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  1. Any solution where passengers are refunded for any reason cancellation would be fine. It still won’t stop all those that are sick from sailing. That is a bigger problem. It will be very difficult to solve without a vaccine.
  2. The cost of Princess platinum insurance should be embedded in the price of every fare. It should be a required fee like taxes and port fees. The title “Cruise With Confidence”....... Interesting choice of words for simply talking about the financial aspects. It really should include a set of policies to address the entire experience. How can I be confident that reasonable measures are being taken to keep passengers healthy for the duration of the sailing? I am waiting to see what the new protocols will be and most importantly if they actually enforce them. The airlines do not enforce any of their protocols and a majority of passengers see no need to comply. I mean Princess can’t even enforce a dress code. Safety measures are meaningless if they are not enforced. I would need to see that they actually disembark everyone who refuses to follow them at the next port for me to personally feel confident that the protocols have a snowballs chance of working.
  3. I live in Modesto Ca (Central Valley) and DH lives and works in Mountain View for LinkedIn (Santa Clara county in the Silicon valley). He came to Modesto Thursday night February 27 for his usual WFH (work from home day) Friday the 28th. He did not go back. We decided he would WFH here in Modesto for the duration. By Wednesday March 3 LinkedIn closed all campuses and has everyone WFH now. What is really cool is that they are paying all the non tech working staff during this shutdown. Janitors, chefs, kitchen staff, baristas and so on. When he left MV they had only 2 cases. Now Santa Clara county has the most (1094) in the 6 Bay Area counties that went on lockdown. I planted lettuce, snow peas, cilantro, chives and parsley in January so have simple fresh herb salads. Have cukes, tomatoes & peppers in the greenhouse germinating. Grapefruits, oranges and lemons are plentiful now in our citrus grove ( only 8 trees) 28 fruit trees have all set their fruit and look like good crops that will start coming off in May. Just need a goat and some chickens lol. I’ve been sewing and mailing cloth surgical masks for my SIL (nurse) on the frontlines in NY to use as covers for her N95 that she has to reuse. These are super easy I’ve been sewing cloth masks (shaped ones with nose wire and pocket for extra filter material) for my family and friends. Took a while to get the size, shape and wire bit sorted but now I’m pretty quick. The pattern online needed some adjustments. I’m surprised that so many of my friends don’t have sewing machines and don’t know how to sew. I did not realize what a lost art sewing has become in the 50 and younger crowd. Read the Princess Book Club book for my cancelled HA Cruise this past March. Olive Again by Elizabeth Strout and really enjoyed it and the book that came before it. I made a 30 minute slideshow of cruise videos that I watch while walking on my treadmill. Thrak I really like your explanation of my drinking alone habit. Thanks for the POV and best wishes navigating the new home life. I hope everyone figures out ways to make this new normal work for them.
  4. Thanks for the information. Regarding pay/benefits I simply was hoping they were still receiving them. Not what they are. I hope they have health benefits.
  5. Please provide the source for this. What about crews on all ships? I’ve heard what I would call rumors that only 300 or so of the Grand crew are left on board and that only essential crew will be on the rest of the fleet. I’ve been concerned about how the crew may need additional support. Wondering what their exact position is regarding employment , pay, benefits and such. Thank you in advance.
  6. Wish in one hand, want in the other. Do you have any concept of the economic devastation of this pandemic?
  7. Yes you did. Read the terms of your contract.
  8. Hmmmm I didn’t get one. I’ve got 3 cruises booked this year alone. And had one cancelled this month.
  9. At some point they have to stop hemorrhaging money. Princess has been exemplary in their response. I’ve actually booked an additional cruise in August just to show my support.
  10. This was the most beautiful sail away. A full double rainbow as we left St Lucia the day after Christmas in 2017. What a great farewell. DB839A75-0E86-4BED-926F-CD70F3AF7AEF.MOV
  11. There are absolutely no issues from the teen center. I’ve sailed 36 days in those aft vista suites. A729 and A726. The Aloha balconies are bigger than the Lido ones. They are by far my favorite suite so far. I am hoping one day to sail in the Pacific Princess aft owners suite at over 900 sq ft. We loved the wrap around deck of A726 but you have to exit on the side of the ship and walk back. I wish they had put a door directly to the back. It was sooo cold and windy getting back there. That said that was an Alaskan cruise and we did love the 270 degree views! We also love A729 for its deep and stupid wide all aft balcony. No wind, no cold. Perfect Birdseye view when we went through the old Panama Canal locks. I have videos of many of the vista suites on both Lido and Aloha. A727 is just like A726. That balcony picture is from A729 I can’t get my videos to load. I’ll try later.
  12. Is everyone confined to their cabins? Or only those that did the previous Mexican cruise?
  13. I found this on the roll call for the Feb 21 Grand Princess Hawaii Cruise RT out of SF. Makes me feel even better about getting on this ship March 7. #329 Posted February 13 We received an "emergency" notification from Princess regarding the Corona virus. IMPORTANT NOTICES CORONAVIRUS TRAVEL ADVISORY We're monitoring the situation with the coronavirus that originated in mainland China, and our medical experts are working with global health authorities. As a precaution, anyone who has traveled from or through mainland China, Macau or Hong Kong (including airport transits), or has had contact with a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus (2019-nCoV) within 14 days of the start of this cruise will not be allowed to board the ship. If this applies to you or your client, please contact us with proof of this travel for a full refund of the amount paid to Princess Cruises. All guests will also be subject to pre- boarding health reporting and enhanced screening at check-in. Due to changing circumstances, it is possible that authorities in the countries on your cruise may change their entry requirements on short notice. Please check all entry requirements prior to your arrival to the ship to ensure you are not impacted. Guest passports will be scanned to verify compliance. False responses on forms will result in immediate debark at the next opportunity, and you may face legal consequences. We may change requirements to safeguard guests and crew.
  14. Agreed. The lack of a promenade deck on the Royal is a deal breaker for me. I’d rather not go to Alaska (I’ve sailed and toured 4 times to date) than sail on a ship without a promenade deck. I love the more intimate feel of Coral. However, the Sapphire and Star have the International Cafe and Alfredo’s that I enjoy.
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