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  1. And now I have a new problem. In order to apply a casino promotion I received, they needed to cancel the original booking and create a new one. But, the MC app appears to still be pointing at the old booking and won't show me the new one (it's real hard to tell since the MC app only shows you ship, date, and cabin without reservation number and the new booking is same ship, date, and cabin).
  2. The "cryptic address" is probably a support ticket number. Their system when it receives an email to askoceanmedallion@carnival.com probably creates a support ticket and then the reply comes with an address that identifies the ticket so any reply you then send goes to the existing ticket.
  3. Some good news. On Friday, I emailed askoceanmedallion@carnival.com about my issue as described above. My email was acknowledged within an hour and the issue was fixed (at least for me) later the next day (29 hours total turnaround). So my cancelled cruise is gone from the MC app and my 10/24/21 cruise is showing.
  4. I have the same issue with different cruises. In short, it appears if your account has both a cancelled cruise and an active cruise with overlapping dates, the Medallion Class app is showing the cancelled cruise rather than the active cruise. In our case, we had Enchanted Princess for 10/13/21 which was cancelled, Ruby Princess for 10/24/21 which is active, and Regal Princess for 10/15/22 which is also active. The website correctly shows only 10/24/21 and 10/15/22 but the MC app shows 10/13/21 and 10/15/22. If I try to add the 10/24/21 manually, it tells me "this booking is already
  5. No matter what I do, it will not show our October cruise. Instead, it shows a cancelled (by Princess) cruise that is long gone from the Personalizer but completely overlaps the dates of our active October cruise. I suspect the date overlap is a factor. Rapidly starting to think Princess and their Medallion fascination is no longer worth the effort. It's clearly not ready for release and now that they're making this non-functional app the only way to do things, giving up and cancelling may be easiest option.
  6. No eventually needed. Caribbean Princess is currently at anchor in the Bahamas.
  7. No and then yes. Caribbean Princess had been scheduled to do the 7-night roundtrips out of NYC that Regal Princess had done in 2019 and for a few years before. In past years, the positioning cruise to FLL had been 10 nights but Princess added more port calls and had planned it to be 14 nights this year. A lot of people tend to forget the cause-and-effect aspect of positioning cruises. In general, positioning cruises are not scheduled on their own merit but rather to position the ship for its next season. Since the ship is already near Ft. Lauderdale, there is little reason to run i
  8. No disrespect given your credentials but IIRC from the Ultimate Ship's Tour, there are forward crew stairs there (may be other stuff as well) as we used them (it was raining so they took an inside route through the area where the entertainment staff has their cabins to get to the line handling deck). I believe the forward facing oceanview rooms below the bridge are occupied by bridge officers (any cabin on the earlier Royal-class ships that has a window but no balcony is a staff cabin) and the stairs gives them bridge access without going back to the first elevator bank.
  9. Any ship going through the Panama Canal passes under three bridges. From the Caribbean side, the first bridge encountered is the Atlantic Bridge (opened in 2019) which has 246' of vertical clearance. Then comes the Caribbean side locks - old locks to the right and new locks to the left. Then you cross Gatun Lake and through the Culebra Cut (also known as the Gaillard Cut). Then you pass under the Centennial Bridge (opened in 2004) with 262' of vertical clinic. The canal then divides again - old locks to the left (both the Pedro Miguel lock and then the two Miraflores locks) and new locks to th
  10. That 217' number has been around for years but it must be over the keel, not the waterline, as there are some other bridges it wouldn't fit under at 217' above the waterline. Royal Princess has been under the Lions Gate Bridge (Vancouver) which is listed as 200' clearance and I've been under the Storbaelt Bridge in Denmark on Regal Princess which is listed as 213' clearance.
  11. I figured I could do it myself but I want to make sure that my TA will still get credit and commission for the replacement cruise. I would assume that that would be true but it is Princess we’re talking about. Anyway, I will be talking to my TA tomorrow as we have a cruise that is still available for this fall we want to book.
