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  1. Just got an email from Celebrity. We were on Infinity in July. Dear Guest, We are reaching out to provide an update on the status of your 2021 cruise vacation. The Royal Caribbean Group has been working closely with health and government authorities, in each country we sail from, to outline a clear path for cruising with new health and safety measures. As we thoughtfully plan our return to service, we are evaluating all current itineraries and the status of travel conditions around the world. This means some of our sailings will need to be modified while others will nee
  2. From Athens to Rome is just a few days sailing for Infinity. So as long as it is in Rome on the 4th of July, it can still start the first cruise. I hope they are picking up crew. It's just irritating that the guests who are supposed to sail on Infinity, myself included, have no knowledge of what is happening. Normaly check in would have been open by now for cruises early in July, but that is still closed as well. If they are picking up crew, it would be nice of X to let people know.
  3. We are also booked on the 11th July cruise out of Venice on Infinity. I've contacted Celebrity several times, but no real news. You can still book the cruise, so not cancelled yet, but no Covid Agreement either, such as on Edge. I feel like I'm being taken for a ride. The way they are treating their guests booked on Infinity is realy unworthy of loyal guests. My loyalty is getting close to an end. If they cancel, I will ask for my money back and book another cruise line in the future.
  4. On celebrity.com it is still possible to book cruises from Italy departing in July, such as Infinity from Venice. Has it just not been adjusted yet or are they trying to fill up the cruises around Britain with UK residents by not giving them an option to look at other cruises?
  5. We’re on the same cruise as you. We’ve also called several times, but to no avail other than, if it isn’t cancelled, it is still going. With required full vaccination it will be difficult to get enough people to go. In Europe, where we are from, not every guest will have 2 vaccinations, especially the people under 50, who are slower to get their first and therefore their second shot. Even though my partner and I will be fully vaccinated, our daughter and partner might not be. If they are not allowed to go, with our two small granddaughters, we will cancel as well. But I hope to see y
  6. My wife told me I shouldn't procrastinate all the time. I don't know what she means, but I'll look it up tomorrow.
  7. Although I can understand the need for safety, I don’t understand the emphasis on unvaccinated children. If you are vaccinated you are supposed to be safe if I’m correct. However, it is not clear to me if you are not able to transfer the virus to other people. Also, does this mean you cannot go out by yourself in a port, since you might be infected by people living there or bring it to the ship in another way? Will ports allow vaccinated people in their cities, risking infecting local unvaccinated people by cruisers who might bring it from the ship? It seems to me continuous testing, with meas
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