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  1. I am amazed that two information posts 5 days apart have different guidance. The science is really moving swiftly. At times, the speed of everything being changed makes me wonder how much thought goes into everything.....
  2. I agree. There should be better and clearer documentation on Royal's site about these requirements. Also, they should be emailed out to the people booked on sailings affected. They can spam us with sale emails all the time, so they can surely send us policy change emails as well.
  3. I never said that the CDC was or was not requiring it. I said that even the CDC says that it is not proven whether vaccinated people could potentially spread COVID-19. If we are not sure, then I am pointing out that testing everyone would be safest.
  4. The problem with this is how to justify only testing unvaccinated people as the vaccine is not proven to prevent a vaccinated person from spreading it as well. Even the CDC says that the vaccines are not yet proven to prevent the spread (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/keythingstoknow.html?s_cid=10493:covid vaccine:sem.ga:p:RG:GM:gen:PTN:FY21). So, for safety, everyone should be tested before boarding.
  5. I wonder what the US capacity limits will be..... Also, my understanding is that longer cruises (even in the summer) generally do not have many kids. Most Americans do not taken many cruises longer than seven days. These longer cruises are typically on smaller ships, unless a ship is being repositioned. I just want some more information to be released once Royal has hashed out a plan and received clarification from the CDC.
  6. I agree that the big ships were more profitable, but my understanding is that more families also tend to book these big ships with their water parks and giant kids areas. So, this causes a dilemma for the cruise lines. I still think the smaller (than Oasis and Quantum) ships with little to no kids will be the first ones to sail.
  7. I truly believe that Royal will start with some smaller ships, as those have few kids, with the vaccination requirement. The larger ships will many kids will start with test cruises. I think a divide and conquer technique would work well here. Test cruises will be done by lines like Disney Cruise Lines and Carnival which seem to have more younger kids. The vaccination requirement would not have much of an impact on Princess or Holland, based on what I hear on their demographics. Personally, we have little kids in our family; and we cannot meet the vaccination requirement whethe
  8. I kind of wish a decision would just be made. I have a cruise leaving in October 2021, but I do not really want to make final payment in early July if there are no answers. I am so glad I booked a refundable fare/deposit.....I appreciate your response!
  9. Has anyone heard anything about the cruises longer than 7 days (from a US port) and before 11/1/2021? Just curious. Thanks in advance! J
  10. I feel bad for people on either side of the vaccination issue. We all want things back to normal. We have been cooped up for so long and faced much in terms of economic, social, and developmental costs. We have new vaccines, but a couple of them have had pauses; and now it is up in the air how often to take them. There are so many questions and concerns floating around that I feel like either vaccinate or not is justifiable. In terms of cruising, trying to track boosters and the like will almost surely necessitate a vaccine passport. This is a sticky issue in terms of medical privacy as
  11. The conversation was spiraling around mandating a vaccine for general health of the population. I was referring to some health authority in the USA mandating it for all citizens. I really do not want cruise lines to mandate it (as long as they make FCCs right for their customers), but it is within their right as I stated in a prior post.
  12. I agree it is the cruise line's right to impose a vaccine requirement (as long as they reimburse future cruise credits in cash for people unwilling to be vaccinated). I am speaking more about the argument for public health and how some people believe others should be forced to take it to be a "good" member of society. Thank you for the discussion!
  13. Honestly, it would be left with the same arguments people have had about vaccinations in general. Some people do not give them to their kids, forgoing public schools. I have a daughter with an autoimmune condition and son with autism. There has been research going back and forth over the years on whether the vaccines I let them have may have caused this. So, yes, I am very cautious about what is injected in them.
  14. I find it dangerous to mandate a vaccine that is only approved for emergency use. I am sorry for the loss of your mother. I personally feel like doing what is "right" and "moral" should not be mandated. Many people do not want to be vaccinated due to it not being fully approved and several examples of potential issues (pauses with the Astra Zeneca and J&J vaccines).
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