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  1. We normally book on board to enjoy the 7% Discov Plus discount. I have checked a number of the so called offers against my on board booking price. Without exception the on board price has been lower by a significant amount.
  2. I normally don't bother with these promos and concentrate on enjoying what I have paid for. This has always worked in the past and have always had a great cruise experience. Had a little time on my hands so was just experimenting. Just like to know why I'm not eligible. Your suggestion , which seems reasonable , suggests that "not eligible" is code for the next level up is unavailable. Thanks for the reply , was informative.
  3. Cruise is 86 days off, full amount paid. Just tried to log onto upgrade programme. Reply states " not eligible". I,m Discoverer Plus, paid appropriate fare and am registered on the Azamara system. Don't understand the rejection. Has anyone else had this response?
  4. Happy memories, New Years Eve party in the Caribbean, pool deck party celebrations.Captain Jose standing on the stage wearing a pink feather boa over his uniform. That's what Azamara is about and Captain Jose was a great brand champion. Best wishes Jose for the future. Congratulations Captain Pelle, things move on , its good to see career progression within the fleet.
  5. We have travelled in all 3 ships in the previous 12 months , last one Pursuit , S.hampton to Barcelona. We totally endorse the comments made by Riocca . Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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