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  1. I thought this video was very interesting. Amazing to me how clean the machinery spaces are given the age and disposition (about to be scrapped) of the ship. Of course, I have NO idea of what I'm looking at, but it's interesting nonetheless! Garnett
  2. I definitely understand the frustration, but I'm not sure what you describe is the case...at least not in this instance. These cruises haven't disappeared as they have in the past...they seem to come and go depending upon how you interface with the website. As I mentioned before, I can book multiple Alaskan cruises if I go in with a 'virgin' search. It's when I try to do a second search using the same search parameters is when they disappear. Again, I could be wrong, but to me, this isn't like what we've seen in the past with cruises disappearing from the website and no longer being "bookable". This feels more like a website error to me. Garnett
  3. I'm seeing dozens (I did a rough count of the offerings and there were about 40 cruises available out of Seattle) of Alaskan cruises available from Seattle. The ones I have visibility to start in April 2021 and run through 2022 season.
  4. An update...I went back to the "Find A Cruise" page and the website gave me the "Oh Snap!" line that no Alaskan cruises were available. However, I cleared the filters on the Find A Cruise search function and then started over from scratch and all the Alaskan cruises were again visible. I may be wrong, but it looks like a website glitch to me. Update #2: After clearing the search filters and starting from scratch, I was able to get to the payment page for an 8 day Alaskan cruise from Seattle on September 13, 2021. It does appear to be a website glitch. Garnett
  5. I was able to get all the way to the payment page for a 10 day Alaskan cruise from San Francisco on May 31, 2021. Although I didn't submit a payment, the website seemed ready to take one. Garnett
  6. I agree that they would probably sell, but not sure Carnival would ever engage in something like this...at least not based on what I was told several years ago. Allegedly, some years ago, Carnival was offered (for a price I'm sure) the ship's wheel from the original Mardi Gras when she was scrapped, but they turned it down. If you believe those making the allegation, Carnival wasn't interested in preserving their own history. However, there's always two sides to the story...who knows what Carnival's thinking was at the time....maybe the asking price was too high. Garnett
  7. They (the scrappers) aren't wasting any time. If you look closely at the Sovereign's bow, you can tell they've already started the dismantling process. Garnett
  8. Others may have had different experiences, but in my partial transit, the above is exactly what happened. There were no dockings or excursions offered around the Canal Zone...as the passage itself was an excursion in itself. To Carnival's credit, they did bring on a local expert who, via the PA system, gave everyone a narration as to what was transpiring during the passage as well as a history lesson on the canal itself and its inner workings. It was very well done. For me, it was a great trip which was greatly enhanced by our stateroom location (we had one of the scenic oceanviews on the very front of the ship). From the comfort of our stateroom, we could watch the lock gates open and close and see the tugs pull us into and out of each respective lock. Garnett
  9. Relative to cancellations, has anyone seen the below? On it, Carnival Magic sailings from FLL and MIA between now and March 13, 2021 are cancelled. John Heald is denying that the document is accurate, but I have my doubts. Not sure where the document originated, but it appears it came from the Carnival website. However, when checking the website, the verbiage related to the Magic has been changed.
  10. Afraid not...only one $300/$600 OBC can be applied to a future cruise. However, you can combine the $300/$600 with other OBC, such as shareholder's benefits or other OBC generated due to price drops. Partially as a result of all the cancellations, we now have 16 cruises scheduled between now and October 2022. Garnett
  11. Here's one I took back in 2014 that I've always liked...
  12. Maybe...if Carnival chooses the naming criteria to include "Carnival" like most of their ships. However, Mardi Gras is not named "Carnival Mardi Gras"...she's simply named "Mardi Gras", so it is possible Carnival could drop the "Carnival" prefix and simply name her "Carnivale". Garnett
  13. I've had 14 cruises cancelled so far (!). They got four in one fell swoop yesterday. On each of the cancelled cruises, I've elected to take the FCC and OBC, so my wife and I have a LOT of OBC on multiple future cruises. Problem is, you can't use the OBC before you physically get on the ship...only those things in great supply will probably be available, such as alcohol, internet, gambling, etc. Compounding the issue is that we don't drink, so spending $ on alcohol is out. We don't gamble, so the casino is out. I guess, all-in-all, we're pretty boring 😏. We do take excursions, but am afraid that since we can't book the excursions prior to boarding, most of the good ones will be sold out before we even have a chance to book. In essence, I don't believe we can begin to use all the OBC that we have on our accounts now...and I'm sure a lot of it will go to waste. I know of the casino trick, but have to think that Carnival will tie up that loose end prior to sailing again given all the passengers who will have OBC's in large quantities. I guess I'll probably have to be satisfied with getting a souped-up internet package and Bottomless Bubbles 😉 First world problems I know, but a problem nonetheless. But, as far as splurging goes, we'll definitely splurge...assuming we can find something to splurge on. 😁 Garnett
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