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  1. I guess it depends on the bank - I spent 10 minutes trying to get the Customer Service rep to do exactly that - transfer my funds directly to my checking account on file but he said they had a $2,500 limit for doing that. Anything above $2,500 gets a check mailed.
  2. Final Update for my spreadsheet entry: Received notification from VISA that the last disputed charge (of 3) has been resolved and the temporary credits I was issued are now permanent as of 9/28. The only thing I'm missing is $400 which is supposed to be applied as OBC or FCC on my next cruise...(I may be chasing Crystal around to find that, but that's another battle....) Since the final total of the refund is over $2500, (their credit transfer limit) VISA will be sending me a check for the full amount so I can deposit it in whatever account I want. By the way, for those gettin
  3. UPDATE: Yay! Received notification today from VISA that the temporary credit on my credit card for the main charge ($12,000+) of my cruise has now been made permanent. Now all that's left is closure on the remaining 2 small charges. That's a relief. Also, there was no info as to whether it was made permanent because Crystal answered and agreed, or if Crystal didn't respond at all. Recap: Cancelled my 1/5/21 cruise on 7/9. I opened my cc dispute on 8/11, received temporary credit on my account from VISA for the 3 charges covering all cruise payments within 5 days. 9/24 - Larg
  4. We had a booking on Serenity Jan 2021, and cancelled that one and going through the refund process with the credit card company, but I did keep our booking on Serenity for the following year in Jan 2022. I think my quandry will be in April 2021 when early final payment (for the discount) will be due for that cruise....Guess I'll be waiting to hear if there will be any news about Crystal's standing will be by then....
  5. From my past experience as a business owner and dealing with VISA as a merchant, if I got a notice of a chargeback/dispute, I had 30 days to respond to either protest it or agree to the refund. If I did not respond within that 30 days, VISA treated that as a no-contest refund and the consumer got the refund. From what the VISA lady told me about my Crystal refund and them having 30 days to respond, it doesn't appear that the process has changed. That is what motivates the merchants to respond promptly instead of stringing out the consumer. I am keeping my fingers crossed... Als
  6. Refund Update: After filing a credit card dispute on 8/11 with VISA, I have received most all (except $200) of my funds so far as temporary provisional credit on my card as of today. Crystal has 30 days to respond, hopefully in agreement, and then the credit will be made permanent. Glad I filed the dispute with VISA after only 40 days of waiting for Crystal to refund, VISA is more effective at prodding than I would be.
  7. Refund update: After seeing how long it's taking for people to just wait for Crystal to refund, I thought I would just go ahead and so I filed a dispute with VISA on Aug 11 and we'll see how that works. I only cancelled my Jan 2021 cruise about 40 days ago, but VISA said that was fine, since they preferred that all 3 of my Crystal charges for the cruise fell into their dispute window. They said some people are waiting too long to file (waiting for the merchant to respond) and then the charges are outside the dispute window. The VISA lady said I should have a provisional credit (over $11,00
  8. I only cancelled about 30 days ago, but from what I see here it sounds like I might as well file with the CC company. VISA was very helpful and although they will probably also take about 60-90 days, at least I will have someone else working on my behalf to communicate with Crystal for a refund....my TA is overwhelmed and I'm only getting auto responses from them now....I harbor no ill will against Crystal for this, they have never been faced with such a situation like this. Most businesses run on capital flow and when something like this happens where all the capital you needed for the conti
  9. We feel exactly the same as all you've said, and also regretfully cancelled our Jan 5 Serenity cruise. I so miss Crystal and wish them well going through all the issues on their end.
  10. We were booked on the first leg, Jan. 5, 2021, but it really started to feel like it either wouldn't be going, or the COVID concerns would still be present, so we regretfully began the cancellation procedure. This was to be our first time on Serenity and we were really looking forward to it and love the Panama Canal itinerary. We had only sailed on Symphony several times and love it, I hope they hold onto it and take care of it for the future. I miss Crystal, now our next fix won't be til Jan. 2022 on Serenity for the same Panama Canal trip....
  11. Very well said, Keith. Our feelings are exactly the same as you addressed regarding the upcoming flu/COVID season, the FL situation, traveling to the ship itself and all the logistics associated with it from CA. We made the same decision earlier this month with our Jan. 5 Serenity cruise, to cancel, with a lot of sadness. We feel for the staff and all those impacted, we've met so many wonderful people on the crew and think of them and how they're getting through all this. We were so looking forward to the Jan cruise, but will now look forward to our Jan 2022 Serenity...
  12. Sailing Date: Serenity 1/5/21 Cancelled: July 9, 2020 I made final payment April 8 and requested Cancellation and full 100% refund on July 9.
  13. After careful consideration and with much regret, we've decided to cancel the cruise after all...have my 86 year old dad at home and hate to leave him alone with all that is going on. We also had first class tickets to fly (at a great price! Only $450 pp from CA to FLL) that I hated to give up, but at least the fares are credited to my account....Hope you go and have a wonderful time! We are still booked for this same cruise in Jan 2022....we love the PC itinerary coast to coast.
  14. We have a Panama Canal cruise on Serenity for Jan. 5, 2021, but even that sounds a bit iffy if they've pushed no-sail out til Sept 15. Panama and the Central American countries may not be open to having cruise ships by then....plus, we're not comfortable with having to fly to FL from CA yet...we'll see what happens next!
  15. We were on the SF Mexico cruise and live in Alameda Co. Is there anyone here who was on our cruise and also lives in Alameda Co who has been contacted by the County Health department? We have not been contacted by anyone yet. Placer Co contacted all their cruise residents yesterday. The counties got our passenger list on Wednesday from the Governors Office and were supposed to be contacting all the Mexico passengers.
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