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  1. Thank you. This helpful information.
  2. Yes; thank you for seeing the heart of my curiosity.... that I am curious. I just think it's a bit curious - interesting to note - that it's been a Princess ship both times that have had actual outbreaks onboard, and that have had onboard quarantines, and testings. Why is this not happening on other ships? Or is this happening on other ships, but being handled differently? OR is it not being reported in the media? OR is it not being reported in the media that I read and/or listen to? If it is happening on other ships, in other locations, I would like to hear about it, too. I didn't think it a "media conspiracy" when I said the media ... I only meant to reflect a couple of the answers that had been given by previous posters in response to my question. Neither did I think they were being conspiracy minded when they pointed out to me that our media isn't as European focused, and that different media report different things. Just clarifying.....
  3. Yes, you're right. Even I didn't realize that I was merging the two in the way I asked the original question. The heart of my question was more to do with the quarantine situation...... Are other ships - other cruise lines - being held in place (off shore, or in ports) because of outbreaks, and/or for testing results,, and/or for quarantine. Both the ships that have been held in quarantine and received the media attention were Princess. Some here say "just the luck of the draw". Too bad it's been Princess both times that has been so unlucky.
  4. So... it sounds like it is the media's focus. I wonder if the other ships some of you mention here are also hunkering down off the coasts of *wherever*, and are awaiting test results, and living in quarantine.
  5. I mentioned Westerdam in my original post.
  6. Why are only Princess cruises being caught in the "you can't dock here" situation? First the Diamond, now the Grand? Not Celebrity, not HAL, not RC... etc. Are there other ships in the same situation, but our news media aren't telling us? Or is it Princess's itineraries being different in some way? Or should my question be, "why are the Princess pax being identified as having C-virus and not the other cruise line pax"? I know about the Westerdarm, and maybe another one(?) in Feb, but now Princess is in this situation again. What is happening with Princess that is different....? Or is it the media not reporting any others, only Princess? Just curious....
  7. I clicked on this post because I couldn't resist seeing what would be posted under the subject title: "The Night the Ladies Went Out at Sea -- An Emerald Review" LOL! My misread! But so very fun!
  8. We were on the Sky Jan18-23. At that time you did need to have the "ocean compass" downloaded on your phone, not just the medallion class app. But, I've picked up hints from other postings here that possibly the capabilities of the [once] separate ocean compass app has been integrated into the medallion class app.....? Just a head's up.
  9. I agree with all that tillys mom says here. Just to add my thoughts to what she's said: on every cruise we carefully consider whether we will take the Princess excursions or hire privately. We prefer private tours, but the possibility of being on a private tour and being left behind if we miss departure time weighs heavily on us. In Panama we were on an excursion where our bus broke down and we were delayed some 6+ hours getting back to ship. It was a Princess excursion --- so they waited for us. Otherwise, they wouldn't have. In the UK we felt confidence in a) the commitment of the private tours to get us back to the ship in time (I always asked them how they'd make sure to do this), along with b) our own ability to train to the next port and catch up with the ship if we'd missed it (unless we were criss-crossing water). So, we almost always made our own arrangements for private tours. So glad we did!! They were less expensive, higher quality, very personalized, using small vans of maybe 8-12 people vs. Princess's big buses, and they often combined more destinations into one day that Princess would. I read a lot of the past diaries of people's BI cruises here on cruise critic and got many, many useful and valuable tips about each port, and recommendations for tour companies. I love British Isle Cruises.
  10. Yes. Cielo's. All the way aft. Sixth floor. And it's like on the Regal where you have to know the "secret passage" way to get to it (that's a joke, in case someone is bothered by my saying that).
  11. I have another question about Future Cruise Deposits to piggy-back on the OP's question: My husband and I each have two FCDs right now. So, altogether we have 4 on deposit. I am anticipating booking a Fall 2020 cruise for my two daughters and me. Just us 3 girls. I will be making the booking for all 3 of us. What does this mean for using the FCDs I have --- will I use mine for me, and I'll have to make separate, different amount, deposits for them??? Or can I use 3 of the 4 I have on deposit for the 3 of us, even though they were originally made for my husband? So glad to get the chance to find this out now!
  12. What reasons did your 4 friends give? As mentioned already, there is a promenade deck, on both starboard and port side, it just doesn't go all the way around the bow and stern. And there is some intrusion from the tenders and life rafts for a section. But, as was also pointed out, it has nice little open areas with lounge chairs. One thing I really like about the Sky is how it never feels crowded. I don't know how they do it, but as we'd walk around the shops and public areas, we'd feel the crush of the crowds more on the smaller ships, with less people, than on the Sky. MDR always felt spacious and uncrowded. Yes, there is the World Market buffet, and also the Horizon Court buffet. Two buffet sections, that are different - plus the Pastry shop with .... Pastries! All were rarely - if ever - crowded.
  13. I have an iphone 7, and ATT service (and I am a grandma). We recently were on the Princess Sky for a Caribbean cruise. The ATT daily international plan for $10 only popped up as an option when we were in port, not a thing when we were on the ship. On the ship we used wifi exclusively.
  14. When looking at the diagrams of the Sky Princess where the obstructed balconies are located, pay very close attention to the little tiny drawings of the actual boats hanging on the sides. There are two different kinds, that is reflected in the details of the teeny drawings. One kind is a more significant obstacle than the other. When I pick out an obstructed balcony I pick a room that looks out on the one that has the lower profile. ( I don't know the correct terms for these two different boats, but I think one kind are life rafts, and the other are tender boats. Whatever - there are two different kinds). We recently sailed on the Sky, in cabin E515. The obstruction was very easy to live with - a flat orange surface just beyond our balcony that came up to just beneath the top of our balcony rail. Just a few cabins down from us were the other kind of boats, and their obstruction was more significant because those boats have a higher, larger mass of area that comes up above the balconies to block the view. Also watch out for the white mechanical 'thingees" that are between all the orange boats that hold the boats up and lower them down. Try to avoid them as they are also tall and obstructive. How many of the lower and higher profile orange boats even differs from port side to starboard on the Sky. Going by memory, one side has 2 or 3, and the other side has just one. Something like that - anyway, the two sides do not exactly match each other, so just pay attention to the details of the drawings and pick a cabin that is over the smaller, lower profile boat. Use the deck diagrams for the Sky. The Regal is slightly different. Pictures from E515 obstructed balcony on Sky Princess:
  15. Live TV choices: MSNBC FOX CNBC BBC WORLD NEWS Another one..... can't quite remember it .... ESPN?
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