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  1. Thank you Sid looking forward to your adventure!
  2. Yes the cruise I've been pricing to Bermuda is same price it's been for months but now its $108.50 cheaper!!!
  3. I would like a grass clippings, only found on the lovely escape. It's kind of a classic margarita with added shredded cucumber and cilantro, yummy
  4. The band siglo is great, I adored blue man group when it was on epic, and any ship with howl at the moon. We were privileged twice to go to howl at moon on last night of cruise when some of the main stage entertainers decided to entertain. Oh plus cruise director Tyler on Escape was so fun
  5. My favorite is the epic, I know weird, but I love the extra space at h2o. DH favorite is Escape, and we loved the observation lounge i on bliss.
  6. Thank you for all the great memories, the escape is a great ship. We have been on her three times, and Tyler the cruise director, I personally adored he wasn't to everyone's taste, I guess but to me I thought he was hilarious.
  7. When I rescheduled my cruise last week when the memorial sal was on it clearly stated 2 meals on the 5 to 7 days, it's not like it was hidden and the agent also said it when I booked. They changed their free at sea program for the meals mid April
  8. Bidding on a upgrade questions and why when I bid the minimum on a sold out Xmas cruise and not get the upgrade and they are shocked they didn't get the upgrade
  9. Mine showed up today, was supposed to get off the Encore two days ago.
  10. I've read I believe others being able to use the 25% FCC on prepaying the $15.50 per day, I would call back, play innocent about trying unsuccessfully to use your 25ffc and see if you can use them for that. It's my experience that sometimes with a different agent you get a different result. Good luck
  11. I love cruising and ncl, never had a bad cruise of 19 cruises and will go again once things get better
  12. I miss cruising too. I always used to go to this site daily, sometimes just to follow live reviews, upgrade trends, menus new entertainment etc. and have received some excellent tips over the years on what to do, not do pack etc. I love cruising and when it’s safe I will go back!!
  13. Lil angels and Tracy fits, suggest going to your ncl account and seeing if you have a new cabin assignment yet, what has happened to me a couple times is I received the email that I was upgraded, but never received another email with cabin assignment, but going to ncl account yep had my new cabin no problem and credit card was charged, this happened to me two out of four of my awarded upgrades, enjoy your trips but be safe!
  14. I'm on the encore in may, balcony BA category booked, haven minimum bids for lower have categories start at minimum of 400 per person, all the way up to minimum bid on owners suite is 2000. Keep in mind though each sailing date is different it's all supply and demand very simple math really, of course minimum bids hardly ever win but if this corona issue keeps up that could change for this spring early summer sailings
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