  12. One thing not clear to me is if you are booked through a travel agency, do you work through the agency to select which option you want (refund, FCC, or replacement cruise) or does everyone fill out the Princess online form? (perhaps the answer will be in the Princess email about the cancellation but we haven't received that yet but of course, they have thousands of emails to go out)
  13. A quick check says all Enchanted Princess cruises for 2021 are now unavailable to book. Only Caribbean cruises starting in November are available. My opinion is all those cruises out of Rome and a few fall cruises out of Barcelona are in the process of being cancelled. As for what Enchanted Princess will do, it may be nothing or it may be 7-night cruises out of Piraeus but Princess asked the Port of Piraeus to remove the listings until Princess officially announces it (I did see HAL announced Greek Isles cruises out of Piraeus earlier this week for summer and fall so likely that Pr
  14. Except that the port schedule does not show space reserved for Enchanted Princess on the dates that the current Princess itineraries show it in Piraeus (Athens) such as 10/16 for the 10/13 cruise out of Rome. For 10/16, it shows seven other ships at Piraeus. Perhaps it is a backup plan but if the current Princess published cruises do happen, then it appears other itinerary changes will be needed to make them happen.
  15. If you're talking about how the current official Piraeus port schedule does not match what Princess has published, I agree with you (and we're booked on Enchanted Princess for mid-October so this is a matter of interest to us) as both are authoritative sources and they are in conflict. As for what crew-center.com says, I don't care as they are not and never have been an authoritative source for cruise schedules. Their data is worth what you paid for it.
  16. crew-center.com is not an authoritative source (nor is cruisemapper.com, also cited upthread). They just take the data they get from authoritative sources and re-publish it. If the authoritative source changes the data and a secondary source such as crew-center.com does not notice the change or does not update their site, then the secondary source will have wrong information. Using a non-authoratative source such as crew-center.com is often no better than "my hair stylist heard from her sister who heard from her auto mechanic ..." In this case, the schedule crew-center.com is showi
  17. I have no idea where Nini got those port schedules in the OP but I'm guessing from some cruising website that is not up to date. That was the schedule prior to Sep 2020 which was when Princess cancelled the 7/14/21 night rotation from Rome to Athens to Barcelona to Rome that was traditionally run in the summer. However, when they cancelled that last September, they put out a schedule of 7-night cruises all from Rome. Now that appears to be being changed again as the current port schedule being posted by the port of Athens (their own website, not some cruising website that aggregates data) show
  18. From what I've read, the ships need to go to sea every so often to do "marine functions". One I've seen mentioned is desalinating sea water for use onboard requires the ship to be underway.
  19. I'm not sure the why is important or even the where - it was just another data point to say that walking in from the street is allowed as the OP was concerned that they might be required to be in some sort of vehicle to enter the cruise port. The rest of your rant is not worthy of a response except I'll point out that the Silver Line buses run on the Harbor Freeway, not on city streets, through the areas you think are so bad.
  20. Last cruise out of San Pedro, I took the Silver Line bus to the Harbor/Beacon Park and Ride Stop (right across Harbor Blvd. and Beacon St. from the cruise terminal parking lot) and walked the rest (about 1/4 mile). Looking at the line of cars trying to get into the cruise terminal parking lot, it was a very good decision (two ships totaling 5,500 passengers boarding that day).
  21. And earlier I had said: And who was the Captain on that "one of the best" I mentioned in what I quoted? Captain McBain! As someone else said, a good captain can set the tone for the rest of the senior officers as the captain does have daily meetings with the other senior officers.
  22. When the captain and other senior officers are visible during the cruise, service tends to be very good. When they're largely invisible, service suffers as the crew knows no one above them is paying much attention. My two worst cruise had largely invisible senior officers and Maitre D' who was only seen for his ceremonial jobs such as the champagne waterfall; one of the best had a Maitre D' who seemed to be everywhere (was pleasantly surprised to find him and the executive chef up in the buffet one morning just keeping an eye on things). And having the hotel manager just sit in a bar for 30 mi
  23. Not PVSA but the Coast Guard usually inspects a ship when it returns to U.S. waters after extended time away and that's probably a lot easier to do at San Pedro on (or before in this case since they could bring it there early) a turnaround day that during the port call at Ketchikan, the first U.S. port it will see after departing Vancouver.
  24. No. The schedule was always alternating 7-night Vancouver to Whittier and Whittier to Vancouver that could ALSO be booked as a 14-night round-trip out of Vancouver. They've cancelled the ability to book two B2B 7-nights as a 14-night but the ship's schedule has not changed, as far as I can tell, at all. Many actual ship itineraries are, in normal circumstances, available to book as a number of different cruises as marketed. One of the most complex is the normal summer Med itineraries where the ship rotates through three 7-night itineraries from Rome to Athens to Barcelona to Rome.
  25. Not quite. The subsequent Alaska cruises they cancelled are the 14-night B2Bs. The 7-night Vancouver to Whittier and Whittier to Vancouver cruises are not listed as cancelled.
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