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  1. Just want to thank you a "wee" bit, lol. Wonderful review, lovely family, I feel like I know you all and traveled with you. Loved the NY perspective, as we have been there at least 5 times and still have only scratched the surface. ESB and TOTR were great but very busy. Hey, what's funny is Scotland is on my bucket list, with Glasgow of course in the mix. What one thing to I really need to experience there? Thank you once again for this great review!
  2. This is a good question I was asked recently from a friend new to cruising. You DO NOT have to go to Elegant Night, there are so many other options including the buffet, pizza, room service, and specialty eateries. I also abhor dressing up and the dining room scene. The MDR just takes too much time and cuts into our entertainment plans.
  3. Not weird, it's high class mac n cheese, lol
  4. All good info here, as I am on the fence with Cucina. We are def going to try JiJi's on our upcoming in August. I have read alot about it and it is highly recommended. With our steakhouse experience on the Pride, the steaks were off the chain, namely the cowboy and the other seasoned one. I am ashamed to admit my son and I could not finish ours, haha. But dang they were so good and tasty and a great size portion. The crab cakes are quite good as the appetizer and shrimp cocktail, although common fare, were nice and plump and tasty. I thought Bonsai was quite good and well made considering they are offered on a cruise ship. I was skeptical at first, but ended up enjoying their sushi very much. Actually we went to the demonstration and got samples, which sold us on them. Delicious.
  5. Go scold someone else, oh wise one, telling me what I meant to say. Here is this: Keep your meds in their bottles, they came that way for a reason, Use common sense.
  6. Hahaha, you are too much, "I've been corrected", good one. Everything about your post is wrong. Go away and don't bother responding, I don't follow drivel.
  7. Positive: A person is not authorized to possess his or her own prescription drug unless the drug is “in the container in which it was delivered by the person selling or dispensing the drug.” 17-A M.R.S. section 1107-A (2), 22 M.R.S. section 2383-B (1).
  8. Looks like gone are the days of taking advantage of the first night steakhouse reservations. Everyone is catching on thanks to CC and FB and other outlets. Used to be there was maybe one other table in there on embarkation night. Just like everyone now eating their buffet grub in the Havana dining room to avoid the crowds. How did we ever cruise before all this knowledge hahaha
  9. It's actually not a suggestion, it's the law. You can have a lot of hassles with customs, law officers and security. When you carry your prescription pills, they must be in the labeled container. That is the only way to identify them and prove they are yours.
  10. Wow, we never watched TV, we ran and ate all day, went to the room and passed out at night. As far as tea, yes they have it.
  11. Hey homies, tea time around here in the Burgh is a cold iron and a Primanti's haha! Thanks for the review, I hail from Beaver County, but am a Yinzer through and through. We got an upcoming in August on the Sunshine. Our last was the Pride out of Dirty Bird town, Baltimore. There were still a lot of Steeler jerseys, mine included. Everyone was good natured about it and some of my best acquaintances were Raven fans. Great cruise, that one. Talk atcha later n'at.
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