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  1. I was on the 14 day part of this cruise (Copenhagen to Copenhagen) and I love reliving the parts that we also went to. We had a private tour in Akureyri also and thankfully got away before the buses. We were able to see the rainbow in the waterfall and passed the masses as we were walking back down. Dewan was our cabin steward and he was wonderful! Thank you for sharing your pictures!

  2. I’m interested in hearing more. We have a 10:40am flight out of CPH and figured if we walk off with our luggage in the first group, we can catch a cab to the airport. We are also flying business class and hoping that will expedite us through check-in and security. We fly through Canada to get to the U.S.

  3. We are also coming in on the Zuiderdam and have a 10:40 flight on Air Canada to Toronto. I’m wondering if we used some sort of luggage direct service if that would save time at the airport. We are flying business class - will that help us get through an expedited security line like it does in the U.S.?

  4. The roll call for my cruise next summer has been very helpful. I think there are 4 groups of us staying at the same hotel - we're all coming in 2-4 days early since it’s leaving internationallly. It will be nice to be able to meet up before the cruise and possibly share a ride to the terminal.

  5. We booked business class (my first time so I’m excited) and the tickets were half of what I found through United directly. We can’t choose our seats on the Belgium-Copenhagen flight since that’s through a different airline.

  6. I’ve booked my flight through Flight Ease because of the incredible price and route. When I talked to someone at HAL he explained that they received great rates due to the reciprocal relationship they have with the airlines. The rates could change as well as the flights (which could change if you booked on your own) but typically they don’t. If the prices changed for people they wouldn’t use Flight Ease. I was able to link my airline mileage account to my reservations and picked my seats upon booking. If I need to cancel before I make payment I don’t lose anything.

  7. We will be cruising out of Copenhagen next June and I’m wondering about places to stay. Will probably do two nights per cruise and one night post cruise. Probably won’t be using public trains/bus for getting to and from airport and port terminal but don’t mind using them to explore the sights. Any hotel/area recommendations?

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