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  1. Thank you again for spending time out of your vacation to show us around enjoy the rest of your cruise.
  2. Sid, Enjoying your review so far, and looking forward to seeing all the ship photos, food po2rn and hopefully amazing cocktails Enjoy!!!
  3. Sid, Looking forward to another great review. Really curious to see their food venues and options. Enjoy
  4. Long time lurker, 21 cruises under our belt, but no Celebrity and I so enjoy your writing style and pictures thank you for taking us along on your latest journey.
  5. Great review, I’m primarily a NCL cruiser since I like the big ships with lots of variety so I think I’m going to add the Marci Gras to my to do list of cruises, she looks like lots of fun and options. Thanks again for taking us along.
  6. Glad your having a good time, ship looks lovely. Only thing I’ve seen weird is those tables in punchlines look just like a giant prescription pill bottle in some angles, just weird. Enjoy your fun day at sea.
  7. Thank you again for taking us along on your adventure, genuinely appreciate all the info.
  8. Thank you for taking time from your vacation to do this live review. Really looking forward to it!
  9. Thank you for another amazing review, enjoy your last evening at the resort.
  10. Food Republic pork belly dumplings are amazing. the steak in le bistro with the pepper sauce is great and modern to the simple but amazing pineapple warm on a stick with brown sugar so simple but so good
  11. Thank you for taking time out of your vacation to provide us this information. I actually shed a tear when I saw your first picture onboard. It’s so nice to be virtually back on board again.
  12. Jamie, thanks for the info about these added sailings. Just so happens we were booked on one of our many canceled sailings now when the Ncl Joy was still scheduled out of New York for Sep and early Oct to Bermuda. As we know that was canceled, and I have been loosely keeping an eye on the end of Oct sailings on the Breakaway but oh boy I’m tempted to book that same week I originally wanted in early October. We shall see, I just want to see one cruise successfully sail from the US first
  13. Thank you for sharing your story. I truly appreciate it, I so miss having a cruise to look forward to but until we see a few actually sail, I just won’t even book another one. Too many canceled cruises already under my belt. Here is hopping the Scarlet Lady cruise in September actually sails. Cheers!!
  14. So weird to see this as a ghost town, how all the locals are surviving what a shame. Enjoying your trip as always have fun this afternoon on your bar hop.
  15. Thank you for taking all that time to do a great and thorough review of Planet Hollywood. We did one all inclusive a long time ago but are rethinking it with cruising continuing to be paused. Have a safe trip home.
  16. Thank you so much for doing a live review. Have a great vacation
  17. Thank you Sid looking forward to your adventure!
  18. Yes the cruise I've been pricing to Bermuda is same price it's been for months but now its $108.50 cheaper!!!
  19. I would like a grass clippings, only found on the lovely escape. It's kind of a classic margarita with added shredded cucumber and cilantro, yummy
  20. The band siglo is great, I adored blue man group when it was on epic, and any ship with howl at the moon. We were privileged twice to go to howl at moon on last night of cruise when some of the main stage entertainers decided to entertain. Oh plus cruise director Tyler on Escape was so fun
  21. My favorite is the epic, I know weird, but I love the extra space at h2o. DH favorite is Escape, and we loved the observation lounge i on bliss.
  22. Thank you for all the great memories, the escape is a great ship. We have been on her three times, and Tyler the cruise director, I personally adored he wasn't to everyone's taste, I guess but to me I thought he was hilarious.
  23. When I rescheduled my cruise last week when the memorial sal was on it clearly stated 2 meals on the 5 to 7 days, it's not like it was hidden and the agent also said it when I booked. They changed their free at sea program for the meals mid April
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