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  1. He will get it Glad he made it before the changes that have been coming for the last 5 years
  2. THE FOLLOWING IS BEING REPORTED BY ALL NYC MEDIA OUTLETS KEEP A EYE OUT TODAY ON THE OUTCOME Cruise line not confirming . Here are 2 of the posts media spin is amazing The Anthem of the Seas cruise ship is back in Bayonne where more than 2 dozen Chinese nationals on board will be screened for the Coronavirus. Fox NY #CoronaVirusCruise We are waiting for the #RoyalCarribean ship #AnthemOfTheSeas believed to have 1-2 doz Chinese Nationals with “pulmonary symptoms.” The cruise line not confirming; no word in quarantine. We are live in Bayonne as the ship pulls in @PIX11News
  3. In the days before the cell phone 3 and 4 day cruises were a great party. Now it seems a lot less than the old days. Food for thought
  4. I will disagree with your Carnival price.. We like to drink so if we add the cost of cheers to the CCL room we will say a bit over 1000.00 with the gratuity. Coming close to 3300 YC gives you unlimited drinks with no 15 limit. You also get a butler, dedicated pool deck, inside and outside bar, restaurant that does not open after 7 pm to all guests. and concierge , priority on and off the ship in all ports I feel MSC YC is the best for the price. I love the fact they also took my CCL DIamond and gave me their top level black card
  5. I agree. We did not find it worth what we paid. We also got a kick out of a couple that bought wrist bands on e bay and they got lucky cause it was the color of the week. We found enforcement of the area to be not to bad but we did notice people sneak in. I still see CCL selling day passes for the Havana one day The music was not great... The service as slow for drinks as the OP said. We compared lines and we feel the following rating 1 MSC Yacht Club Best experience we have ever had on a ship and service 2 Haven NCL Very good over all. 3 Havana CCL lot of money for not a lot of bang. We all like different things if we want to go all out on a ship MSC Yacht club is our to go to
  6. Not anymore... Now its the same 6 songs and random people taking video of you..
  7. In the old days the Open bar card did work on Half moon but now with cheers that is a NO
  8. Nope not at all.. Back in the 90's when 3 day cruises were all out no sleep parties a lot of stuff happened. The best part no one was walking around with a cell phone taking random pictures of people letting loose on vacation.. Great time. No names will be given of all that we partied with to protect the innocent
  9. Seems like by the reply it is happening.. Maybe check on your booked trips and see if you are effected. Also maybe a google search
  10. never hook up the first night... It can develop a cruise stalker
  11. Never had a problem with soda at security.. I finish my 1 can before i get on board
  12. Yes and you usually loose to a back to back cruiser
  13. The phone number still works if needed, The family member calls it the message gets to the ship and delivered to you. I am guessing a lot of people have forgot 10 years ago cell phones did not work on ships and computers had limited access Yes it is old school but it still works
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