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  1. Good morning all and as Will Smith said in his song welcome to Miami great night last night with a white party and great entertainment as always. Said goodbye to some new and old friends and today we head for the airport. Hopefully everybody has a smooth travel day. I will post more about disembark later today Thank you to all who followed our journey this week. Again prayers to our friends on the Gulf Coast it is a very devastating situation. Enjoy The view
  2. We are at the beach club pool. We are next to the DJ so no crowded
  3. We're waiting for you at the pool
  4. Hello sorry forgot to respond to you. We already had our Bahamas profile with our vaccination card uploaded from our first cruise earlier in the month You are required 5 days prior to upload a negative rapid antigen or PCR test we tested on Thursday and uploaded everything later that day and received our approval within 4 hours. We then printed out that form and it was checked on Monday when we boarded in Miami. Other than that we were only required to wear a wristband in Nassau stating that we were tested prior to sailing
  5. Good day to all. We received and reviewed our paperwork for MIAMI disembark tomorrow and NO test is required. We will be walking off at 9am ish and on our way If the US government change the policy on testing passengers coming back via vessel into Miami it would make for some very interesting things with the amount of people that are going in and out every week As we come to a close with a great week again we pray for those in the Gulf with the hurricane 🌀🌀🌀 coming
  6. Happy Sunday different people have different takes on what's going on with the ship. As for the crew they wear masks when they are supposed to. Currently more crew members will be coming out of quarantine today and Sunday Unfortunately due to exposure with the positive case other crew members out of extreme caution were put into quarantine The captain has been very forward with information during his announcements on what's going on As for the mask wearing police when you're in certain venues people are drinking and dancing without masks on. I am not bothered by this I understand where they are coming from. I believe in the vaccine and I still believe in the chance that anybody can get sick with it. Recap from the Bahamas we arrived in Nassau approximately 140 guests got off the ship and 60 plus got on the ship. We decided to do a self tour we walked the Main Street most shops were closed but there were some open and we did buy some snacks for the crew and a few little items for ourselves We then held the cab to the John Watkins distillery which was a free tour when we got there with samples and then we had a flight of their rum it's a family-run operation it was nice to see how small the distillery was and how they bottled everything. If you wanted to go into the tasting area you had to show proof of vaccination. They did accept our digital vaccination card which was provided by our CVS after getting the vaccine The rest of the day was very nice came back to the ship had some food did our afternoon napping We met some of the new customers that came on had dinner in Prego again with some new friends which was amazing We watched the show last night and the reappearance of the violinist who is in quarantine and she was amazing as always Finished up the night in the saloon had a few more cocktails Currently we are in Bimini and we went to the resorts world pool and we are basically right now at 9:00 almost 10:00 one of six people here from the ship It's going to be a beautiful day Tomorrow we disembark in Miami and head back to home. The service again has been above and beyond For those reading this they do do zero passenger count again tomorrow in Miami everybody will be receiving a letter today And yes hung over again
  7. Currently speaking to other friends that are on ships that travel out of Miami there is still no testing requirement by the US CDC for returning on a cruise that leaves out of Miami Could this change who knows.
  8. Happy Saturday today arrival in Nassau. We understand that 120+ are disembarking and about 60 embarking All who are getting off today were tested 1 person tested positive and was isolated with several others as per the letter and using the contacts tracing device following crystal protocols We know of at least 1 crew member who was isolated also due to this Captain stated 8 more crew members coming out of isolation today The crew is wonderful. We are constantly cleaning and doing their best to stay motivated. Yesterday was a nice lazy sea day. Many things to do with lectures and music through out the ship Bingo was cancelled again but we did talk to several other couples as we were waiting Last night show was wonderful and we saw the saloon was pretty busy with people enjoying the night and even some dancing Today we will be doing a self tour in Nassau of a rum factory and looking for some kitkats for the crew Will post more later Good news no hung over today
  9. Look at my first post here and see if that helps. If not we will fill in the. Blanks
  10. We are loving it. We can tell about the less passenger count but we have met so many nice people. I wish we could go again but the wife goes back to teaching soon. Thank you for thinking of us
  11. We did have one passenger test positive today on the serenity all protocols are being followed. We wish the person well.
