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  1. Indeed. With Oceania's first mid pandemic cruise scheduled to sail this month, it will be interesting to hear what the pertinent protocols will be for the 9 countries on that itinerary.
  2. Not necessarily. Studies are being done that may be showing some mixing of vaccines is giving a higher efficacy result. Mixing of vaccines is also being studied in the development of the next generation vaccine. If it was a choice between possible better protection against Delta and a temporary ( IMO ) inability to cruise from a US port, I know which one I'd choose.
  3. The Alaska season has started with a Princess ship departing Seattle today.
  4. HMCS Calgary visiting NZ for 6 days next month. First foreign military vessel to visit since the pandemic started. 17 day transit, so no restrictions as long as all test negative on arrival .
  5. In 5 weeks Oceania sails on their first mid Covid cruise. This visits 9 countries. It will be interesting to see how similar or different each country's entry & port requirements are.
  6. Ahh......the pre Covid Muster Drill. I think I saw a photo of one of these in a maritime museum the other day.
  7. It is being reported that Malta, wef this coming Wednesday, will only accept Vaccination certificates which are issued by Malta, EU and UK as vaccination proof. This is being discussed on a very active Viking thread as Viking are due to cruise out of Malta this coming week.
  8. One of the best bus excursions I have done recently is tendering ashore at Hellesylt and rejoining the ship in Geiranger. I think it was also this one where we walked to Briksdal Glacier which is just past Olden. A long day, but full of very different sights and activities. It is South East of Alesund, and the Geirangerfjord is a nice scenic transit. This wasn't with Oceania, but look out for that on an itinerary. This cruise also went to Svalbard, which at 78 North was an interesting stop ....in good weather.
  9. Did you think Oceania were going to pay, and then add on a very large passenger surcharge, for a double Suez transit just for your cruise and perhaps one other ? One ship has to be the last cab off the rank, and it appears that is going to be Nautica. Agreed, it's frustrating, but Oceania can only do so much with the cards it is being dealt. Vaccine inequality was always going to problematic for many countries this year. PS: I don't know how many revenue cruise ships on any line are scheduled to do a Suez transit this year, but I think those who actually do so will be very easy to count come 31st Dec.
  10. There is increasing and interesting data being studied which suggests vaccine mixing may be valid on efficacy grounds. Specifically, 1st dose AZ and 2nd dose one of the two mRNA vaccines. This is being recommended in Germany. Last month Chancellor Merkel received the AZ followed by Moderna. Also, in the UK the NHS has been given approval to start planning a Covid booster programme ( 3rd dose ). Starting in September this year before they enter their winter flu season.
  11. I think one of the big differences is NZ decided in January to go with only one vaccine. This, in hindsight, really simplified the messaging. The smaller population made this possible, so I can understand why this wasn't seen the best approach for other countries at the time. I am reasonably confident (naively so ?) that both Aust & NZ will be well positioned next year based on a Global comparison of population vaccination percentage.
  12. I can assure you that NZ is spending millions of dollars in getting the messages out. Local Community leaders and Church leaders are also being utilised to help build trust in the vaccination amongst their communities. This is showing good success. The vast majority of New Zealanders are VERY aware of the importance of the vaccine thank you. This percentage is also growing month by month, The vast majority of the NZ population is aware of this thank you. As new shipments arrive, new booking slots open up and they are rapidly filled. New Zealanders know what's required, and on the whole will do their bit to achieve an acceptable outcome.
  13. A couple of interesting snippets from the current Celebrity sailings out of Fort Lauderdale from an onboard poster. Apparently it took 23 minutes from parking the car to being onboard. Muster drill: Open the App, Watch 20 second lifejacket video, click complete. Listen to the emergency signals sound, click complete. Proceed to your muster location, check in. Drill complete.
  14. You could also check with the same company about the cost to do a private 2 person tour of your choosing. Perhaps including joining up with their larger group tour for specific items only. When we were last there I recall we had about 3 separate groups all join together for the boat trip. This included 1 couple who were on a private 2 person tour. It would be interesting to compare the cost & flexibility gained versus multiple ship tours.
  15. Perhaps they are still sorting out some crewing issues. Personally, for the first O cruise in the middle of a Pandemic, I would cut the team a bit of slack at present. Can't be an easy task.
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