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  1. Alaska in the summer is cooler than the lower 48 but it is not cold (at least by my definition). Average highs in Juneau in the summer are in the lower 60s with overnight lows in the lower 50s. There seems to be a misconception by some that Alaska is frigid year-round.
  2. I suspect one reason people are seeing different things is because of the different promotions and add-ons. We're booked under Cyber (did not include gratuities) and have added the BEST2DG add-on. Travel Summary Special Services shows gratuities included but Personalizer Payments tab does not show them paid. My guess if you booked under a promotion that includes gratuities (e.g. BSE or 3F3), then the Payments tab shows them as paid. If you booked a promotion that does not include gratuities and added them via BEST3 or BEST2DG, then the Payments tab does not show them as paid but th
  3. As the OP's cruise is in Victoria the next day, the late departure may be due to the short distance to be sailed. Since that entire distance is in the Vancouver/Victoria pilotage area and the ship would need a pilot the entire time, it may be that the late departure is needed so that it can be piloted by a single pilot (note that the cruise is allowed eight hours from Vancouver to Victoria. A few years back, we were on a TA out of Copenhagen. Princess sold the TA from various embarkation ports so Copenhagen was merely a port of call for some of the passengers. Despite the 10pm dep
  4. How late things go depends on the passengers, not the ship. Things shut down when the passengers aren't there. Also, 9 to 10pm is ridiculously early considering that depending on the traditional dinner times, the late Princess Theater show will start sometime between 9:30pm and 10:00pm. I think I can reliably say there will be things open until at least midnight. Years ago, I was on a sister ship to Sun Princess and there was a nightclub. I can't imagine there isn't one today.
  5. And now it's fixed, price as expected. and no extra "Wi-Fi Package" on the summary.
  6. Not anymore. Several years ago, the tunnel (there's just one) was converted to joint rail-highway use. As it's only a single lane wide, traffic is only open in each direction of 15 minutes of each hour - from Whittier from :00 to :15 and to Whittier from :30 to:45 with the other 30 minutes reserved for rail traffic and operational needs (on Princess cruise days, there are at least 8 scheduled trains (4 Alaska RR and 4 Princess charters) plus deadhead moves involving the Princess charters plus freight traffic). There is no more loading road vehicles on to flatcars to go through the tunnel.
  7. Yep. Just talked to the TA and it's wrong. They apparently had to call Princess so it sounds like Princess got it wrong. And when I double-checked my math, they had added $40pp/day instead of $30pp/day. They'll fix it.
  8. Hmmm. We are booked with the Cyber promotion (4-device Internet, 2 bottles of wine, specialty dining, and OBC) and asked my TA to add BEST2DG (beverages and gratuities). But now I'm seeing Internet duplicated with both the 4-device package from Cyber and 2 "Wi-Fi Package" that would appear to be as if BEST3 was added. I have not received confirmation back the TA - I just happened to see this is on the Personalizer (Travel Summary) but TA was aware that I was expecting $30pp/day ($900 for our 15-night cruise) so shouldn't have added something that costs more. As all the Cyber promotion items ar
  9. That confirms the $25pp/day for the short-lived and now gone again (unless it came back) for Internet and gratuities. So I'll say again, most people can get those for less than $25pp/day just by paying the regular rate for them. For it to make sense, you need some combination of being in suite or mini-suite, not Platinum or Elite, and being on a cruise under 7 nights. If you're Platinum or Elite, you will not pay more than $7.50 per day for unlimited Internet if you use the embarkation day special for a 7-night or longer cruise. No matter what your cabin category, combining that wi
  10. The big advantage of the add-ons is the discounted price for the beverage package. If you have Sip & Sail, an add-on for Internet and gratuities, particularly if it were to be $25pp/day as I believe someone briefly saw, would likely cost you more. Gratuities are $14.50 to $16.50 pp/day and Internet, for cruises 7 days or longer on MedallionNet ships, will not cost more than $10/day or $7.50/day if Platinum or Elite. So for most people, that will come to less than $25pp/day.
  11. You likely know this but the reason your second option hits ports twice is it actually two seven-night cruises back-to-back. Most of the passengers will change at Whittier. But if you're going to go all the way to Whittier (for Anchorage), you really should think about doing a cruise tour and seeing the interior. If you really want 14 days at sea and have three weeks available, think about doing a northbound cruise, followed immediately by a 14-night cruise tour that puts you on a different Princess ship for the return. You can also spend a night or two on your own to match up with
  12. With more research, it appears to not be showing up for ALL Ruby Princess cruises in 2021 that are open for sale even though they're all on the list at https://book.princess.com/pdf/onesource/pc/sales_marketing/PC_BestSaleEver2020OSVoyageList.pdf
  13. It looks like not all cruises that should have Best Sale Ever pricing have them yet. We're booked on the 1/17/21 Ruby Princess Hawaii cruise out of San Francisco and it is not showing BSE pricing even though it's on the list of BSE cruises.