  12. Currently at this time you cannot sit at the bar. They don't know when this will be available. There was a blackjack tournament today which was very simple. There were no Texas hold'em tournaments We understand from talking to the crew that September the numbers will start having more passengers
  13. Update. We did have 1 person test positive today during testing for disembark. The person is in isolation. All contact tracing is being done. The ship as per the letter is fully vaccinated We all received the letter in our cabins tonight with the details
  14. Mask or no. A bad day on a cruise is better than a good day at work
  15. I have not heard anything currently they still have crew in quarantine from the positive cases Pretty sure by reading the boards and talking to multiple people there has not been any unvaccinated passengers on the ship yet. Maybe Keith has better information You are currently required to wear your mask at all times unless you are in a venue sitting down eating or drinking. Elevators hallways walking through dining areas they must be worn. If you are playing at a casino table which are now open you must wear your mask. The only area they are not required is in the outdoors. They also must be worn on the tender boats like in the past
  16. Good morning to all the beautiful people on Cruise critic. A great last few days on board with incredible food and great people Today today we boarded our tender which was definitely a bit Rocky and made our way to Gordon's Beach via bus. Had a great bus ride here with a great group of folks. So far the beach is not crowded not too many local vendors today because they weren't sure if the ship was coming in For yesterday's missed port we did receive a $45 shipboard credit which was very kind of them. The casino tables were open last night three people for table but it was very light action. Dinner in waterside was fabulous along with our late night pizza in the cabin We did enjoy the piano in the cove along with the current cruise director playing his trumpet into a duet We will see what today brings On a side note the crew has been fabulous we are learning that they have not been able to go ashore which everybody knows. So we did pack some snacks for them and we hope to get more candy for them in one of the ports If you have a little extra room in your luggage and you're sailing in the future they would greatly appreciate some snacks. We never thought the amount of Joy giving Rice krispie treats out to crew members would bring them Have a great day
  17. He is good. Spoke with him Casino is now open also. Tables 3 people per table. Must wear masks. 11 Crew members out of quarantine today as per captain
  18. We are going to be at sea. We also had swimming with the pigs and we were told yesterday that was possibly going to be canceled. The captain did state tomorrow will be more promising and hope to make port Gary maybe we can meet up for cigar since we have all day.
  19. Good morning to everybody here's a quick update of the current sailing on the symphony. We arrived in cockburn town took the shuttle and went to the beach right off the pier. Drinks and light food is available average price for a drink is between 8 and 15 dollars and beers are 2. You need to buy tickets from the hut on the beach CAUTION the beach is very Rocky when you get in the water and is a little bit steep. Tendering back and forth was rather painless. We enjoyed our time on beach stopped supported local and bought a few items that were for sale at the pier On board life we did notice that some of our Crystal family on board are missing and when inquiring the are all doing fine but they are adhering to Crystal's quarantine policy Food venues I have all been excellent when you enter a food venue if they cannot visibly see your tracking device they ask you where it is. I am one who keeps it in my pocket because the wristband keeps popping. We did did dine in waterside last night and the food and service was excellent but the crowd was definitely light Some other notes we spent a little bit of time in the avenue saloon. Pretty decent crowd of about 30 mostly everybody was sitting enjoying themselves and drinking. There were a few people dancing and enjoying themselves. Yesterday shows were all very good we enjoy our time also speaking to some of the staff even though it's a little harder to communicate and soft tones because everybody's wearing the masks to protect. breaking news due to rough seas we were just told our Port today is canceled due to safety reasons and we fully understand Casino update the slot machines are still open and there are people playing there are a few people winning as we have seen. Still no update on if they will open table games Like always we're here to enjoy ourselves hopefully I didn't miss anything. I still have not met my cigar friend that I've bogged with for the last few weeks. But we have met some incredible people. If you have any questions please ask I will do my best to answer
  20. Yes I did say that the stress yesterday was we got a we got a phone call stating our basement flooded due to all the rain in New Jersey it's kind of funny cuz we live on top of the hill but working in the fire department I have a great Network of people that are handling that for us. Currently we are at Sea ship is definitely doing the Bob and weave for the seas are a little bit rough. We had a great breakfast and we'll report more later
  21. Hello to all here is some information on the boarding process and current status on the Serenity Miami August 23. We arrived at Terminal J with ease from our hotel. Greeted by 2 porters who took out bags. We had a 3 pm boarding time but did get there early. Walked inside first stop passport and temperature check proceeded to security for bag X-ray. We were than checked in for covid testing. You needed your license and has to sign a form. They enter your information into the computer than off to the test. A quick swab of the nose 👃🐽 and the waiting game. They are using Abbott rapid tests. About 10 minutes later as the text and e mail came someone was walking to us with wrist bands. Next stop checking all documents were checked by land based team including Bahama health visa . We walked on board then to a table set up for final check in and picture. We were given a letter explaining the mask policy. Notes from the first night. The passenger count is low under 300 We did ask about some crew friends we did not see any they are in quarantine as a precaution which is good as they are following protocols. Crew is wearing KN95 masks.. We are at Prego a great meal as we have learned excellent service 😊 Saw the Frank Sinatra show did not disappoint. Had a few drinks in the cove very relaxing and some pizza One note due to the concern with covid the tables in a casino are currently closed because of the chips being cross-contaminated. We fully understand and enjoyed seeing a few dealers Will try to update daily hope this all makes sense little hungover Justin
  22. I will not hijack this thread I will post more about today later. Sorry very stressful day but will get better. We made it
  23. Made it on board easiest invarkation I've ever had in my life
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