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  1. In January we walked to a rum distillery and did the free tour, bought a rum drink than walked back to the ship. This took us through the port shopping district. We love the less crowded ship on port days. The first time we were there about 15 years ago took a cab to Atlantis walked around than cabbed back to port and had fun at senior frogs. Another trip we spent a bunch more going to blue lagoon and swam with dolphins. We enjoyed Nassau each time. On a 7 am to 4 pm stop, I would sleep in enjoy a late breakfast or lunch on ship in a main dinning room, walk around a little and go back to the ship. Or never get off the ship.
  2. We are sailing on Harmony of the Sea on August 4, 2019 and want to pass along a beverage package price drop from $56 to $49. This is the lowest price I have seen since we booked in the fall.
  3. Does anyone have an idea what this years Black Friday deal will be?
  4. On our September 2018 cruise on the Escape, we were in spice H2O, when a buxom older woman had her husband apply sunscreen to her back. THEN she turned around and he applied it to her front!
  5. We just returned from a week on escape my must do's are: 1. Howl at the moon, the last night late was the best some other performers on the ship joined in. 2. Cagney's 3. Tappenyaki 4. Manny at district brew house. 5. District brew house when still light out, views are amazing! 6. Choir of Men We loved our trip and the escape! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. Thank you for your review! We are scheduled for Bermuda in a couple weeks if it gets rerouted, I am taking your attitude! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. This has been one of the most informational post on CC I have read. Thank you for starting it. We have had family members who have done the one week cruise and others a month or more land based. Both loved Alaska! Each needs to find there own adventure! We will likely wait until we can take the time for land based trip and keep cruising to warm weather locations. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. It was a plan through our travel agent. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. We traveled for years without travel insurance never thought twice about it. Two years ago we went on a 50th anniversary cruise for my in laws and they bought insurance for everyone. The cruise goal was everyone goes or cancel and plan another time. Mid cruise a health crises occurred. Norwegian was amazing and the insurance paid very well. Significant medical care on ship, emergency surgery in Cozumel, three people stayed there for a week, flight changes etc. approximately 20,000 dollars of expense all paid for. We will never cruise again without insurance. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. We are on the same cruise. My brother in law is also going staying in the solo cabins. I recommend joining the cruise critic role call and going to the meet and mingle. You may meet people to do things with. We are planning to get a 2 day ferry/bus pass to travel the island for around $30. In my opinion you have more than enough cash planned unless you are a big shopper or gambler. See you on the cruise! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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