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  1. For me, what's considered an appetizer is anything listed under appetizer like a salad. What's considered as an entrée - this is your main meal course. Anything on the specific restaurant menu like steak, pasta, salmon, etc. Pizza - I would say it count as an entrée. Pasta - If you go to La Cucina, for example on their menu it would say something like available in Entrée size for $5 additional.
  2. All my previous cruises, I have never went to Teppanyaki and do not miss out on it. If you like rice with grilled beef / egg / shrimp / chicken and some types of performance, then this is Teppanyaki for you. I believe their dessert is green tea ice cream or fruits.
  3. https://www.ncl.com/cruise-ship/getaway/whats-on-board/Specialty-Dining You can go to the same restaurant again if you liked their food or try other ones like Le Bistro and La Cucina.
  4. While food at the main dining room are okay, in my opinion there are nothing that would stand out or be very amazing that you would regret not eating there for that night. FYI, you are on a vacation so you can have the choice of eating at both restaurants if want to. For example, if you had dinner at 5 pm at a specialty restaurant and then later on you're hungry, you know you can go eat at the MDR. I would suggest to reserve for the specialty restaurant ahead of time.
  5. What HuliHuli mentioned is true - no selling on CC forum. Anyway, do you or any other family members would want to cruise? If so, your aunt can transfer it to another NCL account.
  6. No cruises are sailing at this point, not everyone is vaccinated, and the pandemic is still here. So they extended it ~6 more months for those that had FCC expiration date of June 2021. Maybe NCL will change it again later on. Who knows.
  7. NCL send out a letter today. FCC are extended.
  8. You know, at first a lot of people were concern about getting only part of their FCCs when the amount was emailed to them. As it turned out - the other part goes to the spouse, etc. It can be frustrated trying to see how they come up with their math/ numbers. But it should not be wrong.
  9. You might be right as the U.S. have no strict rules / control over people. Not like other countries where they lockdown. If they are lockdown, it really lockdown as in not going outside of the house. They also have an app too. It hard over here in the USA as not a lot of people would follow rules. Look at all those riots, protesting, etc.
  10. I would like to rebook another cruises but will not do so until I see any NCL ships sailing. Already 2 cruises cancelled this year by NCL. And today, the city I live in - said no large gathering (50+) until Feb. 2021.
  11. I only took a tour on the Breakaway and the Escape. I loved the Escape more, the way it look out to the ocean.
  12. They should. Wow, a million dollars for this. How do you know how much it cost? They should of stick with similar chandeliers on the other big cruise ships. This one does not look nice. Are those flowers (roses) they are trying to make it out off? I wouldnt want to take a picture near that chandelier.
  13. Well, based only on this picture - I liked the Escape chandelier. Epic one look cool.
  14. Of these, I only been on the Breakaway and the Escape. I would of have been on the Encore this Sept. but of course it was cancelled. I liked the Escape more than the Breakaway. The water grotto on the Escape and other things that the Escape have that the Breakaway do not have. I would like to sail either the Encore or the Bliss in the future cruises.
  15. If you did paid like a deposit for the 2nd cruise, then you should get a bonus. As Budget Queen posted - need more information. On NCL site: What happens if a suspended sailing booking has a combination of cash deposits and FCC applied? FULL CASH BOOKING: If an affected booking has a full cash (credit card or check) payment, they will have the choice to either retain the 125% value FCC, or they can submit for a cash refund when the web form goes live. FULL SUSPENDED SAILING FCC BOOKING: If an affected booking has a payment with a previously issued suspende
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