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  1. Yes, thanks, Riocca and Odd. I did the research that I should’ve done before asking and see that she was R-8. It’s somewhat reassuring to think that it’s an old listing. If RCCL was going to downsize Azamara, it would seem unlikely they’d choose the most recent addition that’s been updated. Journey is do for refit in the fall, but I imagine, like most everything else, that remains to be seen. Again, thank you. Melissa
  2. Yes, I should have realized that, but only looked at Date: 2001 per photo below. I also see that it says location: U.S. and Engines: 0, and wondering what that means. What confirms that it is Pursuit?
  3. It would be fun to see pictures, but I’ve never taken or seen other people taking any at M&Ms. There’s not a lot happening to photograph, it may not last long, and there are more Interesting backgrounds for onboard memories. I’m afraid when it happens at sail-away, we’re all anxious to get out on deck - that’s a hint, if anyone’s paying attention! Melissa
  4. As long as it matches my ‘sea mask’! “Cruise line operator Royal Caribbean is seeking a trademark for face masks that could be used for "virus isolation purposes," according to an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The name of the proposed item: "Seaface."
  5. How sad that stress may be a factor in these tragedies. It seems as though there hasn’t been much cooperation between government entities and cruise lines in getting seafarers home. I know that a couple of Journey crew members were moved to Ovation, then to another ship and have made it back home to the U.S. in the last couple of days. I understand there was no coronavirus on Journey, so they’ve made a difficult trade-off! Melissa
  6. I am too, and wish I had an answer. I know lots of planning has gone into the Azamazing Evening and I was really looking forward to it. I think it would be a great cruise. There are just too many unknowns for conjecture at this point. What countries will be allowing cruise tourists? Will there be flights? A vaccine isn’t likely by then; will there be good therapeutics accessible to everyone? Will there be a seasonal aspect to this thing? I’ve read that RCCL has a Sea-mask in the works, but don’t know who or what that’s planned for. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but real
  7. Journey crew has been transferred to Ovation and are assuming they’ll fall under the RCCL plan. M.
  8. I’m not going to name names, but he makes more sense than many of the politicians I hear on a daily basis. He’s more optimistic about testing and treating than I am currently, but I like his attitude. I see something of what’s behind the trademark application for the RCCL Seamask I read about yesterday too. Melissa
  9. I’ve never sailed with him, but he seems lovely! Darned allergies. Have to go get some tissues. Melissa
  10. Azamara’s Pimentel sells $1.9m in RCL stock From Feb 7, Seatrade Cruise News Perhaps, at 69, he’s concerned he won’t be able to get a Fit to Travel letter!
  11. Somewhere, there’s an actuary with a sharp pencil, ready to tell Azamara that their target customer I.e. those who are interested in cruising with them in 6 or 12 months, has a certain income or net worth and people in that income bracket typically spend a particular percentage on travel. That gives them some idea what they can charge and if they can afford to cater to that customer. At least that’s my totally naive conjecture. I know they aren’t attaching my answers to my email address, so not targeting me personally, so why should I care? Melissa
  12. I have no qualms about giving my household income or worth. Azamara and Survey Monkey aren’t the IRS, so no one will be checking my honesty and no one reading the survey has any interest in me personally. The results are aggregated and useful to any business in future planning. We should all claim to have the lowest income/worth listed (which may be true, currently!) in the hope that cruise prices will be adjusted accordingly!
  13. “Hi Melissaghoti, Before I report this to our IT department, may I ask if you double checked the country flag at the bottom of the page?” I hadn’t, but did and found I was looking at Ireland today. Clicked the proper flag and I’m good. Thanks, Bonnie.
  14. A slightly different website issue is frustrating me. I can log in with no problem, but logged in or not, haven’t been able to access the U.S. site for several days. I usually find myself at the European site, but occasionally, the U.K. site. I’m assuming that from the currency cruises are priced in and slightly different options offered. It’s not a problem currently; I’m just looking at options a year or so out, but still seems strange. Melissa
  15. Thanks for the thread! Happy to have another connection to the ‘outside’! I live, with two Cardigan corgis, in south central Idaho in a county where only 2 cases have been reported. We assume that’s a number based more on the scarcity of testing than reality. We’re just a couple of days into a three week state mandated stay at home period, but many of us chose to self-isolate a week or more ago, so are getting a bit of cabin fever. Fortunately, on one I know has contracted the virus, but I worry a good deal about the many in the area who have limited resources and now, no jobs. With neither
  16. Phil, Hope there was more meat in your lasagna than there was in the video. Melissa
  17. However, perhaps with consideration of the potential impact on the cruise industry, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases said, “If you are a healthy young person, there is no reason if you want to go on a cruise ship, go on a cruise ship.” Healthy and young may eliminate a big chunk of the cruising demographic, but it leaves room for common sense to prevail.
  18. Does one specialty restaurant for 2, equal two specialty restaurants for 1 on a 7 night cruise? Seems like it should to me. Yay, to all the clean clothes I’ll have on my fall Veranda Plus cruise! Melissa
  19. All tests in the U.S. should be covered by health insurance now, but there are simply not a sufficient number of tests available. On another forum, I’ve read posts by exposed, but asymptomatic people who can’t get tested. They may be contagious, but have no way of knowing, so are going to work, going out socially, conceivably getting on cruise ships. COVID-19 will have an interesting evolution here. Melissa
  20. I’ve never run into this. So there are excursions I can’t do if I’m sailing solo? Are they overnights? What if I paired up with someone I met on board? We couldn’t participate because we weren’t in the same cabin? Interesting, but not a problem so far. Melissa
  21. Thanks. That’s more like what I’ve heard with the caveat that many cases are going unreported because they’re either very mild or testing to confirm wasn’t available, thus perhaps lower mortality. Also, hear that a vaccine is a year out, assuming the virus is still around when it becomes available. In any case, no fun for travelers to Asia! M.
  22. Can you share a source for this? It’s very scary, but not the information I’ve read or can extrapolate from numbers I’ve seen regarding either mortality or a vaccine. If either are accurate, it’s a different picture than I’ve had. Thanks, Melissa
  23. I’ve done a good number of Azamara tours and they’ve varied in quality, but most have been more than acceptable. The numbers have varied from a dozen to maybe, 30. On a couple of the larger tours there’ve been two guides, so the groups at the destination weren’t unwieldy. The buses have been just fine, never ‘ratty’ in my experience. I travel solo, so private tours can be discouragingly expensive. When I’ve been able to join a group private tour, I often do, but when that doesn’t happen, I usually have plenty of OBC to use for ship’s tours and haven’t had much to complain about. Melis
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