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  1. pisces14

    Queens Grill Initial Thoughts

    Still worth having as is the Dover sole, Crepe suzette, and Baked Alaska mmm!
  2. We've always cruised with P&O in a suite but really never felt we were getting our monies worth. All you really get is a larger cabin and a butler. This year we tried the Queen's grill on Cunard for the first time. We found the attitude of both the passengers and the staff far better than on P&O. Of course the food and service in the Queen's grill was way above anything we've experienced on P&O even in the speciality restaurants.Yes the price was double the amount we would have paid on P&O but at least we felt we were getting value for the money paid. While £9000 isn't to be sneezed at I only hope you won't be too disappointed.
  3. pisces14

    Service charge ending!

    I remember that you as well as myself and others spoke to Guest Relations. So perhaps we did make a difference. I like to think so.:)
  4. pisces14

    Service charge ending!

    I wondered that as we are booked before next May too. We'll leave the auto-tips on as usual but we may well be in the minority.
  5. pisces14

    Suite/Frequent Cruiser Perks

    Exactly. Or they could offer free wi-fi or free laundry. I don't think that's asking too much. I'm sure they must be losing customers to other companies who do offer a little extra perk.
  6. pisces14

    Suite/Frequent Cruiser Perks

    Well at least someone agrees with me.;) I have been looking at the Celebrity ships since I saw your comments. I do like the sound of a hot tub.:DWho knows maybe in the future. The Aurora is our favourite ship too.
  7. pisces14

    Suite/Frequent Cruiser Perks

    It depends on what you consider value for money.
  8. pisces14

    Suite/Frequent Cruiser Perks

    On P&O. My point is on other cruiselines you pay more and get more than that.
  9. pisces14

    Suite/Frequent Cruiser Perks

    Although Celebrity may be a little more expensive from what you've said they certainly give quite a few perks to suite passengers. The only problem I have with Celebrity is that I prefer a smaller ship. I'm not saying P&O should give the same amount of perks just something extra. I like P&O for the itineraries but they should realise that not everyone is simply looking for a cheap deal. P&O offer nothing to suite passengers regardless of how much they pay. We have done world cruises in the Penthouse suite on the Aurora paying £17000 more that the other suites. The last one it was £20,000 more. Can people really say that the fact we had more space was worth £20,000 more. I think other cruise lines seem to deliver better value for the money paid.
  10. pisces14

    Excursion Confirmation

    If you have a butler, he will give you your excursion tickets if not I would assume they will be given to you by your cabin steward. We've never printed our emails so I wouldn't bother if I were you.
  11. pisces14

    Packing Tips

    I lost a half stone on a world cruise, in spite of having a 3 course meal every evening. At home I never eat desserts so I agree how do people put so much weight on when they are on a cruise?
  12. We are cruising with Cunard for the first time this year having only ever been with P&O. I booked it over 18 months ago. I decided to upgrade to a different suite and worked out how much extra it would be from the price showing currently on their website. Like you I was surprised that it was going to cost so much more and was told that I had to pay the price it had been when I first booked which was higher than the price now showing. I did pay it and also the £100 charge. I'm not new to cruising but new to Cunard so like you I've learned a lesson for next time.
  13. pisces14

    Suite/Frequent Cruiser Perks

    Thank you for that information. I think that's the point I'm trying to make. Unfortunately people don't seem to understand quite what I'm getting at. Apart from P&O other companies offer a little extra to their suite passengers. I believe Celebrity offer varying amounts of loyalty points depending on the cabin you book. Why do P&O offer nothing.
  14. pisces14

    Suite/Frequent Cruiser Perks

    Absolutely. Horses for courses. If P&O suits you and others that's fine. For the record I've actually never had any complaint about the service I've received while on a cruise and I've only ever booked a suite. However if I can get more 'perks' for booking a suite from another cruise company, I'm more than happy to pay their price. So we are all happy with what we want and receive. Isn't life wonderful.:D
  15. pisces14

    Suite/Frequent Cruiser Perks

    As you seem to be P&O's number one fan, I didn't expect you to agree with me.