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  1. Well thank you all very much! Hubby and I are relieved we do not have to buy a new tux - and he's quite happy he doesn't need to bring a suit. He's okay with dress pants, collared shirts and sometimes a sport coat but he makes the most horrid faces at the word "tie". I think we definitely have a suitable wardrobe for elegant casual (what a relief). 🙂
  2. Hello! I know some cruise lines have tuxedo rental on board; does Regent? Or would my husband be fine with a formal suit on a Caribbean itinerary? I know the website says a dark suit is fine for men's evening attire but what do men actually wear? His tux is starting to look a little battered. He would wear it anyway but thankfully he has me and I won't let him LOL. Thanks!
  3. Thank you very much! My email address is greyhound_crazy@outlook.com.
  4. Hello Everyone! We have booked our first Regent cruise for December 2022. We would love a referral, if anyone would be willing! Thank you!
  5. Thank you everyone for the information and suggestions. Your help was invaluable. We really were torn between the Navigator and the Splendor, and I am sure we would have been thrilled with either, but we opted for the Splendor. We have booked a PH-B, Dec 3 2022. We really are excited, even if it's more than a year away. I have learned from experience time flies really really quickly and in no time I will be wondering how I'm going to get all the pre-travel checklist things done because I will inevitably have not given myself nearly enough time to do it. 🙂
  6. Thank you so much for all your help. This information is invaluable and will be so helpful - we still have not made a decision but we're closer, thanks to you. One more question - for what exactly does one use a butler? What do they do for you? Having never had one, it's hard for us know whether we would enjoy having one... Thanks again!
  7. Hello Everyone! Happy New Year! We are trying to plan our first Regent cruise for 2022. We have cruised with primarily with Celebrity (when it's the two of us), or Royal and MSC when the kids come with us... We've decided that after a year of all our vacations being cancelled and perhaps another year ahead of many of our vacations being cancelled, we should treat ourselves. I haven't had a chance to go through all the posts yet, so I hope I'm not bothering anyone with too many newbie questions... I can always figure out how the airfare works and things like that later (we prefer to fly
  8. I am very sad to read this. My deepest sympathies to her family and friends; I wish them strength, comfort and peace. Marilyn will be missed by many, and remembered fondly. May her memory be eternal.
  9. Yes, you will be able to purchase a digital photo package separately. We get the unlimited digital photo package every year. There is also a 12 photo package. You can purchase in advance or on the ship.
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