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  1. Dates include specific sailing dates found unless not specifically deduced. SHIP NAME CRUISE DIRECTOR ENTERTAINMENT DIRECTOR Caribbean Princess [NEW] Marcus Prince Juanta (as of 10/4/2019 sailing) [NEW] [OLD] Unchanged [OLD] Coral Princess [NEW] Fernando Cunha (as of 9/29/2019 sailing) [NEW] Matias Chimicz (as of 9/29/19) [OLD] John Loney (as of 6/2019) [OLD] No information Crown Princess [NEW] Angela Kristensen (as of 9/22/2019 sailing-12/2019) [NEW] Duke Christopher (as of 9/2019) [OLD] Unchanged [OLD] Unchanged Diamond Princess [NEW] Mikiko Ikemoto & Victor Stevenson (as of 9/2019) Lexi Comley (tentatively end of 2019-3/2020) [NEW] [OLD] Tomomi Ito & DuVaul Gamble (as of 8/2019) Lexi Comley (tentatively 11/2019-3/2020) [OLD] Emerald Princess [NEW] Kaylee Lloyd (as of 9/2019 / will still be on for the 11/2019 transatlantic) [NEW] [OLD] Callie Smit (as of 8/2019) [OLD] Enchanted Princess [NEW] [NEW] [OLD] [OLD] Golden Princess [NEW] Corey Moir (as of 9/25/2019 sailing) [NEW] Matt Barnard (as of 9/25/2019 sailing) [OLD] Matt Baker (as of 8/2019) [OLD] Michael Kujawski (as of 8/2019) Grand Princess [NEW] Steve Campbell (as of 10/2019) [NEW] [OLD] Unchanged [OLD] Island Princess [NEW] Natalie Elaine Costa (as of 9/22/2019 sailing) [NEW] Susan Rawlings (as of 6/2019) [OLD] Unchanged [OLD] Unchanged Majestic Princess [NEW] Andrew Kadillac (as of 9/2019) [NEW] [OLD] Unchanged [OLD] Pacific Princess [NEW] Lynn Van Vorce (as of 9/23/2019 sailing) [NEW] [OLD] Unchanged [OLD] Regal Princess [NEW] Lexi Comley (as of 7/15/2019-10/12/2019) [NEW] Martyn Moss (as of 9/21/2019 sailing) [OLD] Unchanged [OLD] Unchanged Royal Princess [NEW] Matt O'Brien (as of 7/13/2019-11/30/2019); "Moving to a smaller ship [after Royal contract ends]" -Matt O, 9/20/2019 [NEW] Billy Hygate (as of 9/29/2019 sailing) [OLD] Unchanged [OLD] left blank Ruby Princess [NEW] Aaron Hawkins (as of 9/24/2019 sailing) [NEW] [OLD] Dan Falconer (as of early-Sept. 2019) [OLD] Sapphire Princess [NEW] Paul Chandler-Burns (as of 8/2019) [NEW] Kelvin Joy (unknown dates) [OLD] Unchanged [OLD] Unchanged Sea Princess [NEW] Peter-John de Kock (as of 9/29/2019 sailing) [NEW] [OLD] Unchanged [OLD] Sky Princess [NEW] Alexander Yepremian (as of 10/20/2019 sailing) [NEW] Simone Smith (as of 10/20/2019 sailing) [OLD] Unchanged [OLD] Unchanged Star Princess [NEW] Gary Golding (as of 10/6/2019 sailing) [NEW] Neil Rose (as of 10/6/2019) [OLD] Unchanged [OLD] David Pitchfork (unknown dates) Sun Princess [NEW] Jody Miles (as of 9/26/2019-1/2020) [NEW] [OLD] Unchanged [OLD] TO UPDATE THE PRINCESS CD/ED LIST: DO NOT push the "Quote" button. It creates a copy that the next person cannot properly update. DO select and copy ALL of the text, including these instructions, from the most up-to-date Princess Cruise Directors list (the most recent reply with the list).  Go to the bottom of the latest post to the Post a Reply box. Paste your copied text into that box. Make your modifications to the list. Click the "Submit Reply" button just below the list you are modifying. Confirm that everything is correct! You can edit for up to 20 minutes.
  2. And what was the increased compensation? Can't find any mention of it.
  3. Nope. On our last cruise, they didn’t even bat an eyelash at our guest’s blue card.
  4. If the lounge is dead (and I've been on cruises with very few P/E passengers), the bar crew will most likely welcome extra guests (along with the extra gratuities). I've brought guests in on such a cruise and nobody questioned anything.
  5. Since the second night on that cruise has you at Princess Cays until 5pm, probably not. More likely the third night since that is a sea day. Second formal night will almost certainly be night 6 since that is a sea day. As for "the Captain controls all" comment, while legally the Captain does control everything, a wise captain who wishes to stay employed will follow the "suggestions" of the product planners back at HQ. And since this is a standard itinerary for Princess, HQ almost certainly has planned formal nights for this is itinerary. And besides, the Captain has far more to concern himself with than which nights are the formal nights. FWIW, our first Princess cruise was a northbound Voyage of the Glaciers in 1993. Formal nights were nights 2 and 6. Here it is 26 years later and many, many captains have commanded ships on that itinerary and yet not once have I heard of a captain ordering formal nights to be anything other than nights 2 and 6 on that trip. Pretty convincing evidence that Princess HQ decides when formal nights are on standard itineraries rather than leaving it to the captain's whims.
