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  1. Does NCL have also like milkshakes available?
  2. Thank you! It will be fine. It is 2021 at the moment, so they figure it out.
  3. I forgot to print my edocs. I know, very stupid. I found it out today, 2 days before my Epic cruise will sail from Barcelona. I just contact NCL, I hope I can print them out tonight. I am a bit stressed now!!
  4. Freestyle dailies are on the Epic also only on request on paper at front desk?
  5. I will take a antigen test by a third party for only €39 per person in The Netherlands. Just to make sure, and also to have NCL covered any expenses by a positive test, if my insurance don’t take care of any extra costs. Better safe then sorry.
  6. Found this pic on LinkedIn, looks the balcony staterooms got also some new carpet.
  7. Still, my Rome on your own tour is still available and on my edocs for my Epic cruise in two weeks. I thought all excursions will be cancelled? Does have anybody else the same?
  8. I am now able to book a excursion to Pompei, but escorted for my Epic cruise this September. Maby instead of Pompei on your own?
  9. On my edocs it says the new itinerary, my app says 4 sea days. I think just a glitch.
  10. Got another email my Itinerary has been changed. That’s why my excursion has been cancelled.
  11. I just got a email my Excursion Pompeii on your own has been cancelled by NCL. I will sail on the Epic september 12th.
  12. What they mean with ‘several other countries’?
  13. Now the cruise ships starting sailing again, does anyone knows if the casino still needs US dollars in cash to play at the tables and slotmachines, or how does it work?
  14. Thanks Bird! Was there any discounts for spa treatments during your cruise? Maby on port days?
  15. On the NCL website; Zambooka. Is this a new show on the Epic? Or maby just replacement of the Cirque Dreams?
  16. Escape on route to Gibraltar. ETA August 1st.
  17. Do they offer upgrades also when you have booked a guaranteed stateroom?
  18. Breakaway on her way to Barcelona.
  19. I called last week my PCC, and she told me she wasnt able to book some shore excursions for me, and advised me to book on board. Has anyone else got this issue as well? My cruise is on the Epic, september 12
  20. I have booked the Spa pass for one week on the Epic upcoming September. I payed €113 total. I got some discount because I booked it in advanced.
  21. I am booked for the Epic September 12th. Can’t make any reservations for shows yet. Still Priscilla at the Epic, have seen it before a couple of year ago, but hope there will be another show to watch!
  22. All my excursions has also disappeared. I am on the Epic out of Barcelona September 12 2021
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