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  1. Just bumping this thread. We are 35 days out and no luggage tags and no arrival times. I called the medallion ap help number today and they have the janitor answering the phone on the weekend apparently. Had no answers other than keep trying. I’m going to try calling Monday when hopefully the A team is back to work.
  2. It gladly took my credit card info and populated all my bookings with it. Sorry you are having trouble.
  3. I am not referring to children as my original post indicated that this was already being discussed in another thread.
  4. Yes addie19. I’ve been following your thread with interest. Some of us are being told by Princess vacation planners that the Alaska sailings are allowing unvaccinated, others of us are told absolutely no unvaccinated and the FAQ’s (azbirdmom linked above) has always said everyone (no exceptions) must be vaccinated while the travel advisories when booking has changed from no exceptions to yes exceptions to now it is again no exceptions to vaccination. Hence my question, is there actually, I mean in reality, are there unvaccinated people booked? Our actual names and personal information ar
  5. I’ve only been cruising since 2015. I did about 6 months of reading and researching different lines. I ultimately chose Princess as my go to line followed by Cunard and then Celebrity. The main reason was how people reported back about how Princess handled it when they made a mistake. I know that a lot of people were given the chance to move over from sailings they booked before vaccination was required. I’m wondering how Princess has handled any disappointment due to an unvaccinated person (not the children) now being told they can’t sail. Chernesky indicated that some un
  6. I misremembered earlier. This is the celebrity post I meant to share. It’s from the thread “When do you provide proof of vaccination “ #22 Posted Monday at 03:26 PM When I booked, two days ago, I told them that DH and I were vaccinated and had proof. The invoice I received has a new line under both our names under all the discounts and packages: VACCINATED: YES Was also told during a conversation about this that you can volunteer any info you want and it will be no
  7. I know Princess has gone from 100% to 95% vaccinated and now according to my Princess Vacation Planner these Alaska sailings are 100% vaccinated. I've seen the thread about the under 12 year olds being cancelled. I am just wondering if people who are unvaccinated are still booked on these Alaska sailings. Please do not get into a debate about whether or not unvaccinated should be allowed. And please let's not discuss our views on vaccination. According to my PVP once proof of vaccination is asked for, Princess will deal with any lack of vaccination is
  8. Here is what I asked my PVP When you make new bookings do you ask people if they are vaccinated? This is what he said I do not ask. I read a disclaimer that, for the Alaska voyages, vaccinations are required and that requests for information regarding providing proof of the acceptable vaccinations will be forthcoming. If the guest says they are not vaccinated then the procedure I outlined below takes place. If they say nothing then it will be dealt with later when the proof is required. When you book online there is a pop up of that disclaimer. H
  9. Hi CR Yes the changes are bound to come up to and including all days on board. I'm curious where you read these Alaska sailings are going at full capacity. My PVP just emailed me that they definitely aren't (I just posted his reply to our roll call page) I am sure my PVP was told that so he believes it but we all know that PVP aren't always told everything and/or that things change so fast PVP's are giving out "old" info.
  10. I've been reading the Celebrity pages as they are already sailing. Apparently the word VACCINATED appears on their boarding pass so yes it can be notated. And basically every booking is part of a data base. Programs can easily be written to monitor percentage unvaccinated and then put a block on additional bookings notated unvaccinated.
  11. This is what I asked my Princess vacation planner So if I were asking you to book me a cabin and said I could not get vaccinated for health or religious reasons your answer would be that you could not book me? You wouldn't check to see if there are less than 5% booked without vaccines? IOW since John Chernesky gave out that nfo to all those travel agents Princess has changed the rules to 100% vaccinated and not 95%? And this was his reply The 100% applies only to these Alaska bookings, not future bookings. If we were on the phone and yo
  12. I am sure they will have something in place by the 25th. I’d like to think I can sail for such a short cruise with only a carry on but I have yet to achieve that goal. I did a 10 day Alaska sailing the first 2 weeks of August 2019. Looking back at my pictures I definitely needed my heavy outerwear on several days. That stuff takes up a lot of space.
  13. I sail in less than 40 days and that link goes to a page saying luggage tags will be available closer to my cruise. My PVP says that luggage tag availability is TBA.
  14. I can’t. I emailed my Princess vacation planner as I am also less than 40 days out. He said that luggage tag availability is TBA. I also can’t select an arrival time. Can anyone else whose on the July 25 or August 1 sailings do that? My PVP is working on getting that fixed for me too.
  15. Please read post #116 (& the links provided there) for the figures you seek.
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