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  1. Can you please please check which day is the Crab Shack offered on your cruise?! It is an extra charge pop up seafood boil type of restaurant that they set up in the horizon court for dinner once or twice per cruise, and I have heard many good things about it. We will be going on the same itinerary in a month and want to plan our other dinner reservations around it.
  2. Does anyone have the crab shack menu for the Alaska itinerary? I have read that the Alaska cruises have a different menu for crab shack but was not able to find it anywhere.
  3. My group is considering doing the Bering Sea Crab Fishermen's Tour (Deadliest Catch Tour) since it seems be the highest rated tour in Ketchikan, and we love nature, animals, sea creatures. BUT we have one person in our group that doesn't speak any English. Is this tour worth doing for non-English speakers? It's a fairly pricey tour and I'm afraid that it's not going to worth the cost for the foreigner visitor in our group who can't understand any English and doesn't know anything about the Deadliest Catch. Would appreciate feedback from anyone who has done the tour before. Are we better off doing something else that involves less talking? Any other recommendations in Ketchikan that fit our interest?
  4. Wow, thank you for such a detailed answer! This is exactly the information that I'm looking for! I think we are leaning towards going on a SB sailing now
  5. As I stated in a previous reply, that also cannot be the case, because you can still book 3/4 people in a cabin for both balcony and mini suite.
  6. We are not the type of people who like to walk around in town and shop for souvenirs or handicraft. In fact, my husband hates all forms of shopping with a passion, so how nice or not nice the port itself is irrelevant for us. Instead, we love nature, forest and animals. I think it's against the rule to post name of the operator, but we did find a local operator in Hoonah (same place as ISP) that offers wilderness tour and brown bear search for 100 dollars. The tour is very well reviewed on tripadvisor. They also have a whale watching tour. I can't find any other wilderness or bear search tour for that price in the entire state of Alaska. Even a car rental in certain ports is more expensive than that. So I would say that it's possible that you just didn't do enough search before the cruise? I know in most popular ports, you can just wait until you get there and there are just a ton of operators at the dock waiting to take people on tours, but for the smaller ports, it simply require more pre-planning.
  7. If you read my whole post carefully, you would know that is not the case. Give you a very specific example: I did a mock booking for a random Panama Canal sailing on the island with 3 guests for an interior cabin and it shows that cabin A517 as one of the available rooms I can pick. So that indicates to me that cabin A517 is a room that can accommodate 3. Then I go back to the 8/28 Alaska sailing on the Island, try to book interior for 2 guests, it shows that A517 as available (along with plenty of others), so this indicates that this particular cabin A517 that can sleep 3 is available on the 8/28 sailing. But then when I go back one step, and change guest count to 3 for that same 8/28 sailing, it then shows all interior cabins are sold out. So this means that this room A517 that can accommodate 3 is available on this sailing, but Princess is intentionally not letting people book more than 2 passengers in it.
  8. Thank you guys so much for all the feedback and ideas. I think the conclusion is that the Island Princess probably does have somewhat more limited capacity for 3/4 passengers compared to other ships. But the inside rooms with the capability to house 3/4 people are definitely not all sold out for the entire summer next year. Princess probably started to restrict people from booking 3/4 people in the cheaper rooms earlier to steer families of 3/4 to book the balconys in order to make more money based on the current demand. It is not convinent for us, but I do understand that princess is a for profit business and they will do what make the most money. Based on the one reply here, I’m still really interested in going to ISP. I might just need to choose another line.
  9. The reason is that we really want to see brown bears in the wild but don’t have the budget for the $600-800 fly in bear viewing excursions. Based on my brief research, ISP/Hoonah seems to be the only port that offers reasonably priced (less than $200 per person) bear searching excursion. I understand that sighting is not garanteed like on some of the very expensive bear excursions, but should be much better than just hoping to see a bear on the side of the road on other excursions in other ports. Please please let me know if there is any other reasonably priced excursions in other ports that offers chance to see brown bear, cuz I can’t find any.
  10. You are right, the one I’m interested in is the 8/28 sailing. I will be able to get a few days off before and after Labor Day next year to go on this cruise, and since Labor Day is in September, I qualified the cruise as a “September” cruise in my mind.
  11. Thanks for the feedback so far. Now that I read my post again, I think perhaps I didn’t make the question very clear. I’m specifically wondering about the difference between sailing on the east side and west side of vancouver island. I have read some post here before that someone was really upset that their ship sailed on the west side while they were expecting to sail on the east side of the Vancouver island. So I’m wondering what is there to see on the east side of Vancouver island, and if it’s worth paying extra for a ship that will for sure sail on the east side of the island.
  12. We are planning for our first Alaska cruise for next year. I saw many ships that include Inside Passage scenic sailing, and some ship itinerary that says may sail on the west side of Vancouver Island so no inside passage. I'm wondering what is there to see in inside passage and how important is it? Is there good chance of seeing wild life, maybe whales? Spectacular scenery that shouldn't be missed? Or does it just make a slightly more interesting sea day than plain open ocean, but not important enough to determine which ship to choose? Would appreciate feedback from anyone who has done it.
  13. Island goes to Icy Strait Point for northbound sailings while Coral does not. Not sure why the difference but we liked Island more because we want to visit ISP. We will probably reserve the Coral and check to see if anything opens up on the Island. Will we be able to change ship without penalty if something does come up?
  14. If the max capacity for lifeboat is the limit here, why are there still plenty of balcony and mini suites showing as available when 3/4 guest is selected but just not inside and oceanview. Do you have a limited lifeboat quota for inside/oceanviews but more allocated for balcony/mini? That seems unfair.
  15. Hi everyone, I'm really looking for some help from cruisers who have more experience with Princess, as we have never cruised with Princess before and have never seen this issue with other cruise lines. We typically cruise with Norwegian and Carnival, but thought we would try Princess for the Alaska cruise that we are trying to plan for Sep next year. We really want to go on the Island Princess since we liked the itinerary and it departs on Wednesday which fits in our schedule well. We have 3 people in our family and we want to stay in one interior room together because we would rather spend our limited budget on excursions. But here is the problem, when I try to do a booking online with 3 guests, it shows that all interior rooms and oceanview rooms are sold out, not just for one sailing, but for every single sailing on the Island Princess for the entire season. When I go back and change to 2 guests, it then shows a lot of opening for interior rooms, and majority of them have the symbol on them that indicates capacity for 3rd or 4th guest. This is also not the case for sailings outside of Alaska, the Panama Canal sailings shows plenty of availability for 3 guests in interior rooms. It appears to me that Princess is intentionally blocking people from booking more than 2 people in any room cheaper than a balcony for the Island Princess Alaska sailings. Is this a common thing with Princess? Is there any theory on why this is happening? Will they open up availability for 3 people interior rooms as the date get closer if the ship doesn't fill up? This is creating a huge price difference for us and we might be forced to book with another line.
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