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  1. Yes. It is very easy to switch between devices. When you try to log on with a device, if another is logged in, it will tell you and ask if you want to disconnect it. Just go ahead and it switches - no need to log off the other device first. It works the same if you have the four device package but I did not see anyway to tell it what device to log off - I guess it picks one at random. On my last cruise, my wife and I shared a four-device package and on the rare occasion I needed to log on with a fifth device (one of the computers in the Internet Cafe so that I could print something
  2. Technically, yes. However, my experience on Coral Princess last month was that once my iPhone was on-line, even if then disconnected, it stayed known to the system and Wi-Fi calls, text messages, and alerts (from iOS apps) still came through for quite a while. At one point I switched to my computer and was shocked to receive a call even though the phone was disconnected from the ship's Internet. I only switched to the computer long enough to do whatever I needed to do on the computer and then reconnected the phone so I have no idea how long this state might have lasted. Also note that I did no
  3. Calls via Wi-Fi calling are completely transparent to both you and the party you're calling or is calling you. They don't know it's a Wi-Fi call other there will be a slight satellite delay when doing it from on the ship. Text messages can be sent/received as well as they use the Wi-Fi calling route as well (think of Wi-Fi Calling as being "cellular via Wi-Fi" - anything that can happen via a normal cell connection can be done via Wi-Fi calling). When connected to the ship's cellular tower, not answering does not assure you of no charges. If the caller leaves you a voicemail messag
  4. It was the OP (lhsail) that said "no seat on the seat map" to which I can only say, don't worry about it. As I said above, not all seats are available for advance assignment or are held for elite frequent flyers or are only available for a charge. You really should not worry about having an advance seat assignment (particularly for flights on non-U.S. carriers who are not as open about advance seat assignments as U.S. carriers - and keep in mind that 30 or 40 years ago, there was no such thing as advance seat assignments; all assignments were made at the airport). As I said above, think of it
  5. From what I've read, Fun 21 is not that bad a game. However, Fun 21 strategy is different from regular 21. You'll get fewer blackjacks (due to the fewer 10s) and you need to hit 12s and 13s more than you would in regular 21 (due to less likely to bust). Play Fun 21 with regular BJ strategy and you are sure to lose.
  6. All Patters and menus from this cruise are now posted. If you see any issues as you browse, please let me know.
  7. Not sure if you're saying it can't be booked at all or if you're saying the seat map shows no seats available. If the latter, don't worry - not all seats are available for advance assignment or some are held for higher fares and/or elite frequent flyers. In that case, think of it as like booking a guaranteed cabin on the cruise itself. There will be a seat for you but you don't know where. BTW, it's Qantas (Queensland And Northern Territory Air Service), not Quantas.
  8. Yes, all of Hawaii is in the same time zone (GMT-10 year-round).
  9. I've started posting the Princess Patters and dinner menus from the 9/29/19 Panama Canal Pacific Adventure to my personal website: http://www.stonejongleux.com/. They're near the top of the page (father below you'll find them for our other cruises since 2016). Hoping to do a few each day but with another cruise coming up later this week, what's not up by Wednesday will have to wait until mid-November.
  10. In winter, there is only a two hour difference between Hawaii and Los Angeles. Hawaii observes standard time year-round so it's a three-hour difference in summer but only a two-hour difference in winter. While I can't say exactly which nights it will be, with only two hours to change and four or five sea days each way, I would not expect the changes to be on consecutive nights and not to be the night before a port call. You will not have a two-hour change in one night. I am just off Coral's Pacific Panama Canal trip and with eight changes (Mexico and Panama are on what
  11. PRINCESS CRUISES CAPTAINS LIST: as of 10/26/2019 Dates include specific sailing dates or end dates unless not specifically deduced. CHANGES SUMMARY: Coral Princess SHIP CAPTAIN Caribbean Princess Coral Princess Dariusz Balana (as of 10/18/2019); Todd McBain left 10/18/2019 and returns sometime before the last cruise visiting Antarctica this winter Crown Princess Domenico Lubrano Lavadera (as of 10/18/2019 until at least 2/2020) Diamond Princess Gennaro Arma (a
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