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  1. Will pax still have to go through the restaurant to get to the pool on deck 8? The stairs from deck 7 to the pool are not available to many with mobility issues.
  2. We've been on QM2 four times, and always had a sheltered balcony. In fact on our last voyage we were upgraded to a sheltered balcony from an obstructed view. We were quite happy with the switch of cabins.
  3. An episode from Hercule Poirot (with David Suchet) entitled "The Million Dollar Bond Robbery" has Poirot and Hastings aboard the Queen Mary. Not sure where they did the on-board scenes, but they do use old newsreels of the QM as part of the show.
  4. We've been on 15 cruises, 5 of them on Cunard, and have never been upgraded. We've booked insides, ocean view and balconies. Generally satisfied with those choices.
  5. Yes, that's right. We stayed on the QV for a cruise to the Canaries and Lisbon, where all three Queens met and sailed to Southampton. We then transferred to the QM2 for the official 10th anniversary celebration, a TA to NYC. Capn, I think we met at a CC meeting on the Victoria for the Canary Island cruise.
  6. We did a TA on the Victoria last spring from Fort Lauderdale. We met two different couples who spend the winter in Florida and were crossing to the UK to spend the summer there. Both couples were UK citizens.
  7. Last year we arrived on the Victoria in Southampton, and there was a busload of passengers that transferred to the QM2. Of course we checked with the Purser's Desk in advance.
  8. We were in QV 1074 last spring. On a couple of nights we heard a banging. We complained, they investigated, didn't find anything. But after those nights, it stopped. :confused:
  9. Dr. McMichan was on a Queen Victoria cruise we were on. Fascinating lectures. He's originally from the UK, but is now associated with the Mayo Clinic. He even led an excursion we took in Lisbon.
  10. Welcome aboard, Charbecca. Once you collect your luggage in the terminal, look for a porter. They'll pile your stuff on a large cart, and you'll skip the big line for customs and immigration. We understood they want the porters to go trough as quickly as possible, and they took us to a short line to one side. A $10 tip per cart or porter is good, more if you wish. Our guy took us out to the waiting area.
  11. Lynn, I think you meant to reply to red919, not to me. :cool:
  12. But, but, you miss the thrill of driving in Boston. :D
  13. Jimmy, I just got to 1,000 posts (after 9 years on the board), simply by replying to yours. :D
  14. I'm sure your cruise will be wonderful, after all, it's the QM2. :) We had an interesting experience when we disembarked in Brooklyn after our crossing. We'd actually been at sea for 30 days, and had somehow acquired some more baggage. ;) So we got a porter with a luggage trolley, tipped him $10, and discovered that anyone with such an arrangement got quickly to the head of the line for customs and immigration. We were told they want to free up those trolleys ASAP to speed up disembarkation. In fact, the young porter rolled us out to the curb-side waiting area, and unloaded our luggage while I called for our ride.
  15. We once took a HAL ship from Boston that was small enough to sail to Montreal. Nice cruise. But we won't do this QM2 itinerary because we can drive to most of the ports in a day or less (Boston is about two hours away, depending on traffic). But if you're not close by it's a good way to see New England and Atlantic Canada. Perhaps we'll have to book another crossing in a couple of years. :D
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