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  1. Not PVSA but the Coast Guard usually inspects a ship when it returns to U.S. waters after extended time away and that's probably a lot easier to do at San Pedro on (or before in this case since they could bring it there early) a turnaround day that during the port call at Ketchikan, the first U.S. port it will see after departing Vancouver.
  2. No. The schedule was always alternating 7-night Vancouver to Whittier and Whittier to Vancouver that could ALSO be booked as a 14-night round-trip out of Vancouver. They've cancelled the ability to book two B2B 7-nights as a 14-night but the ship's schedule has not changed, as far as I can tell, at all. Many actual ship itineraries are, in normal circumstances, available to book as a number of different cruises as marketed. One of the most complex is the normal summer Med itineraries where the ship rotates through three 7-night itineraries from Rome to Athens to Barcelona to Rome.
  3. Not quite. The subsequent Alaska cruises they cancelled are the 14-night B2Bs. The 7-night Vancouver to Whittier and Whittier to Vancouver cruises are not listed as cancelled.
  4. Except for the lack of voice calling capability, an iPad is just a very large iPhone. The only difference you should see is that some apps and websites will detect that they are on an iPad with a larger screen and display things differently.
  5. It's only about five minutes from the airport to the Princess Lodge in Fairbanks. Also, despite what they say, various reports and our first-hand experience in 2018 is even if you haven't paid for the transfer, they'll still put you on the Princess bus. Nobody at the airport was checking to see if we paid for it and when we picked up our "welcome envelope" (which will be at the airport whether you have paid transfers or not), we were then directed to the bus. Plus, I believe the Lodge advertises a free shuttle for guests staying there not part of a Cruisetour so the paid transfer really isn't
  6. I wondered that and asked! They wanted the ship on local time to avoid any confusion with the local port officials and canal pilots. I asked this of one of the bridge officers (watch-standers) who work a 4 on / 8 off schedule. This was on Coral Princess which had just come from Alaska. I had incorrectly assumed that in Alaska the watch-standers stayed on Alaska time as Vancouver was the only port different from the other ports but he said they changed with the rest of the ship every cruise. The change for them is done by adding or removing 20 minutes to a watch making one 11 hour p
  7. I've never had a Princess ship not switch to local port time, even if it meant lots of changes. On a Pacific partial Panama Canal cruise last fall, after leaving Los Angeles, it was ahead two hours for two Mexican ports, then back an hour for a Guatemalan port, then ahead an hour for Panama (even though we didn't dock or tender there), then back an hour for Costa Rica and Nicaragua, then ahead an hour for another Mexican port, then back two hours for the return to Los Angeles.
  8. Interesting way of doing it. Thanks for the clarification.
  9. A ship's tonnage is not its weight. It's a measure of it's cargo-carrying capacity. From Wikipedia: Tonnage is a measure of the cargo-carrying capacity of a ship. The term derives from the taxation paid on tuns or casks of wine. In modern maritime usage, "tonnage" specifically refers to a calculation of the volume or cargo volume of a ship. Tonnage should not be confused with displacement, which refers to the actual weight of the vessel. Tonnage is commonly used to assess fees on commercial shipping. I have never seen displacement stats published for any Princess ship but some furt
  10. I'd assume if they reduce the fleet, the biggest opportunity will be in the Grand-class ships. Grand as the oldest would make it a target. From reading some of the other notes, some people think it will just be the oldest ships but I'm hoping Princess has more sense than that and knows that long-term, there are markets that will require smaller ships even though they might be older. They need to keep something Panamax or smaller to go through the old Panama Canal locks - I personally would put Coral Princess at the top of the list of smaller ships to retain. I can't see Sun Princes
  11. Makes no sense at all. The market is always pricing in all known information. If bad news was expected Monday, it would already by priced in. CCL is expected to report earnings for the latest quarter soon (not sure of the date). Earnings will be bad but if better than expected, price will probably rise as the bad new is already priced in. If worse than expected, than it should go down more.
  12. They don't. As I posted much earlier in the topic, when you hold the stock in your brokerage account (known as holding it in "street name" (street meaning Wall Street)), the brokerage is shown on the company's books as the owner. When a dividend is paid, the company sends it to the brokerage who then has the responsibility to send it on to the beneficial owner (that's you). Likewise when there's an annual report, notice of annual meeting, etc. to be distributed, the company sends them to the owner of record (the brokerage) and they then send them on to you. Most of that stuff is electronic the
  13. Since you, gmjc2, are in the U.S, when you hold the shares in a brokerage account ("street name" in Wall St. jargon), on the records of the company (e.g. Carnival), the brokerage is the owner. You are the beneficial owner by virtue of the brokerage holding the shares in your account for you (the only way to be the legal owner on the company's books is to have a certificate issued and these days, almost nobody does that as most brokerages charge to have a certificate issued). So in the end, it a copy of your brokerage statement that is the proof that you are the beneficial owner of the shares.
