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  1. What your TA says is not my experience. I had a March 2021 booking which has a reduced deposit. I used lift and shift to move it out to March 2022, the reduced deposit moved with it as did the cruise fare and all perks as per the original booking. I had nothing further to pay. Id say you need to have another chat with your TA.
  2. We have decided not to wait and have pulled the trigger on our lift and shift. On Infinity in March 2021, now pushed out to Infinity in March 2022. Same duration, but with one port of call different. All handled through my TA with no drama. we did take the opportunity to change our cabin. I am pretty pleased that Celebrity introduces this option. Primary reasons for move were uncertainty around the cruise experience and also, what my personal finances might look like given the current global recession. I guess I could have left decision until closer to August 1st, but tbh I don’
  3. Hi again, final update to close this out. I did talk to my TA in early May and she suggested to give Celebrity until end of month. A 4th refund for the outstanding amount came back to my CC a few days ago. 😁 We we are now considering lift and shift for our trip next March.
  4. I agree with above. Having said that, I do have some sympathy for NHdoc. I think what a lot of us customers don’t fully appreciate is the fact that none of the root cause was of Celebrity’s making and as such the CWC offer was pretty generous and over and above their standard contracted arrangements. I do think it’s fair to criticise Celebrity in some aspects of how well they have managed communications and refunds. IMO, the current “enhanced” CWC offer is pretty reasonable, they just need to apply it consistently and refund in a timely manner. NB I’m not a Celeb
  5. @sandc4e Our experience was very similar to yours in terms of wait time, number of credits and a shortfall. We were short $254. I was able to match 2 of the payments to taxes and add ons. So the shortfall looks like it is from the cruise fare itself. I have discussed with my TA and the advice I have been given is to wait a couple of weeks and see if further payment is forthcoming.
  6. Thanks for input folks. Looking at pushing out our trip on Infinity next March to same month in 2022. Still on Infinity in Caribbean, but different ports. I reckon we will give it a go. If successful and this horrible virus abates, I can see us booking an additional cruise for next spring.
  7. Anyone got thoughts on what the lift and shift “same itenary type” means. Would same duration, location, but different ports of call be same itenary type? Thanks
  8. I think it is more about what Celebrity asked the airline to do with the air reservation. Or maybe more importantly what you asked Celebrity to do with air reservation. If it is non refundable fare and your agent (Celebrity in this case) cancelled then that’s pretty much it. On the other hand, if air reservation was left intact until airline cancelled then you would have a better chance to get refund of cash or future vouchers. If you didn’t ask Celebrity specifically to do anything about air, then I’d say you are in a much stronger position. To move forward, I’d be inclin
  9. I believe there exists an option that covers just this, that certain airlines recognize. I think the actual terminology is “trip in vain”. As far as I know it applies in circumstances where a trip has been disrupted and there is no point in actually completing it. It would typically apply where for example a person was delayed en route and they were unable to complete the purpose of their journey; ie, missed meeting, etc. The airline would then return the passenger to their point of origin.
  10. I think that Celebrity may be testing the market. I had an email through from my TA a few days ago with some reasonable offers. Mostly around this Christmas and New Year. The best I could see was for March 20121 though, 7 days in Caribbean on Apex in a Concierge for just over $1400, this included 4 perks.
  11. Von and John, no they don’t. The refund amounts for taxes and additional charges are the same as on my invoice. The cruise fare refund does not match my invoice amount. It is short by about $300. I’m planning to give it another week and see if any further payments come through. If not I’ll ask my TA to query.
  12. Here is another data point for you folks waiting for a refund. Cruise on Equinox due to depart on March 21st. Cancelled by Celebrity on March 13th, I requested cash refund through my TA on March 19th. 3 separate payments back to my CC on April 28th. The payments appear to be for taxes and fees, additional charges and the cruise fare, but it’s not entirely clear from the amounts.
  13. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your review. Please carry on and include Mexico.
  14. I’d expect one of the challenges would be around crew social distancing, never mind the guests. Most of the crew live in very small 2 person cabins. I just can’t see how they can comply with the 2m rule with existing arrangements.
  15. Im sorry, I believe you are mistaken. In the UK chargeback is an option for Credit cards, as well as Debit and Charge cards. You are correct, insomuch, that Section 75 only applies to credit cards.
  16. Also worth noting for any other UK guests, is that there are 2 other options. The first is a chargeback. The CC company will look to reimburse the card holder for any shortfall in goods or services bought and not provided. This has to be initiated within 120 days of the card holder being aware of a problem. This process is not enforceable in law. The second option is called a section 75 and is protection in law which makes the credit card company jointly liable for any shortfall in goods or services not provided. It also applies for online or foreign currency transactio
  17. You didn’t; and I didn’t say or imply that you did. I simply and politely asked for the source of your information. You have since explained that it is a personal opinion. Thanks for clearing that up.
  18. Ah, OK. So it is your personal opinion and not accredited statement? No more than speculation then...................
  19. Do you mind sharing the source of this information, please?
  20. Upwarduk, I feel your pain. However, these are temporary, emergency measures put in place in the interim. They will be eased and then finally lifted as soon as the medical folks are comfortable that they will be able to cope. lets all hunker down and stay healthy until then.
  21. I’m not sure this is the case?? My understanding that “Flights by Celebrity” are acting as your agent, very much in the same way as if you used a travel agent to book a cruise with Celebrity. If Celebrity cancel a cruise, then they are the ones that should be dealing with this matter with the airline. My expectation would be that the airline would apply whatever rules or ticket conditions they are currently operating under. By that I mean, if flight cancelled by TA (acting for pax) or if flight cancelled by airline. I’d say it would be a good time to do nothing until much c
  22. I’d be surprised if the airline would want to get involved with the individual in non refundable flights booked by Flights by Celebrity. Aren’t Flights by Celebrity acting as an agent in this matter, and such they are the ones that need to be dealing with the airlines???
  23. I feel your pain, Scorpio47. BA IMO have been pretty poor in looking after the customer in this crisis. The only justification they might have is that they do make it clear if you cancel, then these additional fees are non refundable. Ideally, you would have been aware of this and been able to play them at their own game, by waiting for them to cancel first. I hope you are able to get some return from them.
  24. Not quite the same situation, but we had paid in full and had cruise cancelled at 8 days notice. So we had the option of the 125% FCC or cash refund. We left off making a decision for nearly a week just to let the dust settle and gather our thoughts. Couple of days ago we decided to take cash refund. I’ll be honest that the outcome was not based on concerns about the financial viability of Celebrity, but largely by the uncertainty of what the future in general might hold. To our minds, there are just too many unknowns to leave large amounts of cash in others pockets. Obviou
  25. My TA just emailed and confirmed our cruise on Equinox, departing March 21st is cancelled. They advise no further info available at this time. This is a new TA for us, I’m pretty impressed with their prompt service.
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