  6. Based on recent emails, it appears that one person is Cruise Director on every ship - the oddly named “Your Cruise Director”.
  7. Every Princess cruise we've been on in the last three years (including three on Regal Princess) has had tea offered in one of the MDRs every day including all port days except for the embarkation day. If there were to be a change in policy, it would be fleet wide, not specific to one ship.
  8. Now here I agree with SiliconCruiser. Regardless of what the contract says, Princess does have an obligation to provide something substantially similar to what they advertised. It would appear that some of the defenders of a cruise line's rights would argue, to take it to an extreme, that they actually promise to do nothing at all. But a contract where one party does not promise to do anything is legally not a contract at all. I was not on this cruise but my personal opinion is that 15% is insufficient compensation for missingone of two ports on a cruise where the ports of call were a major marketing point. And given that the problem was the failure of the Princess ship (a Princess controllable problem*) as opposed to weather (a Princess non-controllable problem), the responsibility is 100% on Princess for not providing what they marketed. * That Princess could probably not anticipate the problem does not somehow make it outside their control. From my days working for an airline where I had to do reports on airline controllable vs. non-controllable delays and cancels, weather and Air Traffic Control were non-controllable; everything else was considered controllable. Just because a part randomly broke did not absolve us of responsibility.
  9. I don't think the word "crew" means what you think it means. "Crew" on a ship, as I understand it, are the non-management workers, e.g. your cabin steward, the dining room and other food venues waiters, cooks, etc.. The management positions on a ship are the officers. And as you will find on a ship, officers and crew have very different privileges. So almost certainly, it was not the crew offering any compensation. I very much doubt it was even the officers, and not even the Captain. My expectation was that the compensation offered was discussed at length with Princess management before anything was communicated to the public. Ships do not operate in a vacuum. While the captain is legally the master, a captain wishing to stay employed by a cruise line does not just make his or her own decisions on things that are best discussed with corporate.
  10. Last fall would be almost a year ago. I don't think any entertainer contracts are that long so the band would have left although it's possible that they returned to the same ship (we have had the same band on two different cruises on Regal Princess that were almost 11 months apart; OTOH, we had a classical string trio on the second of those two Regal Princess cruises and then had them on Coral Princess 10 months later so if they do re-up, they may end up on a different ship). In addition, from our experience on both Regal Princess and Coral Princess, musical groups are moved around from night to night to fit the needs of the ship's entertainment. Looking over the Patters from our most recent Regal Princess cruise, a 14-night cruise two years ago, every musical soloist or group played the Wheelhouse Bar some night except for the Crooner's pianist. So a name of the group would be helpful as someone recently on Regal Princess might know if that group was on board as well as someone on another ship might have seen them and be able too tell you where they are instead.
  11. You may be misunderstanding. A four device plan allows four devices to be online simultaneously. All plans allows an unlimited number of devices - the limit (one or four) is how many can be online simultaneously. So with a one-device plan, you can have a phone log on, later have the phone log off and a computer log on, then have the computer log off and a tablet log on, then have the tablet log off and go back to the phone. If you only have two devices, then two individual plans saves you $10. But if you more than two devices and one of you may want more than one on simultaneously, then for the extra $10 get the four-device plan and you can have four on at a time out of however many you might have.
  12. Are you sure you went to the right post? While the sheet itself is undated, the poster gave it a filename that includes Apr2019 in the name (five months ago). And the prices are exactly (after rounding) the same as I posted in #22 (I posted the 1 device prices).
  13. Timely email from Princess regarding my cruise on Coral Princess later this month. Context of the entire email suggests that it only went to Platinums and Elites (another suggestion talks about Captain's Circle minutes). unlimited package discount No need to log on or log off. Purchase a voyage-length package on board at an additional 25% discount, and enjoy unlimited internet access. Choose from a single or four device package. Note that it even says additional discount on board. So FWIW, this seems to be saying Platinum and Elite customers will ge the best price on board, not by purchasing in advance.
  14. See post #57 in https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2632792-medallionnet-voyage-package/page/3/ I am fairly certain this is the same price sheet the Internet Manager showed me on Ruby Princess in May (I was on the one-night to Seattle so didn't actually purchase - my minutes were more than adequate for my needs that night).
  15. Where did you get these prices? A rate sheet was posted a few months ago dated April 2019 (I saw the same thing on Ruby Princess in May) and is slightly different. For your On Board Price column, it has: Nights - Price 1 - $20 2 - $30 3 - $45 4 - $60 5 - $65 6 - $66 7 - $70 8 - $75 9 - $80 10 - $85 11 - $90 12 - $100 13 - $110 14 - $120 15-30 - $150 31+ - $200 It's the same for 14 days or more but goes by the day for less than 14.
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