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  1. We just got off the Breakaway and I have all the dailies; I will upload them as soon as I get them scanned. 😀
  2. Awesome. Thank you so much!!! Can't wait to stalk him again. 🤣
  3. Bummer! I think I'm going to take the individually wrapped Life Savers or something like that this time. I don't want them to think they're getting left-over candy canes. 🤣
  4. Thanks for your recap. How did the candy canes go over??
  5. Thanks!! Not sure what kind it it; I just love turtles. 😍
  6. They will love it! I promise. I actually had a waitress come over to me and ask if I had any candy canes left 🤣 I was happy to oblige. - the Candy Cane Lady (aka Jen)
  7. @Sthrngary Thank you so much for your insight. I for one, appreciated it greatly (and picked up a couple of tips!). We are now "Haven or Bust"' as once we experienced it, we will never go back to "gen pop". We have sailed Haven twice (Epic and Getaway), with our third trip coming up in January (Breakaway). To us, it's worth the extra money for all that we get. Plus we go on one vacation a year (damn jobs) so we want it to be fantastic. We have loved our experiences, from the bar (best service by far) to the food to the priority embarkation to the reserved seating at shows to the butler and concierge and all the rest. I too tip all the way through the cruise and at the end. That is my choice. I save my $5 bills throughout the year so I have plenty to use; I also give them mini candy canes (all our other cruises were before Christmas so I may have to re-think my candy choice) and they LOVE it; last year I was the Candy Cane Lady. I usually get a bigger response from the candy than the $$. And whether it's the money or the candy or my sparkling personality, they know my name and what I drink (and when it comes to the Haven bartenders, what I drink depending on the time of the day - I can't say enough about them). As has been said so many times - ad nausuem - tipping is personal preference; if you don't want to do it, don't, if you do, go for it! It makes me happy to make other people happy - even if I have to pay for it. We have been lucky in our experience and not had issues with unruly children. I don't have a lot of patience with said unruly children (or unruly adults for that matter) so if we had, we might have a different outlook on the issue. I can say however, that no amount of unruliness would spoil a cruise for me. If I am bothered by something, I will get a drink and move on. Life is too short (and the cruise too short) to allow things such as this to dictate your experiences. There's always the casino!! Thanks again for your insight. - Jen PS - did I mention how much we have loved the Haven bartenders? 🤣
  8. Oh the looks we got when we did this. 🤣 The first time it was unintentional.
  9. My husband may fight you on this 🤣 He will be so excited if this is true.
  10. You would think this would be the case, but we were on the Dawn a few years back in the pool and there was a man who did a "farmer blow" (held one nostril and blew out, then the other) directly into the water. 🤮 We got out and said something to one of the NCL employees and they did nothing. It was outright disgusting. Needless to say, we stayed out of that pool for rest of the day. Ick. PS - I see you're from South Lyon; we are from Waterford. 😀
  11. Last year on the Getaway I bought several Diet Cokes in the port terminal from a vending machine and brought them onboard.
  12. Thank you! Can't wait to try some out in January!!
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