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  1. We are in same situation, our date is not on Summit schedule. Where did you find out that your sailing had been chartered?
  2. We were booked on Infinity March 19th 2022 sailing. We should transfer across to Summit, but I can’t see a Summit departure for that same date. Has anyone heard anything about that particular cruise? thanks
  3. Us too. I see a new schedule has been rolled out for late 21- early 22. We were booked on a B2B in March 2022, now looks like 2nd cruise on Infinity won’t be happening ☹️ Ive heard nothing from my TA to date..........
  4. Similar to @cruise kitty I attended my 2nd appointment for the Novovax study last week. Vital signs were monitored followed by a short exam by doctor which focused on my neck and throat (lymph glands???) and then listening to my lungs. Then the injection; bit of a reaction to it in the form of intense burning sensation during and immediately afterwards. Settled down after 20 minutes or so. Back in a coupe of weeks for further checks and to provide blood sample for antibody testing. For what it’s worth, I got chatting to the research nurse during my observation period about the
  5. I had a discussion just yesterday with a friend about private treatment. She was trying to make the case that private patients allocation would not come from NHS quota, and as such would have no impact on availability to NHS. My position is that no one should be allowed to jump the queue just because they can afford to pay for it.
  6. Thanks for explaining. I think I’ve got it. In summary, if you are vaccinated then that will significantly reduce the risk of you becoming infected. But if you are not vaccinated, then your risk of becoming infected remains as is. (Quite high as I understand it, since the infection spreads readily?) As far as I can see, the losers are those who cannot or refuse to be vaccinated?
  7. Hi Davie, thanks for posting. We were on same cruise and reading your review has brought back some great memories. Rio was on our bucket list and for us it was the highlight of the trip.
  8. I see upthread some folks are asking about study protocols......... I am participating in the Novavax trial. I had my first appointment 2 weeks ago. At that appointment they took a blood sample to test if I’d ever had Covid. They also took throat and nasal swabs to test if I currently had it. Then I was vaccinated. ( I had results back within 48 hours, indicating negative). I was also given list of symptoms that I had to look out for and given details of actions I had to follow if I did get any of these symptoms. Basically, I have to take throat and nasal swabs on 3 consecutive days
  9. Just add my experience participating in the Novavax phase 3 trial....... first session last Tuesday. All very slick and well organised. Vital signs checked, then exam from doc, followed by vaccination. I was in and out in around 90 minutes. Here we are 9 days on and no adverse affects whatsoever. Back in a couple if weeks for second shot. I was told that if an approved vaccine became available I would be notified by team and free to go get it.
  10. I’m enrolled in the Novavax phase 3 trial here in Scotland. First appointment on Tuesday next week. A bit like an earlier poster, however small it may be, I feel as though I’m helping.
  11. We were not impressed with ship access/egress arrangements or the terminal to be honest. The terminal is quite a distance from the dock and requires you to use a bus. Access and egress to ship is via a very steep ramp. there were restrictions in place to manage how many people were on it at any one time, which obviously led to delays. my memories of the terminal are vague, but I seem to recall that ground areas adjacent to terminal were quite uneven. I am sure there will be arrangements to assist you, but I doubt it will be as straightforward as in Miami or port Everglades.
  12. @Bruin Steve a data point for your L and S delay............ we requested one early last week thru our TA along with a request for a specific cabin. It took a week to come through as confirmed on celebrity website with same cabin as original booking. Then a further 3 days for cabin to update to reflect our requested one.
  13. Have to say we think it’s a pretty good option. We did a lift n shift for infinity in March 2021 and pushed out to March 2022 back in June. More recently booked Edge for March 2021 with the specific intention of lifting and shifting to Apex in March 2022 and put us on a sorta b2b with the infinity one. (We had a really good offer from our TA, which we couldn’t pass up) I asked our TA to action L n S last week but still not changed in our online booking. If not changed by cob today I reckon I’ll need to get her to chase up with the deadline impending.
  14. We’ve just given Celebrity an interest free loan in the form of a deposit! Received a promo email from our TA yesterday. A concierge cabin on Edge for $1300pp with all 4 perks. This in March 2021.
  15. Might be time to change insurers? There are plenty in UK who will provide Covid medical cover, even for right now, never mind 2022. Travel disruption/cancellation cover is another matter, but you should only be exposed for the deposit amount. If the deal is that good you may want go for it?? Out of interest; do you mind sharing who your insurer is?
  16. We were able to select the cabin we wanted, it was a different cabin than in original booking, but obviously same category.
  17. Pretty much this as above. My understanding is that most airlines have been accommodating in allowing pax to change bookings, or take credit vouchers or get refunds. But this is being done on a rolling basis, primarily to help manage their cash flow, but also to prevent their customer service departments from becoming swamped. Each airline has its own policy but they are all similar. One point worth noting for the OP though; if your particular flight is not cancelled, the airline are actually proving the service, it’s a case that you are not able to use it. I guess that’s why
  18. @upwarduk Thanks for your input. I did think that there might have been an option to sell the ship, but then discounted it due to there likely not being any buyers in todays market. But then again, I recalled that Pullmantur recently scrapped 3 really old vessels. I guess it’s possible that older ships like Infinity might start sliding down the food chain.
  19. @FlorenceItaly, We have done same as you and moved March 2021 out to March 2022, but that’s a situation we have never considered. Do you mind sharing why you think that the Infinity may not be around?
  20. Really hard to say what conditions will need to be in place for safe restart of cruising. I’m inclined to think that it will be similar to normal life in general and will consist of multiple changes. Vaccinated population Better treatment of disease to reduce severity and or mortality rates. Some form of social distancing Enhanced health education for general public more frequent deep cleans more sanitiser locations effective means of dealing with flare ups in local areas Functioning trace, test and isolate system etc, etc,
  21. I agree with you that parts of Europe have had better outcomes than some others and infection rate is dropping. Not so sure that I’d include the UK in those who have fared better. Additionally, it is only last week that UK implemented quarantine measures for most arrivals. So not many tourists arriving!
  22. I can’t see this being an option either. Everything that I’ve read to date indicates that no one currently knows if already having had the infection prevents you catching it again.
  23. Sorry, I don’t quite understand this comment. Are you saying that there is no requirement for crew to have vaccinations period? Or are you saying that there is a requirement and your daughter is exempted?
  24. Pretty much what @Fouremco said. No vaccination certificate, then you ain’t coming aboard.
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