  14. My guess is the OP booked under a promotion that includes "free upgrade". Based on some past posts, some people think that means you'll receive the "free upgrade" later. It doesn't. It's what steelers36 said in the last paragraph. Pay the xF rate and get an xB (usually xA rooms are excluded as are premium rooms (those with numbers rather than letters as the second character)). So all IB to IF are the same price as are OB to OF, BB to BF, and DB to DF. And, from what I've seen, all obstructed of a given type (oceanview obstructed on most ships, balcony and deluxe balcony on Royal-class ships) a
  15. Of course they're trying to get you to spend more. They're always trying to get you to increase onboard spending. It's up to the customer to determine if the package is worth it. For many, internet and gratuities are fixed amounts they are going to spend anyway. For us on our next cruise, we already have Internet included so we would add the gratuities and PBP for $30pp/day. Since we already know we will spend $14.50pp/day on gratuities, that means the cost to us of the PBP is $15.50pp/day. Will we spend that much if we're paying by the drink? Actually, probably not but if we have
  16. But the beverage package is not $25 pp pd. What's being offered for $25 pp pd is Beverages plus Internet. The $30 pp pd with gratuities does not have Internet. All three are $40 pp pd. It's pretty easy to reverse engineer the pricing into its components: Internet: $10 pp pd Gratuities: $15 pp pd Beverages: $15 pp pd Those amounts will sum to the three add-ons they're offering. The only real surprise is that they're essentially offering the beverage package for $15 pp pd provided you also buy one of the other amenities.
  17. Where are you getting $5 pp pd for gratuities? The add-on options are $25 pp pd for beverages and Internet, $30 for beverages and gratuities, and $40 for all three. Notice the $15 difference to add gratuities to the beverage and Internet add-on.
  18. From my one recent experience, any pre-payments you make for excursions ends up acting as the purchase of refundable OBC. On your ship's account, you'll find both the charge for the excursions and a credit for the pre-payment but if you have additional non-refundable OBC obtained since the excursion payment, you'll find the excursions covered by that leaving you with a refundable balance. At least that's what I believe happened. If so, no need to cancel and rebook to get additional non-refundable OBC applied to already purchased excursions.
  19. Given the way I'm understanding it, you don't need to be big drinkers to make it worthwhile. For us, we'd be looking at $30 p/p p/d adding gratuities and beverages. Since gratuities are currently $14.50 p/p p/d, between the two of us, we only need to spend $31 per day combined to make it worthwhile. While we could keep our beverage spending under $31 per day (only one of us drinks alcohol), I'd still do this because there are things I could try and because it essentially makes those extra drinks we're not currently buying worth it. Our spending on our most recent cruise puts us well within one
  20. As I’m reading it, come Dec. 11, there will be two things you can do: 1) Book or refare under Best Sale Ever (at prices that we have yet to see) which includes PBP, Gratuities, and Internet. 2) Add on to an existing booking using one the three add-ones: - PBP and Internet for $25 pp per day - PBP and gratuities for $30 pp per day - PBP, gratuities, and Internet for $40 pp per day If you do an add-on, you retain the fare and any other promotional amenities that are included with it such as OBC, upgrades, as well as one or more of the Best Sale Ever amenities.
  21. The PBP included with Best Sale Ever (as with Sip 'n' Sail) includes gratuities (Princess is valuing it at $70.79 per day which is the PBP price of $59.99 per day plus 18% gratuity).
  22. See post 18 above. It's in the "Retro Guidelines" document.
  23. As I'm reading it, you are reading it correctly.
  24. Almost true as I'm reading it. It appears Princess is also offering add-ons that can be used with previous promos to make them the same as Best Sale Ever. $25 per person per day (pp pd) adds the beverage package and Internet (if you already have gratuities), $30 pp pd adds the beverage package and gratuities (if you already have Internet), and $40 pp pd adds all three (if you have none of them). We're currently booked for Jan 2021 using Cyber so will strongly be thinking of doing the $30 pp pd add-on as $14.50 of it is taken up by gratuities alone meaning the beverage package ends
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