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  1. I'll chime in (having stayed in the "kids" bedroom) on the Breakaway--it was fine with me. I think you'd find that the main area of the Haven Family Suite is much nicer than the main area of the mini-suite. More space (although probably not a bigger balcony), better seating area, better table area and better coffee/bar area. And the main bathroom is terrific. Enjoy your cruise. Mike
  2. I suspect you'll get lots of answers to this. For me, a 10:50 a.m. flight would be too early. While I don't know what day of the week your cruise ends, Los Angeles traffic can be problematic on any day/time. And LAX itself can be crowded traffic-wise. Having said that, I admit to having "control issues" and I just don't like finishing a vacation knowing that there is a challenge making a flight. Yes, walking off with your luggage will be quicker than waiting for your color to be called. Enjoy your cruise.
  3. NCL Joy Officers and Staff as of September 2019 Captain--Gunnar Hammerin Staff Captain--Arne Karlstroem Chief Engineer--Ioannis Karloulsos General Manager--Hannah Han Staff Chief Engineer--Blazo Stanisic Chief Electrical Engineer--Bjoern Arnesen Asst. General Manager--Marites Sonza Food and Beverage Director--Gilbert Derecho Cruise Director--Daniel Causito Executive Housekeeper--Rommel Temones Beverage Manager--Wade Cleophas Cruise Next Manager--Kimberly Bennett Shore Excursion Manager--Catalina Kiss
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