  14. You are confusing two different products with different names. Economy Plus is coach seats with a few inches of additional leg room but otherwise the same seat. Premium Economy is an enhanced product with a better seat and better service that is only available on select planes that up until the COVID-19 crisis were only flown on select intercontinental routes. In many respects, Premium Economy is what Business Class was when the forward cabin was called First Class. But now that just about every airline has renamed the forward cabin Business Class, a new name was needed for the middle cabin pr
  15. Thanks. I've sailed on Coral Princess under both Captain Balana and Captain McBain and both are good men.
  16. Is Todd McBain currently captain on Coral Princess?
  17. Following up myself, or, it just might be a service stop (fuel an/or supplies). A likely course from the eastern tip of Brazil to Ft. Lauderdale includes passing just north of Barbuda. Doing so via Barbados adds less than 50 miles to approximately 2,400 miles from the eastern tip of Brazil to Barbuda.
  18. MarineTraffic.com is showing Coral's destination as Bridgetown, Barbados on Mar 30 (Coral's bridge cam just says "At Sea"). Has anything been said onboard about Bridgetown? I wonder if they're working on a plan to take the European passengers off there. I can remember many years ago Princess had an Eastern Caribbean itinerary that embarked North American passengers in Ft. Lauderdale but European passengers in Bridgetown and Barbados is part of the British Commonwealth so it may be an easier port to use for repatriating the UK citizens (and possibly other Europeans) on the ship.
  19. My guess is they just picked a date far in the future, it being easier to issue new cards to cover that period than try to program the onboard systems (and in particular the cabin door locks) to honor expired cards (the old cards would probably not work to open cabin doors after their listed end date). I doubt there’s anything firm about 4/11 but doing so keeps things working for passengers.
  20. ED is definitely superior. ED is uniformed and wears 3-1/2 stripes (I believe) while the CD, although not in an officer's uniform is only a 3 stripe position (I may be incorrect about the number of stripes the ED wears but CD is definitely half a stripe less than the ED). ED is responsible for all entertainment department activities while the CD is second in command of entertainment and is generally the public face of the entertainment department. But they work closely together with the ED doing much of the behind the scenes work while the CD is out in public. But when needed, either will do w
  21. I’m always surprised by people who think the crew will be in a “bad mood” as if they’re all going home as soon as the season (Alaska in this case) is over. The ship will be going elsewhere and most of the crew will still be with it. Crew members join and leave the ship at practically every port and while there will be some who will be going home after that cruise, there will be others who just joined the ship. Constant turnover of the crew keeps experience level high so you’re never on a cruise where the entire crew is new to the ship (maiden voyages obviously excepted).
  22. No. Princess has cruise tours that start (SB) or end (NB) in both Fairbanks and Anchorage but no matter which you start or end in, they go to Denali. You can go Anchorage - Denali - ship or Fairbanks - Denali - ship with other stops also available depending on the length of tour. But the key part is you do not need start or end in Fairbanks to include Denali in the tour. Also going through Anchorage airport or through Anchorage on the train does not provide any opportunity to see Anchorage beyond what you see out the window. If you want to explore Anchorage, pick a tour that start or ends ther
  23. I hope you realize that neither Princess nor anyone else other than the Park Service's concessionaire operate tours inside Denali Park. Whether you book the Kantishna Experience tour via Princess, some other outside vendor, or directly with the Park Service's concessionaire, you end on the same one or two buses that run that tour each day. The only difference would be any transportation the tour vendor provides between your lodging and tour bus terminal near the park Visitor's Center. When we did a cruisetour in 2018, we upgraded from the TWT to the Kantishna tour with Princess. I'm curious wh
  24. I’m assuming you’re on the Transatlantic cruise starting in Ft. Lauderdale as that is the only cruise on Sky Princess that would allow disembarkation in St. Petersburg without having embarked in St. Petersburg (other than the beginning and end of season TA cruises, the Baltic cruises on Sky Princess are all sold only as closed loop cruises). The TA is also sold as ending in Copenhagen (both with and without a full Baltic itinerary) and in Warnemunde or Rostock (for Berlin). Would switching to the Warnemunde / Rostock version of the cruise be option? Same cruise except it ends three days earlie
  25. From my experience, the overnight cruiseferries are like a small cruise ship. A few years back, we did so in the Baltic ending the land part of our trip in Oslo, taking the cruiseferry to Copenhagen, and boarding a Princess ship there. Only difference from a regular cruise was meals were not included and no luggage handling (most people just have overnight bags, particularly if their car is down on one of the vehicle decks - we had no issue with wheeling our large cruise suitcases on and off - just waited a few minutes for disembarkation crowds to thin out).
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