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  1. I wonder if they have changed the "stairway to nowhere" where the aft stairway ends at deck 5 with a velvet rope instead of letting you go to deck 4 to access Compass Rose from Aft? Always seemed strange to me!
  2. It was our pleasure to dine with you and your sister at the GM's table! I agree that Mariner looks fantastic since the dry dock. Everything was up to high standards except dinner at Prime 7 surprisingly, but considering the number of meals we had while aboard they are still showing excellence in all levels of service on this and the other ships!
  3. We are joining you for this excursion and I looked at the description from Regent. It says: Dry bags will be available to transport your belongings ashore (guests may have to share a bag). Bring only what you can easily be carried as the boat cannot be responsible for personal belongings left onboard. So if you leave your money in your pocket indeed you will be paying your bar bill with soggy dollars! See you all in a couple of weeks. Just heard that my FAVORITE Social Hostess is joining this cruise, the lovely Nicola Richards! We will have Paul Reynolds as CD as well, top talent!
  4. You can also stop by the pool buffet before 9:30 AM for fresh-squeezed juices!
  5. I wanted to start a discussion to see if other Seven Seas Society members actually like (and wear) the current version of the Seven Seas Society pin. I have only seen a handful of gentlemen wear theirs on their jacket lapel, and I'm not sure I have ever seen any ladies wear them. In contrast, the old Radisson pins were a bit more elegant and I continue to wear mine to the Seven Seas Society party while aboard. I wonder if Regent could see their way to a new pin with the new Regent "R" and perhaps make them of different colored metals based on status if others on this board are in agreement that the current pin could be improved. I do love the other graduated perks of the SSS and enjoy every one of them, except the pin! Thanks for joining the discussion!
  6. I just watched Episode 1 via the link on Facebook and enjoyed it--such fun seeing John Barron as a movie star! Also the shopping trip with F&B Manager Stephane was quite interesting with the head chef bargaining with local fishmongers for fresh fare. Nothing too good for the passengers aboard RSSC! Looking forward to seeing the next installment if it's posted on FB.
  7. Interesting, the web site lists a queen sized bed for the G and H suites on Explorer. I had wondered if that was really true, sounds like you found the bed size to be larger than queen size. Good information, many thanks for sharing. Sent from my SM-T550 using Forums mobile app
  8. This is fabulous news!!! Well done Regent.
  9. Greetings--We got accustomed to playing trivia immediately following tea in the Observation Lounge aboard Explorer on our past several cruises. The results from the Mensa quiz were also announced. I wonder if anyone here could be so kind as to tell me if both tea and trivia are in the same lounge aboard Yoyager? Or do we need to be on the move inbetween the two? Thanks! Sent from my SM-T550 using Forums mobile app
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