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  1. Just off the Reflection. They have discontinued some wines. We had a favourite Carmenere from Mont Gras, which we have been drinking for years. Asked for it first day onboard to be told it’s not available, despite being on the wine list. We did find a suitable replacement though. By chance we met the Hotel Services Director at a social event and mentioned to her that we were a little disappointed to see it’s gone. Her reply was that it’s a business decision to change out wines.
  2. I would say that the fact they have added you to wait list is encouraging. During a conversation with Celebrity agent whilst booking she advised that they normally limit numbers on wait list to less than 25. As she explained it to me, this was in order to help manage folks expectations. Ie, they don’t want a large number of folks on wait list, with no real chance of getting confirmed. Obviously, the inverse of that is, if you are on the wait list, there is a reasonable chance you will be successful.
  3. The OP has my full sympathy for his lost cruise days. We had something similar a few years back on Holland America and despite the offer of compensation made, we really would have just preferred to have had what we had paid for! From reading of OPs posts, I reckon this is the mindset he has. If so, no amount of compensation is going to make him feel totally happy. My advice to him would be to dump it all into the hands of his TA to try and resolve and then try to move on.
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