-vaccine-deployment-plan-2021/coronavirus-covid-19-vaccine-deployment-plan-2021/govscot%3Adocument/COVID-19%2Bvaccine%2Bdeployment%2Bplan%2B14%2BJanuary%2B2021.pdf
  12. I am in the Novavax phase 3 trial in Scotland; started in November. I have had both injections, don’t know if placebo or vaccine. I have had it confirmed that when I am called for approved vaccine, they will unblind me. If I have had placebo I should go ahead and have the approved vaccine, if I have had the vaccine I have been told that they do not recommend I have the approved vaccine. The reason they give for this is that they have no evidence of how the two vaccines may react. They also indicated that anyone who has only had a single injection of the Novavax vaccine should g
  13. I don’t know for certain, but I’d hazard a guess that right now Celebrity don’t know with any certainty which ships will sail where or when. Their near and medium term schedule is in tatters and there has been nothing but cancellations followed by rescheduling as the pandemic has rolled on. I’m not a Celebrity apologist, but I think we all need to acknowledge that whatever they do they are going to struggle to get much right. I do note that they have tried to get out in front of things with their W21/S22 redeployment plans. But even with that they are struggling to work through
  14. I am in the Novavax trial. I was told prior to entering the trial, that if an approved vaccine became available, then I could drop out of the trial and take it. At my third appointment a few weeks ago we discussed situation again and I was told that when I was called for an approved vaccination I should call and they would unblind me. At that time, if in placebo arm I should go ahead and be vaccinated, if in vaccine arm, then they would do antibody tests then advise. Very recently I received written advice to the effect that if I was in trial vaccine arm and had received both do
  15. Thanks for sharing this. I found the comment about swollen lymph nodes particularly interesting. I’m am participating in the Novavax phase 3 trial and on all 3 appointments to date the doctor has examined my neck, throat and armpits. I did ask about this at the initial appointment and was told they were checking my lymph nodes. It would appear that this side effect may not be unexpected in the Novavax vaccine??
  16. @nomad098 I can’t say that I agree with much of your postings. I will say this however............. It is a fundamental obligation of a government in a democracy to serve and protect its citizens. When such a government receives advice from its public health medical professionals, it needs to pay heed to that advice. All the information I have read or heard to date is to the effect that the medical advice being offered is that the vaccine is safe and effective and needs to be administered to as much of the adult population as is possible. I guess that gets us to how the government im
  17. And I can only speak to what the Scottish government have said.They have made a decision about under 50’s. Below is a quote straight from their covid website. Additionally, the national clinical director is advising under 50’s may have to wait to early summer, but they are on the list! “Vaccination for other groups will begin as soon as the supply of vaccine becomes available. The aim is for every adult in Scotland to be offered the vaccination. NHS Scotland strongly recommends you get your vaccine as soon as it's offered to you.”
  18. On first visit I had swab test and antibody test. Phase 3 trial started here In Scotland in October and is due to run for 12 months.
  19. Below is an extract from the email we were sent......... ”This email is a reminder of what to do if you start to have any of these possible COVID symptoms as described on your ‘emergency card’; - New onset of cough - New onset of shortness of breath - New loss of taste or smell - New fever (38C or above) - New onset of fatigue - New onset of muscle aches or pains - All three of sore throat, congestion and runny nose together - New headache lasting >48 hours - New nausea or
  20. They are only doing throat and nose swabs at direction of study team. The protocol is that we need to call the team within 24 hours if we have symptoms. (We have been given an extended list of symptoms to be aware of) The team will discuss symptoms with us then decide if we need to do swabs. We have 3 test kits at home with us, and have been advised we will need to use on 3 consecutive days if told to use them.
  21. I had my 3rd appointment earlier this week as a participant in the Novavax stage 3 trial. Brief medical check of vital signs and a blood sample taken for antibody testing. I had a chat with doc regarding being vaccinated with approved vaccine. When I am invited to be vaccinated I need to call the study team and they will drop me from study and advise whether I had placebo or vaccine. If latter, she mentioned having further antibody test before decision being made in how to proceed.
  22. I was tested last month at my first appointment for the Novavax vaccine trial. I was notified by email and sms text confirming my result.
  23. @tert333we are booked on the same cruise. I had an email from my TA yesterday advising that we would be booked on equivalent Summit cruise, but like you, we can’t see a sailing on Summit for that date. appreciate any update or info you may come up with.
  24. I feel your pain. I can’t help but think that X have been a bit unfair as to how they have rolled this out and the poor conditions they have imposed on existing customers. It does appear that that the redeployment has been implemented under the guise of COVID, but has been done in such a way to maximise income. Im pretty sure they will have modelled likely outcomes before implementing this and are prepared to lose customer goodwill to get the optimum business outcome for themselves. Such a pity, I think you are correct; it may well be time to move on!
  25. I have just received an email from my TA, but it looks like a boilerplate statement from Celebrity, see below....... “Dear Valued Guest, We are reaching out to provide an update on the status of your 2021/22 cruise vacation. As the world continues to work towards a new normal, our primary goal continues to be a healthy return to service for our guests, crew and the communities we visit. While working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other local health and government authorities towards this shared goal, we are evaluating all current itineraries to e
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