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  1. Good memories of cruising, my first cruise as a teenager was costa and Carla c, second cruise as a teenager was early 80's on ncl southward, we had a inside cabin, it was so tiny the double bed was from one wall to the other, then my bunk bed was above it. What fun, us teenagers slept outside all night by the pool one night, don't think that happens anymore, now they pack up the deck chairs every night and their Are curfews, what fun we had!
  2. Patience is the name of the bidding game, I just checked availability and, SF 1 available, SG 2 available and S1 3 available. Its now the weekend so it's very rare that upgrade advantage works on weekends. good luck next week!
  3. Me neither but I try and look at it from a business $$$$ point of view, their are so many variables on each sailing to consider, plus I’m sure they have the data mining now that shows often people up their bid close to sailing, so I think that might even play into the complicated variables. thats why I track my sailings very closely on supply/demand not just my category but all categories because they all can have effect on receiving not receiving upgrade. of all my upgrades that I have won, the one we’re I started lowering my bid about two weeks before sailing when I realized ship was not full was my best deal. Probably won’t happen again, it was right after the 2017 hurricanes on the escape and our itinerary was completely changed, at one point I had my bid from ocean view to mini suite at 225, but I daily lowered it when I saw so much inventory and I received my upgrade 5 days before sailing for 140. I was very happy with that deal. Good luck and be patient no matter what you’ll be on vacation
  4. Normal majority of bids awarded 3 to 5 business days prior to sailing, yes some earlier but normal for your situation is still 7 days or more away good luck!
  5. As far as the adult beverage package no bottled water is not included in the package nor are their free bottles sitting around haven lounge/bar
  6. Oops just noticed your in a mini suite not balcony, still same applies in that they wait until week before to maximize profits
  7. 1st question, normally havens are not assigned upgraded, until 5 days give or take prior to sailing, it’s in the cruise lines best interst financially and it’s ver doubtful that all balconies sell out, the norm is they are one of the last to sell out, only time I have seen a early upgraded it’s usually someone didn’t do their homework and bid more than the going rate for haven, again this is the norm, each sailing is different. question 2, no you can’t rebid again because you don’t get your rejection notice until 48 hours or less prior to sailing question 3, if you have prepaid gratuities at balcony rate no you don’t have to pay the extra difference question 4, suggest looking at some of the various tipping threads for price suggestions
  8. Loving your review as always, really look forward to the harvest care part, will be our first time there in nov on breakaway. Take care of that ankle and do what the doctors say.
  9. Thank you for taking the time, great information a Baltic cruise is high on our bucket list
  10. Do you mind sharing the cost of your winning bid and what category were you originally booked in please?
  11. Everyone that gets the opportunity to bid has a chance. Myself I've won all four of my bids at 5, 4, 3 and exactly 48 hours out. My last one on Escape at 80 days out I could see inventory At The amount of 342 balcony cabins, didn't win that bid until 48 hours before sailing, my most expensive bid at 195 to go from ocean view to balcony. Good luck , be patient and remember it's all about supply and demand and no matter where your cabin is your on vacation so have a awesome trip
  12. One suggestion for complimentary food on Dawn. They have a free Asian restaurant but it's reservations only so suggest if you like Asian food get a reservation first day to just break up the mdr days
  13. If you like your assignment you can cancel your bid, otherwise your bid will be denied or approved but up to 48 hour mark, denial won't come until approximately 2 days prior
  14. You might get the email if the my ncl account is associated with your email but you would just forward the email on to them so they could use the link to bid on whatever amounts they want and then it also requires you to enter all your credit card information because if you win the bid it automatically charges the credit card. Alternatively each couple can just go to the my ncl account when bidding becomes available and from their once signed in just click on the let’s get you upgraded banner and from their it would take them to the upgrade advantage website. Let’s get you upgrade banner normally comes available 80 days or less before sailing. Good luck on your bid
  15. Were you in balcony or mini suite? Because that does mean a difference in upgrade price.
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