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  1. Has anyone heard which actual ships from which cruise lines are going to be first up to go through the certification process for the CDC's CSO ?
  2. Thank you. I will consider myself suitably admonished.
  3. 8 + day sailings in US ports. There are posts on the Celebrity forum of cruises over 7 days using US ports prior to 1st Nov 2021 being cancelled. The Royal Caribbean forum is expecting similar cancellations soon. Follows the CDC CSO requirement. If this is indeed the case, they would join the Carnival brands ( Carnival, Princess, HAL ) in cancelling these cruises. If true, that would leave NCLH and their cruise lines as the last of the big 3 with these categories still being offered for sale.
  4. We get that. You've made that point many times. However, there are many people out there who seem to believe a vaccine is the immediate answer for unlimited travel. I think it's those people who will be disappointed for a large portion of 2021. Some people have had unrealistic expectations for most of this pandemic, thinking cruises / travel would be possible to all sorts of countries. Only recently have they appeared to lower their expectations. These research results for various vaccines are obviously great news. Still too early to get the W
  5. Sure. My understanding so far (admittedly very limited): What we know about the reported efficacy so far; it is protected efficacy against disease. IE: how well the vaccines protect someone from getting sick. Whether the vaccines stop people from getting infected in the first place is not yet able to be answered by the researchers. Once we have the answer to the above question, it will go a long way into determining if a vaccinated person can still transmit the virus. That's why I think the world will still see only limited travel for a
  6. I am reasonably certain that simply getting vaccinated does not mean people will be allowed to travel overseas without border restrictions. Many countries will need to ensure their own population has reached a certain level of herd immunity through vaccination first. Until that level is reached, border restrictions of some sort will likely remain in force. At least another 12 months before long cruises to multiple countries are possible I reckon.
  7. Qantas CEO has announced vaccination will be mandatory for international travellers to & from Australia. No surprise there. A bit more interesting is how they will confirm the vaccine you have been given is acceptable to the country you are travelling to. This would probably be electronically linked to a person's vaccination passport according to the CEO. What will be interesting is seeing how different countries approve various vaccines for entry permission.
  8. Royal Caribbean Group (RCG) are using a large ship from Royal Caribbean International (RCI) to operate out of Singapore. They are not using Azamara. Perhaps NCLH will initially use NCL mid size ships out of US ports to meet CDC CSO requirements and see how that goes first, before committing extra dollars to their smaller lines. After all, who knows how many ships each major cruise group will want to get approved for 2021 cruising from US ports.
  9. I also note that Royal Caribbean are using Quantum of the Seas (capacity over 4,000 passengers) for their test cruises out of Singapore next month.
  10. With the Covid situation, I wonder just how much time and money smaller cruise lines such as Oceania are spending on preparing any ships to meet the CDC's CSO requirements. There will be some items which will become permanent and so could be done, but other requirements could involve a lot of expenditure for sailing which may not even happen next year. Will smaller cruise lines simply wait on the sidelines till mid 2021 and reassess just where in the world they may be able to deploy their ships to ?
  11. Princess has cancelled all cruises through to 31st Mar 2021. Also cancelled all cruises longer than 7 days sailing in and out of US ports through to 1st Nov 2021. Also cancelled all cruises in or out of Japan through to 25 Jun 2021.
  12. I agree with the comments regarding reduced enthusiasm for significant cruising / major travel in 2021. A lot of the bookings which companies have for 2021 are credits, which people are concerned about not being able to be used. When cruising / major travel restarts in earnest it will be interesting to see just how much confidence is out there. Many people, as mentioned on posts here, will be waiting until they see what the product actually is before putting down significant new money. 2021 will still be a slow year I feel. Even when numerous different vaccines
  13. Carnival have cancelled all their cruises to end of Jan 2021. Also, multiple cruises from various specific ports till end of Feb or end of Mar 2021.
  14. If some do restart, then there will likely initially be restrictions on counties of residence for passengers permitted onboard.
  15. NZ Tourism Minister says they plan to ban the hiring of vans which are not self contained to tourists. This would be a popular move amongst communities near popular tourist areas which have long had problems with "freedom campers"
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