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  1. Asking where to search for list of charges for the specialty restaurants on the Escape and the Dawn, planning for Bermuda June 2018 from Boston. It's been a few years since we have been on a cruise...so much has changed..also looking for the daily freestyle sheets that we would get every morning to let us know what going on the for the day. Thanks in advance. Cindy
  2. There is a charge of $249.00 for bartenders for the week added to our summary of charges...plus we added the prepaid $189 grats (which if fine) does that sound right:o Just saying....
  3. Just wondering if RCCI still doing above mentioned and what ships they use since Monarch and Majesty are gone. Loved those ships. Thanks, Cindy:)
  4. Just throwing this out there and wondering how the EOS and trip to Bermuda in April is? Any comments would be appreciated. ;)
  5. C&A sale, not sure what that is???? BTW thanks to all for the input.
  6. Our cruisecritic friend Beach410 suggested Our Lucayan beach in Freeport, so I just googled that and a resort came up as a reply. It looks like a resort to me but not sure if this is the area Beach410 mentioned. It looks beautiful.
  7. Is there a charge to use this facility? Looks beautiful. Infinity pool, swim up bar very nice. If there is a charge $$$$?? Thx.
  8. Is there a charge now at the Sheraton in Nassau to use their beach and chairs and if so any clue on pricing? Thx.:)
  9. Wondering if prices have ever dropped on a 4 night cruise (Monarch) out of Port Canaveral?:confused:
  10. Lunchlady

    Gratuity Guideline Question

    I noticed this on our last cruise, on the first night tables all around us were full, then the rest of the nights tables were empty. Did those people who were served the one night have totip, and if they ate somewhere else, ie, buffet, room service...who would you tip.:confused:
  11. Lunchlady

    Sweet Bread Recipe Request

    Recipe for the cold museli (spelling?) ceral RCCI serves at breakfast, it's so delicious. Think it has coconut or pineapple with milk. I checked one of the cook books for sale onboard and it wasn't listed. Would love to know how they make it. Sailing soon hope to pry it out of someone.:D
  12. Lunchlady

    ATlantis Day Pass HELP!!!

    Have been there many times. Just walked through lobby out to beach area and basicall just used lounge chairs. We did use swim up bar and paid for drinks we had, but that was it.
  13. Lunchlady

    Monarch - Any Opinions?

    The Monarch is wonderful, clean, easy to navigate, the inside cabins are small (did 3 teenage girls and myself 2 years ago, call me crazy we had a blast) but how long are you in you're cabin for except to sleep, which btw have such comfy beds you really hate to get up and get going. Food, staff in all areas are really nice. We have cruised on some larger ships with similar port visits and the first time we cruised on the Monarch we have been back on her the last 3 years in row and going again in 31 days. Happy cruising what ever you choose;)
  14. Thinking we might try something different this spring break, booking last minute. Been on RCCL Monarch last 3 years and thinking of trying Carnival's Sensation out of Port Canaveral. Been to most ports so it's just for fun and sun. Any comparison notes would be helpful. Thanks - Cindy:)