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  1. I cancelled a January 2021 cruise mid April. About a week ago got back $225 I had paid and just received $1000 in gift cards today 5/12. Now to see if Holland America does the refund on cancellation around the same time. Good to see they are starting to trickle in.
  2. Value has always worked fine for facebook/email for me. I have never tried the premium but haven't noticed any issues on the value plan for basic internet browsing/facebook and emails. Ihave had it on Sunshine a few times and it worked fine.
  3. Denise, I bought a couple of the shirts, not sure if the sizing is right for you. One is basic T shirt and one is the one with quarter length sleeves (sorry forgot what the type is called, actually like that one better but again I don't really wear cruise swag or T shirts in general, not sure why I bought the but I did like the pattern and bought on impulse. They haven't been worn. If the sizes work for you I'll send them to you. I'll look at the sizes today. Not sure how we can connect though since no instant messenger. If you are comfortable putting email I'll email you the sizes. The trip was amazing by the way. We had the grand scenic oceanview, perfect for the Panama Canal. Rough seas but since no seasickness actually enjoyed that. Ports were great and some of the most amazing sunrise, sunset's I've seen on a cruise. Enjoyed the panama canal transit also. Always wondered why people recommend this cruise and now I know. Now we want to go back and try the old locks.
  4. Just home from a freedom cruise in 9201. You are going to love, love that room. I'm having a hard tie sailing without those lovely two windows. Room steward was great and the beds were amazingly soft. Not sure if they had a rehab but haven't been that comfortable in years on a carnival bed. Nothing like waking up and just laying in a soft bed watching the sunrise and ocean. I did come home and start looking for a 2021 cruise. The grand scenic's were not showing but I called and like I have heard here they actually were available but not showing on the website. Strange but happy to know I can still snag them. Glory 2021 9200. Haven't done that ship for awhile, didn't even really care about the itinerary just wanted that lovely room again.
  5. I always check with the website insure my trip. It does a comparison of all the plans and is very easy to navigate. It gives you alot more for your money than the Carnival insurance. I always seem to end up with Travel safe or Travelguard as they have principal insurance coverage (so I don't have to go through my own insurance first) I actually had to use the Travelsafe on one trip when my sister had a heart attack in Dominica. Never travel without it.
  6. About half of my cruises I went solo and while the first felt a bit awkward I quickly realized how amazing it can be. I agree people are friendly on the most part if I wanted to chat. Excursions it doesn't matter if you are solo or with someone. Never felt I was out of place either with Carnival or external operators. We all go as a group anyway and people were friendly. I've been travelling with family the last year of so and have to admit I am almost hoping someone will cancel so I can enjoy that cabin to myself and do anything I want without worrying about the other person:) Both solo and with company are great, but there is something wonderful about a solo cruise and just having total freedom to relax or be involved. And nothing like that cruise cabin to yourself.. Hope i t works out and you find you enjoy it as much as other solo travelers. Check out the solo boards for some encouragment also. It has some great people with great ideas.
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