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  1. When my wife and I don't think the ship excursions will cover what we want to do, we arrange for a private guide. this is usually more expensive but we get to do what we want without having to wait for a bus or on long lines. As for the tender, when we were last in Santorini, which was in 2006, there was not other way to go ashore. So, be patient as you are on large ship and a lot of people need to be brought ashore. The best thing to do in Santorini is eat. So find yourself a nice restaurant overlooking the caldaria and enjoy a long lunch.
  2. Just checked the schedule for Athens and Santorini. My wife and I will be arriving in Athens on Seabourn's Encore on May 23rd - Not listed. In fact no Seabourn ships are listed on this site. I was checking the site as we will be flying to Santorini for a few days stay after the cruise. I was interested in seeing how many, if any, ships would be at the island while we are there. It appears, from the listing that we will have only one day with not ship there. If that is true, then we should have an easy days for sightseeing. As we have been there before, we just plan to walk around and enjoy what we see. We are not going to be doing much, if any, shopping. I should be able to take some very good pictures especially of the sunset.
  3. The last time I was in Santorini was 12 years ago on a Regent cruise. We were tendered into the port and took an excursion by bus. We were dropped off in Fira and the guide us around. Our group of 6 had lunch at an outdoor café and then took the cable car down. - no long lines. I was able to take a great picture of our ship at anchor. My wife and I will be traveling to Santorini this coming May for a few days stay. The cruise we are taking ends in Piraeus. From everything we have read, the Island is a lot more crowded then when we were there in Oct. 2006. From what we have read, the local government is trying to control the number of visitors coming ashore at any one time. I think they are going to delay or ban the very large cruise ships as the dump too many people ashore and the Island is not equipped to handle those numbers.
  4. I would suggest printing our all of your documents and having them handy. It just make life easier and less stressful. I think that is why many of take cruises on cruise line like Seabourn. Is it really so difficult to print these out? Your other choice is to save a copy of your documents to the cloud or your smart device so as to have them handy if needed. Just remember to keep the device charged. Not on topic but just a heads up. When leaving Beijing recently, a security person confiscated my small standby battery for my iPhone. This was the size of a credit card and I could not figure out why it was taken. If you are flying out of Beijing and have one of these, pack it in you checked luggage.
  5. Anyone else going on the Silver spirit from Mumbai to Dubai crusie Feb 14-Feb 22?
  6. The catch in all of this would be comparing the other lines packages. As an example, On Celebrity, if you take the premium drink package and they allow up to $13.00 for wine of a drink, if you order a Scotch for $21.00, you are billed for the difference, $8.00. On Oceania, you would be billed for the $21.00 as they don't credit you for the $13.00 from you drink package. The another example, would be to compare the excursions. This is where it becomes more difficult. All you can compare is the description and the price; you can't be sure of the quality. That is one reason, in many cases, we book our won excursions. We have done this on at least 1/2 of the cruises and 80% of the last 4 cruises. This is a bit more work, but we get more for our money. The next factor is the itinerary not just the number of days and stops. That makes a difference. The last thing to consider, is do you like the ship and the cruise line. We like small ships. A 1200 passenger ship is about as large as we will go. We are on the Voyager for the second time but have sailed Silversea's smaller ships quite a few times. So, compare the pricing and then compare what makes up the pricing. On our last cruise, we did not take the deluxe drink package as we considered what we would be having against the overall cost. On that cruise, we were ahead of the came. On the cruise before that, we did take the drink package, and did very well cost wise. Both were ocean crossings of about the same length. We have friends for whom unlimited wine and booze is not as important as unlimited soft drinks and bottled water. They may have a glass of wine with lunch or dinner but are not particular just is it white or red. So, Regent and the other lines which include the drink package are not as important as the other aspects - the itinerary and ship.
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