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  1. 10 hours ago, geoffrywillhardt said:

    Never booked a guarantee and I'm sure if I looked I could find the answer but I'm curious. Once they assign you a cabin can they change it or does that mean you are locked in to that cabin for sure.

    Wow! I never even considered that they could possibly change it. This is our first experience with a Guaranteed room. I suppose anything is possible!

  2. I just wanted to share the exciting news that I have received my Guaranteed Inside Room assignment for our Carnival Freedom Panama Canal Cruise in 5 weeks. I know cabin assignment can vary greatly and we are pleased to have received it so quickly. I never dreamed we would be put on a higher deck and am very happy to report we are on the 9th floor (Lido Deck). No long waits for the elevator to get to the buffet this time!

  3. Does anyone have an idea on  tendering at GC on Carnival Freedom? I want to schedule a 10:45 am tour. Our ship arrives at 8 a.m.

    I'm concerned because of a recent Carnival tender fiasco in Kona, Hawaii.  Thousands of passengers but only 2 tenders in use. By the time our tender # was called, we had only 2 hours to tour the island!  I hope the situation is better in GC and Carnival has more than 2 tenders in operation! TIA for any advice on the earliest I should plan a non-Carnival sponsored excursion.

  4. Yes, you can snorkel and can also take a free shower at Kahuluu beach, which is along the Clark's Trolley route. Get your wristband at the Beach Shack across from the Kailua pier, behind the Atlantis Submarine shop.

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